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Vivah Muhurat 2023: Auspicious Time For Marriage 2023

Author: Vijay Pathak | Last Updated: Tue 13 Sep 2022 7:49:32 PM

Let's learn the dates for the marriage muhurat in the following year, which is 2023, through this unique AstroCamp blog post titled Vivah Muhurat 2023. Read this unique blog all the way through to find out the precise time, day, constellation, and muhurat of your wedding in 2023 based on Vedic astrology.

Marriage muhurat 2023

We've made a wedding calendar for 2023 after taking all the potential events into account. Additionally to Shubh Muhurats according to the Hindu Wedding Calendar, this wedding calendar for 2023 will include AstroCamp's suggested wedding dates when you can host your ceremony.

हिंदी में पढ़ें: विवाह मुहूर्त 2023

Talk To Best Vedic Astrologers On Call & Know More About Marriage Rituals and Ceremony

Marriage Muhurat In 2023

The fact that Indian weddings are so well-known around the world is in large part due to their profound ties to the country's culture and history. Marriage is viewed as a holy union of two souls that not only binds a couple together but also knits their families together. The choice of a wedding date is one of the most crucial tasks and is placed first on the priority list. One such crucial element that is said to be important in marriages is Astrology.

Before finalizing a marriage date, families want to consider all relevant factors and adhere to procedures. Because after getting married, you get linked with your spouse and share not just joys but also sorrows. Whatever comes your way, you go through it all with them, both the highs and lows. As a result, in addition to horoscope and guna matching, a Shubh Muhurat for Marriage or a Vivah Muhurat 2023 is also required to untie nuptial knots.

So take a look at all the Marriage 2023 Shubh Muhurats that you might select to wed your favorite spouse and begin your happily ever after on a happy note.

Auspicious Moments For Wedding In 2023

We have given you a list of marriage muhurat by date and day for the year 2023. You can now select a date that works for you. However, because choosing to get married is a significant life decision, both the boy and the girl's horoscopes must be shown to a qualified Astrologer before choosing to get married.

January Starting a new phase in January is ideal because it is the best month for beginnings. January is renowned for being pure and revitalizing. People feel more comfortable in January because of the ideal weather. If you enjoy the winter, you shouldn't have too many concerns. The bonding between you and your lover will be deep and enduring if you get together during that period, which is auspicious and when the stars are in your favour. The following dates are lucky ones to start a new life on in January. May they bring you luck and the perfect alignment of the stars.

Vivah Muhurat 2023: January
Month- Tithi Date Day Zodiac sign Nakshatra Time Duration
Magh - Navmi 15 January 2023 Sunday Libra Swati From 7:12 pm to 7:15 am
Magh - Ekadashi, Dwadashi 18 January 2023 Wednesday Scorpio Anuradha From 7:15 am to 5:23 pm
Magh- Panchami 25 January 2023 Wednesday Aquarius Uttara Bhadrapada From 08:05 pm to 7:12 am
Magh- Panchami- Shashthi 26 January 2023 Thursday Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada, Revti From 7:12 am to 27 January 7:12
Magh - Shashti, Saptami 27 January 2023 Friday Pisces- Aquarius Revti From 7:12 am to 12:42 pm
Magh- Dashmi 30 January 2023 Monday Scorpio Rohini From 10:15 pm to 7:10 am


Valentine's Day fills the entire month of February with love and happiness. February is recognised as the month of blooming love all across the world, starting with Rose Day and Promise Day and continuing through the 14th of the month. These lucky marriage dates are provided to assist you in celebrating your love during this cherished month around the world.

Vivah Muhurat 2023: February
Month- Tithi Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Time Duration
Falgun- Pratipada- Dwitiya 6 February 2023 Sunday Cancer-Leo Magha From 9:44 pm to 07:06 am
Falgun- Dwitiya 7 February 2023 Tuesday Leo Magha From 07:06 am to 04:03 pm
Falgun- Chaturthi 9 February 2023 Thursday Virgo Uttara Phalguni, Hast From 07:05 am to 10 February 07:04 am
Falgun- Panchami 10 February 2023 Friday Virgo Hast From 07:04 am to 4:45 pm
Falgun- Saptami 12 February 2023 Sunday Libra Swati From 9:50 pm to 2:27 am
Falgun- Ashtami 13 February 2023 Monday Libra- Scorpio Anuradha From 2:36 am to 07:01 am
Falgun- Navmi 14 February 2023 Tuesday Scorpio Anuradha From 7:01 am to 12:26 pm
Falgun- Ekadashi 16 February 2023 Thursday Sagittarius Mool From 6:59 am to 10:53 pm
Falgun- Tritiya, Chaturthi 22 February 2023 Wednesday Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada, Revti From 6:54 am to 23 February 6:53 am
Falgun- Chaturthi 23 February 2023 Thursday Pisces-Aries Revti From 6:53 am to 2:23 pm
Falgun- Ashtami, Navmi 27 February 2023 Monday Taurus Rohini From 4:12 pm to 28 February, 6:48 am
Falgun- Navmi, Dashmi 28 February 2023 Tuesday Taurus- Gemini Mrigashira From 6:48 am to 1 March 6:47 am
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March is one of the driest months on the Indian subcontinent. The sun isn't too harsh, and the breeze is delightful. We have the perfect Vivah Muhurat 2023 dates for you if you want to get married outside or are organizing a destination wedding. Additionally, you may look at the suggested wedding dates from AstroCamp right here.

Vivah Muhurat 2023: March
Month- Tithi Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Time Duration
Falgun- Chaturdashi 6 March 2023 Monday Leo Magha From 6:41 am to 4:17 pm
Chetra- Tritiya 9 March 2023 Thursday Virgo Hast From 09:08 pm to 10 March 5:57 am
Chetra- Chaturthi 11 March 2023 Saturday Libra Swati From 7:11am to 7:52 pm
Chetra- Shashti 13 March 2023 Monday Scorpio Anuradha From 8:21 am to 9:27 pm

This Year In April There Are No Shubh Muhurat For Marriage


The month of May has a large number of Saya dates, compensating for April's lack of Saya and non-Saya Muhurats. All of these ideal wedding dates in India are suitable for weddings, but if you've been waiting for Saya dates to appear so that you can organize your big day, May is the month that begs for greater celebrations. The Saya dates that are available in May are listed below.

Vivah Muhurat 2023: May
Month- Tithi Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Time Duration
Vaishakh- Trayodashi 3 May 2023 Wednesday Virgo Hast From 5:39 am to 8:56 pm
Jyeshtha- Dwitiya 6 May 2023 Saturday Libra- Scorpio Anuradha From 9:13 pm to 7 May 5:36 AM
Jyeshtha- Chaturthi 8 May 2023 Tuesday Scorpio- Sagittarius Mool From 12:49 am to 5:35 am
Jyeshtha- Chaturthi/ Panchami 9 May 2023 Tuesday Sagittarius Mool From 5:35 am to 5:45 pm
Jyeshtha- Shashti 10 May 2023 Wednesday Sagittarius- Capricorn Uttarashada From 4:12 pm to 11 May 5:33 am
Jyeshtha- Shashti 11 May 2023 Thursday Capricorn Uttarashada From 5:33 am to 11:27 am
Jyeshtha- Ekadashi, Dwadashi 15 May 2023 Monday Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada From 9:08 am to 5:30 pm
Jyeshtha- Dwadashi, Triyodashi 16 May 2023 Tuesday Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada/ Revti From 5:30 am to 1:48 of May
Jyeshtha- Pratipada, Dwitiya 20 May 2023 Saturday Taurus Rohini From 5:18 pm to 5:27 am
Jyeshtha- Dwitiya, Tritiya 21 May 2023 Sunday Taurus- Gemini Rohini/ Mrigasira From 5:27 am to 5:27 am of 22 May
Jyeshtha- Tritiya 22 May 2023 Monday Gemini Mrigashira From 5:27 am to 10:37 am
Jyeshtha- Navmi, Dashmi 29 May 2023 Monday Leo- Virgo Uttara Phalguni From 5:24 am to 5:24 am of 30 May
Jyeshtha- Dashmi, Ekadashi 30 May 2023 Tuesday Virgo Hast From 5:24 am to 8:55 pm


Following the abundance of ideal marriage dates in India that were offered in the month of May, the month of June in 2023 also appears promising with a good number of Saya dates that will be ideal for you to celebrate your new beginnings. You can select some of the ideal marriage Saya dates for June below if you're searching for the best marriage Muhurat

Vivah Muhurat 2023: June
Month- Tithi Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Time Duration
Jyeshtha- Dwadashi, Tryodashi 1 June 2023 Thursday Libra Swati From 6:48 am to 7pm
Jyeshtha- Chaturdashi 3 June 2023 Saturday Scorpio Anuradha From 6:16 am to 11:16 am
Ashadh- Dwitiya 5 June 2023 Monday Sagittarius Mool From 8:53 am to 1:30 am of 6 June
Ashadh- Chaturthi 6 June 2023 Tuesday Sagittarius- Capricorn Uttarshana From 12:50 am to 5:23 am of 7 June
Ashadh- Chaturthi 7 June 2023 Wednesday Capricorn Uttarshana From 5:30 am to 9:02 pm
Ashadh- Navmi 11 June 2023 Sunday Sagittarius- Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada From 2:32 pm to 5:23 am on 12 June
Ashadh- Navmi/ Dashmi 12 June 2023 Monday Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada / Revati From 5:23 am to 9:58 am
Ashadh- Panchmi, Shashti 23 June 2023 Friday Leo Magha From 11:03 am to 5:24 am of 24 June
Ashadh- Ashtami, Navmi 26 June 2023 Monday Virgo Hast From 1:19 pm to 5:25 am

From July to October 2023, there are no auspicious muhurat for marriage.


In terms of weather and timing, November is perhaps the finest month to host a wedding in India. Numerous holy days according to the Hindu calendar will be appropriate for a lavish wedding, in addition to certain dates that AstroCamp suggests.

Vivah Muhurat 2023: November
Month- Tithi Date Day Zodiac sign Nakshatra Time Duration
Kartik- Dwadashi 23 November 2023 Thursday Pisces Revti From 9:01 pm to 6:51 am of 24 November
Kartik- Purnima, Pratipada 27 November 2023 Monday Taurus Rohini From 1:35 pm to 6:54 am
Margshirsh- Pratipada- Dwitiya 28 November 2023 Tuesday Taurus- Gemini Rohini, Mrigashira From 6:54 am to 6: 54 am of 29 November
Margashirsha- Dwitiya 29 November 2023 Wednesday Gemini Mrigashira From 6:54 am to 1:59 pm


There are several benefits to getting married in December when it comes to wedding preparation. These mostly consist of the Christmas season and other occasions. Another advantage of organizing a wedding in December is the weather that month offers. December brings to mind images of jingle bells, Christmas lights, and pure joy. It is easier for your nearest and dearest to attend the great union during the month of festivities, holidays, and sharing special moments with family.

Vivah Muhurat 2023: December
Month- Tithi Date Day Zodiac sign Nakshatra Time Duration
Margsheersha- Navmi, Dashmi 6 December2023 Thursday Leo- Virgo Uttara Phalguni From 7:00 am to 7:01 am on 7 December
Margsheersha- Dashmi 7 December2023 Thursday Virgo Hast From 7:01 am to 4:09 pm
Margashirsha- Dwadashi 9 December2023 Saturday Libra Swati From 1o:43 am to 11:37 pm
Margashirsha- Tritiya, Chaturthi 15 December 2023 Friday Sagittarius- Capricorn Uttarshana From 8:10 am to 6:24 am of 6 December
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Significance Of Marriage Muhurat 2023 And How It Is Calculated!

"Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth," and marriages have a profound impact on a person's life. It's that magical day when two people vow to enjoy and pass on life together, connected by a unique relationship, as they start their new life.

According to Hindu tradition, choosing an auspicious wedding day and following the Vivah Muhurat 2023 strengthen the couple's relationship so it can endure seven births. This promotes a fulfilling married life and a strong family growth.

Nowadays, people frequently choose their own wedding dates without contacting an astrologer to determine the Vivah Lagan, which leads to troubles later in life. Indeed, Panchang and Kundli are crucial factors while determining the vivah muhurat 2023. While setting theVivah Muhurat 2023, astrologers attempt to analyze the position of the Moon in the Nakshatra in which the prospective bride and groom were born. When choosing a Shubh Nakshatra for Vivah Muhurat 2023, the letters that show up in the moon's phase play a major role. The couple and their family will be able to avoid complications later on by using astrology to determine the marital muhurat based on the date of birth.

All in all, Karana, Nakshatra, and Yoga Shuddhi are done for the entire year without missing a single day. According to Vedic astrology, the same is completed after taking into account all lunar and solar months.

Value Of Shubh Muhurat In Marriage

When it comes to marriage, Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2023 plays a crucial role in it. A Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2023 creates a strong karmic bond between two souls who are destined to live together. Tithi represents harmony and compatibility between the mind and body. So, before arranging a marriage, seek out a bright one. The likelihood of a long-lasting, stable marriage is also increased by planning a wedding during Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2023. The chances and possibilities of separation in a marriage are also eliminated. A Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2023 greatly assists you in remaining unified in your married life and maintaining constant friction between you and your future spouse, from developing trust to respecting each other and having romance in life.

Muhurat And Its Scientific Connection

Science has previously demonstrated the huge influence that waves or vibrations have on our universe and surroundings. This implies that sounds moving across space at a particular frequency have an impact on planets and celestial bodies throughout the universe, including planets that already have a considerable influence on life on Earth.

In light of this, muhurat, or auspicious time, refers to the precise moment when Vedic mantras best initiate the supernatural waves to affect the planets and celestial bodies, which then favorably enhances the planetary influence. The effect is amplified by how well these are recited. So when a ceremony is carried out alongside superb Vedic mantra recitation, the best and most ideal benefits can be predicted as per Vivah Muhurat 2023!

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