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Mars in Libra : Effect on all signs

Author: S N Rao | Last Updated: Mon 6 Sep 2010 10:55:57 AM

S N Rao

Mars enters Libra on 6th Sept 2010. It will be in Libra till 20th Oct 2010. Mars is the planet of action, but in Libra, that impulse remains dormant, until the situation is mentally weighed. All possible options for responding get tossed around, and this can lead to a passive approach, where actions never go beyond the idea stage. There's a lot of pent up energy that can lead to provoking others, in order to get the desired response. The following results can be felt by different natives.

Mars passing through the 7th house is not good for marriage, attachments, law suits, or partnership. It tends to promote quarrels and opposition. A tension in life is indicated during this transit, which can be overcome by co operating with your partners, wife and fellow workers. You will face opposition. Mars is self assertive; your relations may suffer during this transit. You may find it difficult to give in or compromise in marriage, partnerships, but such compromising will help you tremendously in finding harmony in those relationships. Try to avoid unnecessary legal proceedings.

Weakened health through overworking is an effect of Mars passing through the sixth house, as also troubles through subordinates. Work hard and get things done. You will be credited for such accomplishments. Avoid conflicts with superiors- do only what is expected of you and don't be too aggressive. There may be employment for team work. There is chance of infections, fever or accidents, so be careful about your health in general.

A passionate and extravagant period. Your relationships with children will be strained. Guard against accidents to self and children as you may be less disciplined and of irritable temperament during this time. Be also on guard against improper desires, trouble and quarrels, especially with kids. There is a possibility of theft in your house.

Mars passing through 4th house is not good for moving or change of residence. For harmony in family life, you should communicate on points of contention during this transit. You will thus be able to influence their point of view. Compulsive or inappropriate behavior will aggravate things to your disadvantage. Difficulties include: relationship with parents, property disputes and some blockage of your efforts in professional life. Stay in control of yourself. Domestic unhappiness is indicated.

There is a possibility of accident during short travel. The mind may be turbulent and hasty. Your energies will be high, and there is considerable danger of conflict with those whom you contact on a daily basis, whether neighbors or relatives. You will be argumentative. Disagreement from others on your views should not be taken as a personal affront. This is a good period for expressing yourself and any kind of vigorous mental work. On the whole, you will enjoy success, good health and happiness, honor, authority and pleasure from children as also gain from wife.

This transit may spark impulsive expenditures, extravagance and some waste. Watch for being too oversensitive regarding your opinions and desires. You may suffer theft or trouble from opposition or from government, and subsequent anxiety. Watch for having a harsh temperament and entering into disputes. On the positive side, your efforts to complete your work will be fruitful.

Mars passing through the 1st house arouses the temper, and stimulates desire towards action and impulse. It is a time to make impressions upon others with great activity with hard work.Every relationship will be difficult to handle. Working independently will pay off more than usual. Dominance over others more than usual is indicated in this transit. Being in a period for more of a revengeful nature, you should not fight if somebody attacks you. Be careful against illness and accidents during the period of this transit. You will feel dejected, will face obstacles and the displeasure of superiors. Guard against [elevated] blood pressure. This transit may cause separation from relatives and friends.

There may be false accusations and troubles through opponents. One will experience loss of wealth, unwanted and uncalled for expenditure. Quarrels with wife, loss through enemies, mental worries, eye troubles, complaints related to excess bile, troubles through women, dishonor and losses. This is a difficult transit if not handled properly, especially if in the birth chart there is any affliction to planets in this house. This can be a time of frustration and self denial. You won't be recognized for your work. You'll be irritable and uneasy and when you try to make an impression upon others or assert yourself, you create a wrong impression, undermining your position. Secret opponentswill create troubles for you. If you feel emotionally upset, refrain from any type of significant confrontation with others. This is the best time to work alone as much as possible, and helping others, charitable activities will be suitable such asresearch in laboratory or library will be beneficial. Plan your projects, which you can begin when Mars leaves the 12th house.

There may be fear, anxiety and irritability. An encounter with someone will bring very powerful changes in your life. This person may challenge your value structure, or there may be a powerful intermeshing of your personalities. Safeguard against diseases and high blood pressure for your longevity. There may be affliction to health of wife or children. This is a house of death. It also usually means death of some aspect of yourself or your life rather than death of a person. Under rare conditions, (with many other indications), this transit can mean an actual death. Joint finances can cause worry, you may be worried about trying to borrow money or get financial backing from a bank. This transit indicates displeasure from authority figures, suffering from excessive heat, quarrel with friends, association with wicked people, extravagant expenditure and loss through opposition.

There may be scandal, loss of credit and reputation. This may be a good period for Mars men. There will be failure in attempts, ill health, fear and enmity. May cause some anxiety about profession but the second half of the transit will give good effects. You must act carefully yet diligently and recognize the needs of others, being tolerant also. Act independently. Conflict with persons in positions of authority is denoted. Conflicts with co-workers can also arise. Be aware of their tendency to want to block your efforts and make your advancement difficult. Avoid conflict. Revenge will cost you more.

You will be enthusiastic and may have rash speech. You can do more creative and intellectual work than usual. You will have influence over others who will have a good impression of you, but do not be dogmatic in your opinion or force your views upon others. Expansion in your sphere is very likely which will prove good. There is a possibility of accident during travel, but only if other indications in the birth chart point to this also. This is house of law and the courts. Under certain circumstances this transit can indicate legal difficulties, in case of serious afflictions to 9th house, this could be bad for you. This transit may cause mental anxiety, wearisome journeys, humiliations and loss of wealth.

Mars here causes fever, fear, accidents and wounds, sinful acts, loss of money, blood poisoning, mental worry and fatigue etc. The effects can be either subtle or blatant. Your ego will have confrontation with others. 8th house being the house of values that you share with others will cause powerful effects in him or her which may be cause a change in you. With your wife there may be disagreement. Not a good time to raise a loan from anybody. The transit stimulates sex as an expression of your ego. This transit may transform you.

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