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Mars Transit In Cancer (July 31 - September 15, 2015)

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Mon 29 Jun 2015 3:57:56 PM

Mars will transit in Cancer on July 31, 2015 and it will remain like this till September 15, 2015. Want to know the effects on you? Read the expert predictions of astrologer “Acharya Raman”.

Mars will enter in Cancer on July 31, 2015. Mars is still in combust state and it will rise on August 12. It will transit to Leo from Cancer on September 15, 2015. Mars turns debilitated in Cancer, due to which it can’t give its full results. This brings a downfall in its effects. But, it will not produce inauspicious results for all.

You will feel these effects prominently if you are going through the sub-sub-period of Mars.

Note :These predictions are based on your ascendant sign.

Let’s read the effects of this transit on different zodiac signs .


Ekta Kapoor

Debilitation of ascendant will produce some general difficulties for you, but there is nothing to worry. This is a good time to test your blood-pressure, purity of blood and functioning of heart. Also analyse the health of older female family members. You are required to control your irrational behaviour and anger. Speak sweet with others and worship Lord Hanuman regularly.

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Kitu Gidwani

Problems might increase in your personal life. Try to maintain a harmonious relationship with everyone - with neighbours or siblings etc. Who knows that they might help you in difficult situations. If thinking of starting a new work or business, be careful, investigate all the things properly before doing so. If you run a printing press, check the electrical connections and wires properly. Journalists are advised to do their job carefully, otherwise they may get stuck for the usage of wrong language.

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Kirti Kharbanda

Speak politely with your family members and don’t raise your hand on them. Avoid wastage of money. Give a trial at the same time before buying anything, avoid buying stuff from internet this time. Pain in eyes or injury is possible on your face, any big problem will not arise, but stay cautious. Disputes are possible at workplace or differences will arise with the senior. You are advised to listen to other person’s opinion as well, because he also knows a lot about the profession like you. Give respect to get the same in return.

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Arpita khan

Mars always brings the auspiciousness for you. It arrives to the fifth house from both its signs and in the centre by arriving in Cancer. But, now it is debilitated and combust, so stay cautious. Avoid getting in disputes with your life-partner, otherwise things will go out of control. You also value your family the most. You are advised to perform all your tasks by staying calm. Headache is possible and blood pressure is likely to increase. Any special precaution is not required, only recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly.

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Farida Jalal

Avoid such conversations or meetings in which the number of strangers is higher. If want to enjoy the pleasures of bed, do it with trusted people only. Pain is possible in your eyes. Avoid unnecessary disputes. Test thoroughly before buying anything. Try to reduce the expense on luxuries. Contribute in charity and spiritual deeds. Maintain simple and easy relations with family members. Enemies may try to disturb, but you will handle them. Servants may irritate you. Don’t let negativity come in your thoughts.

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LT. Farookh Sheikh

Desired help will come from friends. You should try to resume your halted tasks, a concrete discussion should also be carried out in this direction. Your works will get appreciation and you will feel happy. You will also get the opportunities of moving ahead. Increase your efforts if searching for a new job, you will definitely get the desired results. You will get the support of your seniors. You will also get the help of strangers.

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LT. Farookh Sheikh

You will feel energised at workplace, but minor depression may also occur. Keep your thinking in the forward direction and don’t compare yourself with anyone. This may develop inferiority complex in you. Avoid noticing others, this will only produce loss and nothing else. Apply cautiousness while starting a new work. Love relationships might create a bit trouble. Suffering is also possible to your child.

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Kamna Jethmalani

Some of your works may stop suddenly or hurdles may come in their completion. Don’t depend on luck completely. Don’t postpone your important decisions, also take the advice of an expert before moving forward. Take care of health of your father and elder family members, also respect and obey them. Chant Ram Raksha Stotra, everything will work out in your favor.

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Neha Bhasin

Time is not at all appropriate for your love relationships, but you can use it for gaining benefit in other works. If want to repay the debts, time may help you, so increase your efforts in that direction. Stay cautious from hidden enemies and avoid having alcohol and meat with strangers. This may create problems for you physically, mentally as well as socially.

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Manasi salvi

Mars turns exalted in this sign. Combust and debilitate planet in seventh house may try to create problems in your married life. But, offering tunicle to Lord Hanuman every Tuesday will also help in reducing its bad effects to a great extent. You are required to control your behaviour, your little efforts will help in keeping everything favorable. Disputes may also arise at workplace. But, this remedy will help in keeping everything at the right place.

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Chinmayi Sripada

You may create trouble for enemies, there is only need to act with common sense and discretion. You may feel troubled from family members, and can also express your anger on them. So, try to avoid this. Start doing exercise, it will help in staying physically fit and improving decision making abilities. You may face the problem of headache, stomach ache etc.

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Arjit Singh

A reduction will come in intensity of your love life and expenses may also increase. It is wiser to stay away from gambling, because time is not appropriate for that. You are required to start chanting Bajrang Baan for avoiding all the difficult situations. Try to increase the time of Mantra and meditation. Practicing any musical instrument for a longer period of time will also help in feeling relaxed. You can also keep yourself busy in work to increase the concentration of wandering mind.

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Acharya Raman

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