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Mars Changing Sign – Afflicted for Many Matters – Effects On You & World

Author: Pt. Hanumaan Mishra | Last Updated: Sat 9 Mar 2013 2:00:15 PM

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By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
Evening of 4th March at 8:40pm, planet Mars is changing the zodiac sign Pisces from Aquarius. Mars will stay in Pisces till 12th April. Pisces is the sign of planet Jupiter. Planets Mars and Jupiter are friends of each other.
Mars situated in Pisces will aspect Gemini from his fourth aspect, Virgo from seventh and Rahu as well as Saturn from eighth aspect that are posited in Libra sign. Before knowing its effect over various signs, let’s first know the effects on nature, environment, world and nation.

Mars is the planet of fire element. it’s going to enter in Pisces Sign which is a watery sign. Therefore, density of water over Earth will decrease, which means heat will rise. As Mars is aspecting Rahu and Saturn while sitting in Pisces, heat will increase rapidly.

The Astrological reason behind this is that Angarak Yoga forms when Mars and Rahu combine together. Even though the conjunction of both planets is not here, but the partial result of this Yoga will be fetched due to the Mars’s aspect over Rahu.

Additionally, Mars is the significator of fire and Saturn is for gunpowder. This will also become the reason of increment in heat in the environment. Gist is that the season is of summer and increment in heat is quite natural.

However, heat will increase quite rapidly or unnaturally because of the transit of Mars. It means that people should stay prepared to face gruesome heat this year. Due to the Mars’s aspect over retrograde Saturn, chances of volcanic eruption and earthquake are also there.

Relation of Mars, Rahu and Saturn is also indicating a severe terrorist attack. This incident will either take place in North-East or Western states or Western India. Therefore, Government should focus more on the security of North-East or the regions of Western India.

Mentality of Government representatives will stay polluted, but some of them might get dismissed or insulted. Inflation will rise. Discontentment will prevail in public, but politicians giving fiery and instigating speeches will become stronger. Public will support them. Condition of people investing abroad will improve.

Mars in Pisces & Various Signs


Mars will stay in your twelfth house. Therefore, you will need to take care of your health and drive safe. You need to stay alert in the matter of debt exchange. But, you may get relieved out of your debts if it is possible. It will be necessary to avoid vain arguments.


Mars will stay in your eleventh house, which will be beneficial for you. Income sources will increase. You will get success in works. Controversial matters will be solved successfully. There are conjunctions of promotion at workplace. Still you need to put best efforts to complete your work.


People under Gemini sign have got an augur with the transit of Mars in tenth house. Therefore, marriageable people will get freed from the hurdles coming in the way of marriage. Conjunctions of getting new vehicle or house are forming. You will get success in all works. But you need to take care of your health due to the fourth aspect of Mars over first house. Drive carefully.


Mars will stay in the ninth house from your sign. If you are efforting for a transfer then you will get success. Debt will be paid off and work will expand. Struggle for income will end. You might have to go on a journey. Stay conscious for your health while keeping a control over your expenditures.


Mars will stay in your eighth house in this time. It might cause certain troubles. Drive carefully. Due to the rise in body temperature, fear of fever will be there. Take care of your reputation. Conjunctions of some unsolicited journeys are forming. Expenditures might increase rapidly. You may have to borrow money from somewhere.


Transit of Mars in seventh house will provide uncertainty. Arguments with near dear ones are possible. Especially in the case of life partner, possibility of conflict is strong. At times, your mind may stay afraid without any reason. Indisposition at work is seen. Expectations of help from anyone in this time are not recommended. Troubles related to stomach or increase in anger might sprout up.


At this time, Saturn and Rahu are situated in Libra. In addition to this, complete aspect of Mars will also form over Libra. Though the transit of Mars of sixth house is considered to be giving good results, but Mars in this situation will not be able to fetch you required results. In such situation, you need to do all your tasks with a lot of patience. Keep a control over your anger. Drive carefully. Taking care of your health will be good.


Transit of Mars in your sign will be in fifth house. Hence, there will be certain tensions in your mind. Some arguments with closed ones is also possible, but if you are efforting to get rid of owed debts then this time is favorable and you may also get some good chances to begin a new work. If you will keep a little space with enemies and opponents then troubles will stay at bay.


Transit of Mars will be in your fourth house, which might cause you a change in place. Therefore, you need to stay aware in terms of your job and allied stuff. Don’t argue with anyone unnecessarily. Curb your expenses as much as possible. Keep a control over eating habits. Work with patience. Stay at bay from initiating any new task.


Transit of Mars for Capricorns will stay in third house, which will fetch you success in many works. You will get rid of old troubles. Chances of change in work and place are also seen. You will be able to get rid of your problems. Also, you will get success in arguments.


For people under Aquarius sign, Mars of second house will be beneficial. You will get benefits from contacts. New beneficial situations will form. Works will improve and you will get monetary benefits. But, you will need to keep a control over your speech. Curb your expenses.


People who are efforting to switch in abroad may get success. It is because of the transit of Mars in this sign and in first house. You will get benefits from abroad. Works will be completed on time. Business will be at its best. Due to the distance with your loved ones, feeling of separation will prevail in your heart. It is important to take care of health.

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