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Spice up your married life with love and romance-Astrologically

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Fri 9 Apr 2010 4:51:40 PM

Suchitra Das
What an interesting topic ! Who does not want it in these days of high marital discord? Divorce, infidelity, multiple relations, etc. have now become common way of life, though, socially disgraceful atleast in the country like India. Now, the moot question is that whether it is astrologically possible to check such trend and become a proponent of the topic. Let me try to explain it astrologically. 

In a female nativity, Jupiter is the natural significator of marriage, while in a male nativity Venus is the natural significator of marriage. We will now try to know who are those Jupiter and Venus and their characteristics. Jupiter has a very high place in the planetary kingdom as well as in Hindu mythology as Jupiter is looked upon as a planet of very high moral value. Jupiter is also named as Guru means preceptor. Jupiter is also synonym to Goddess Laxmi (the female deity of wealth) and Kuber (the male deity of wealth) according to Hindu Mythology. Venus, as we all know, is symbolic of sex albeit with numerous other good virtues. Sex should not be defined as bad or vulgar.  There is no denial to the fact that sex is an integral part of human life and for that matter for all living beings whether macro or micro organisms.  The existence of this living world would be at stake without sexual relationship between masculine and feminine. Sexual debility is not a positive health condition either astrologically or medically. Now, please try to understand the importance of Venus.

Besides symbolic of sex astrologically, Venus is a very knowledgeable and benign planet as well as a planet for beauty and patience. The strength and good position of Venus is must for a healthy married life with a supporting hand from an unafflicted and favourable Sun (the planet for vitality and self respect).  Apart from Venus, Jupiter and Moon provide us saner sense and also promote sense of mutual respect and understanding among the married couple. Jupiter and Moon, if strong and unafflicted, make us to respect social values and teach us to live within the ambit of established social norms. In a nativity, the prominence of Venus (the planet for sex), the Sun (planet for bad egoism when afflicted), Mars (the blunt planet for courage and strength, who gives loose temperament when afflicted) and Rahu (wicked and witty planet, who does not respect social diktat) coupled with weaknesses to Jupiter (the planet for senar sense) and Moon (Moon is the significator of mind) deviate one from the established moral path and make him or her ventures for gratification. What an astrologer can do in such a circumstances?  This is a million dollar question. My answer is very positive and simple. Go through them minutely. The natal chart compatibility of the prospective bridegrooms by an expert astrologer can avert such problem well before the marriage at budding stage itself. Even after marriage, such unwanted situation can be put under check in the guidance of an expert astrologer.   

The seventh house of a horoscope represent marriage, second house is for family matter, fourth house is for happiness of mind and home, ninth house is the house for luck (a good luck can prevent many bad things coming in our way) and twelfth house (the house for comfort of bed) as well as eighth house (being second from seventh to see the family life of spouse, etc) have to be put under the lens. We make both macro and micro analysis of all the astrological factors in Natal and Navamsa chart along with running periods and sub periods to come into a definite conclusion and suggest remedies accordingly.  
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