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Mars: The King Of Physical Strength

Author: Nitin Datta | Last Updated: Thu 26 Dec 2013 6:34:14 PM

He‘s the celibate in Astrology. He is the commander-in-chief in the Sun’s cabinet. He is the venerated warrior god in Astrology. There is much to claim-to-fame for Mars in Astrology.

Mangal is also known as Kuja and Bhaum. He is also the son of mother earth, as such the name Bhumiputra. There are many positive aspects of this planet other than the negative Mangal Dosha which is well known to all. He is believed to be red complexioned, curly haired, looks younger than his age, short but stout body, slender waisted and physically very strong. He signifies the thrust or the zeal to take action. He represents the energy flow in the body.

We all know that health is wealth, as such there has to be a fine positioning of this planet besides other health bestowing planets to be muscular and healthy. Of all his significations- stout body, young looks and slender waist creates a sensation in mind. In the modern day world, we all are striving to gain a healthy body and spend relentlessly on maintaining younger looks and trying hard for losing belly fat.

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Mars delivers the ability for physical workout. It bestows the unique ability to sweat hard and enjoy fatigue. An individual with a powerfully placed Mars would always be found physically working upon himself/herself.

Mars’ any connection with the ascendant, third house and sixth house can make an individual health conscious and take up some strict exercising and regular physical workouts. Also, exalted Mars and Mars strong by way of Ashtakavarga can make an individual a fitness freak.

Below is the horoscope of the famous film star Mr Salman Khan. His ascendant lord happens to be Mars which is exalted in tenth house. It is also aspecting the lagna in its fourth aspect. This is an excellent position for Mars. Salman looks younger than his age, is slender waisted, has stout body and very regular in his physical workouts.

Below is Mr Sachin Tendulkar’s horoscope. Note Mars’ exaltation in the sixth house. The results have been very evident in his life. Even at the age of forty he is amazingly fit and looks much younger than his age.

Yet another case to prove the point is that of film star Mr Sunny Deol’s horoscope. Note Mars’ position in the third house. He has a very stout body and keeps fit by way of strict exercising.

So, in order to stay physically fit the role of Mars cannot be ruled out. Blessed are all those who have a strongly placed Mars in their horoscope. All those who want to improve the inherent power of Mars in their horoscope should worship this planet and its governing deity Lord Kartikeya. Stay Blessed !!

By Nitin Datta

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