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Mercury enters Capricorn on Jan 31st : Effect on all signs

Last Updated: 1/27/2011 1:56:38 PM

S N Rao

Transit Mercury enters Capricorn on Jan 31st 2011. It will remain in Capricorn till Feb 18th 2011.   Mercury is the chief significator or communication, logic, business planning and organisation abilities. Mercury transits have to be seen in combination with the moon as they affect the mind and movement.  The Transit of Moon and Mercury are very fast and hence the effects of these transits are for a short duration. During these transits the effects will force you to travel, write letters, e-mail, make phone calls and generally communicate with others.  

A Mercury transit may also stimulate you to make many local errands. The difficulties faced will be due to miscommunication, using harsh and unkind words due to anger. Health problems faced due to the malefic influence of Mercury is felt in the skin in the form of rashes & boils, pain in the nerves, joints, intestines.
Among all the planets, Mercury is also considered as the kaarak of intelligence. During the transit of this planet the person will get auspicious results with the help of his intelligence. In this competitive world, the positive influence and support of intelligence is very important, otherwise the person will continue to struggle and someone else will grab the opportunity.

When Mercury transits through the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth and eleventh house from the janma rashi it gives positive results.
Results of the Transit of Transit of Mercury on different signs.

During this transit the person will accomplish all his tasks. He will get various opportunities of pilgrimage. He will expand his business and progress with the support of his well-wishers. He will earn good amount of money and great respect and honor. He will also have the ability to defeat his enemies.

During this transit the person may feel laziness. He may stay away from his place and bear financial loss. He may not get appropriate results of his hard-work. Conflicts may also occur and he may have to get separated from his life-partner.

This period helps to achieve the support of generous people. The person benefits from his efficiency at work. His work-ability will increase. He will be successful and earn fame. Wealth will be received in the form of dividends, insurance, profit bookings etc. Health problems will be a cause for concern. A visit to the doctor is also indicated.

During this transit, people may show hostility against the native. His senior officials may also be disappointed with him. Sometimes, he may not get the fruit of his hard-work and face disregard at business. The number of his enemies may also increase during this transit.

This period gives auspicious results to the person. The person will become a scholar and will benefit from his education. During this time, his power and work-ability will increase. He will get all the material pleasures and vehicles during this transit. This will add to his happiness.

The native may not get the support of his children. The person will invest his money in stock market frequently which may not be fruitful for him. He may feel less-confident and mentally stressed.

This period will give the person peace of mind. He will get success in his work and his income will also increase. During this time, the person may not take much interest in work.
Enemies may harm you. During this transit, the cognitive capacity of the person may get weak and his health may also suffer. This transit may not be auspicious for traveling. He should postpone all his journeys during this period. Conflicts may also occur with his life-partner.

The person will reap benefits from the sources of communication. This transit will increase his happiness and he will get various opportunities to spend quality time with his friends. However, this transit may not be benefic for the health of the native's younger siblings.

The person may get mental stress due to some financial loss. The person may also feel less confident and less courageous. He will join hands with bad people. He may get involved in conflicts with his friends. His friends may also become his enemies during this period.

Transit of Mercury through this house increases the expenditure of the native. He may bear losses at his work-front and in some legal proceedings. Therefore, he should not trust others blindly as it may cause financial loss to him. During this time, the person may not get the support of his friends and may take great interest in opposite sex.

This period is auspicious. During this transit his power will increase. He will get all the material comfort and convenience. He will also get the support of his elder brother at work. During this transit the person will be able to show his talent and capabilities efficiently.

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