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Mercury Retrograde 2022 Calendar: Mercury Retrograde 2022 Dates

Author: Vijay Pathak | Last Updated: Tue 14 Dec 2021 2:55:52 PM

Mercury Retrograde 2022 , Mercury retrograde Mercury retrograde 2022 is considered a crucial event in Vedic Astrology and has the ability to bring about the impact of this major event in the lives of the natives. That is why Mercury in Retrograde has been given importance in both realms of astrology, traditional and Western, and many people flock on the internet to discover the Mercury Retrograde 2022 dates as per Mercury Retrograde 2022 Calendar in order to prepare themselves for the upcoming changes that are going to happen in their lives.

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Generally, most of the natives are born with one or more than one retrograde planet in the birth chart. Retrograde planets behave totally differently than the direct planet. These people circulate information differently than those who have Mercury direct.

Mercury is that planet of rational thinking, communication, decision making, computer data, writing, information, and short-distance travelling. Mercury is considered a beneficial planet, but under some circumstances, it may also play the role of a malefic planet. Placed in the 6, 8, or 12 house, it fails to deliver good results, or when Mercury is the Lord of 6, 8, or 12th House in the horoscope. Mercury is a dual nature planet and governs to the zodiac sign that is Gemini and Virgo. Body parts that are ruled by Mercury are the arms, ear, lungs, and nervous system.

Importance of Mercury In Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is known to be the messenger of God. It is the Lord of Gemini and Virgo sign, and closest to the planet Sun. People who are born with good Mercury are blessed with sharp thinking abilities, but they may also inherit anxiety and indecisiveness. Thus well-placed Mercury is seen in the horoscope of writers, astrologers, news reporters, media persons, mathematicians, CA, lawyers, business persons, etc.

Mercury is a neutral planet, and rules over rationality, perception, and opinions. It determines your ability to negotiate, coordinate, think, understand and process the information. It governs the ability to adapt and adjust to express what is in your mind and use your diction wisely. Malefic Mercury in the horoscope gives the person an unstable mind, lack of rationality, speech disorder, poor articulation, learning difficulties, skin problems, issues related to the nervous system, memory issues, as well as problems in understanding and gaining in-depth knowledge. Such natives are usually seen struggling in social situations due to poor expression and communication blunders.

No planet in the universe can turn retrograde. A retrograde planet is just a result of the illusion. All the planets, basically from our point of view on earth, may appears to stop and go backwards, which is called retrograde motion, and then stop again and go forward, called direct motion.

During a retrograde period, It is advised not to start any new venture or idea, and it is better for people to prepare ideas rather than going for it and moving ahead later with the direct phase of Mercury. Mercury retrograde three times in a year. As the movement slows down before the retrograde period, it is called a pre-retrograde period. Mercury starts losing its power, and hence new ventures cannot be started during this period. Post retrograde period is when Mercury picks up the call to gain speed but is still moving very slowly, hereby causing delayed progress in the venture. During the period of Mercury retrograde 2022, it is best said not to start any new or auspicious work and to stay put.

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Mercury Retrograde 2022: What Is Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is known as an auspicious planet in Vedic astrology as well as the governor of speech. Along with this, Mercury increases the communication power, knowledge, and speech of the native. At times in the opposite position, this condition is called retrograde.

Mercury governs all the things that are related to communication and travel. When Mercury is in retrograde, people may experience trouble that comes within those areas. A few examples of Mercury retrograde are problems with your gadgets, secrets coming out, car battery failures, wires getting entangled, fallouts with friends and making decisions that seem to be impossible. In addition to this, Mercury retrograde is said to have an impact on people’s minds and mental processing. People may experience symptoms like brain fogging and high anxiety or feel nostalgic and getting together with old friends and ex-lovers.

The best way to cope up during the retrograde Mercury in 2022 is to use this time of turmoil to pause and reflect. Identify the areas in your life that need a change after the retrograde has ended. Astrologically speaking, now is not the time to make any big decisions. Some key points or few tips for making this time useful:

  • Clean electronic devices, cars or personal spaces with lavender or a fresh organic lavender spray as it opens the Throat Chakra, which governs communication.
  • Meditation is the best, and it is done to reach to a state of peace that even a mercury retrograde can’t shake.
  • Keep citrin, healing crystals with you.
  • Keep a diary to reflect on what you’re feeling.

Those born during Mercury retrograde in 2022 or before may not be affected by the movement much. On the other hand, they may be able to think more clearly, act efficiently and make better decisions as to the Mercury in need to chat will feel at home during this time.

Mercury Retrograde 2022 Dates

Now, let us look at the table below to navigate the Mercury retrograde 2022 dates:

Planets Retrograde Starts Retrograde Ends From Sign To Sign
Mercury Friday, 14 January 2022 Friday, 4 February 2022 Capricorn Capricorn
Mercury Tuesday, 10 May 2022 Friday, 3 June 2022 Taurus Taurus
Mercury Saturday, 10 September 2022 Sunday, 2 October 2022 Virgo Virgo

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Impact On Different Houses Of Kundli

Let us now move on take a look at the Mercury retrograde impact when the planet is positioned in all the houses of one’s horoscope or kundli:

When Mercury is in retrograde position in the horoscope, it can cause various types of positive and negative results for the native depending on its working nature, strength, level of activity, and some other factors. The natives having retrograde Mercury in their horoscope have different types of results depending on the placement of retrograde Mercury in various houses of their horoscope.

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Mercury Retrograde 2022: First House or Ascendant

If Mercury retrograde is in the first house, then it is not considered auspicious for the natives as the person is likely to make wrong decisions, due to which he might face losses. It fills the native with self-doubt in terms of communications. Your relationship with other people may be a little complicated, and there may be misunderstandings between you and them. Retrograde Mercury in 2022 is also not good for professional growth. Some natives suffering from this placement may experience problems in their professional life and establish professional stability at a very late age in their life, where some other natives may have to remain jobless for long periods of time every now and then. The natives might also face some problems in married life or may get married at a later age in life. But all these negative aspects can be minimized if Mercury is in combination with a beneficial planet or some positive aspects of the planet-saving the first house.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Second House

With a placement in the second house, Mercury retrograde makes the native very intelligent. The native carries out deep analysis and thoughts before making the final decision, and becomes more logical. The second house governs family, speech, and personal finance. Natives have to pay extra attention to avoid mistakes related to finance. If Mercury is placed with Rahu and Saturn, it can cause speech problems. This benefic influence can help one make good money, name, and fame through the profession of singing provided the overall horoscope supports such professional games. Such people, who have Mercury retrograde in 2022 in their kundli, may also become doctors, police officers, army officers, lawyers, people working with various financial institutions like banks, and many other types of professional dealings in different professional spheres.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Third House

The placement of retrograde Mercury in the third house of the horoscope makes the native courageous and fearless. It increases the confidence of the person, and he is more inclined towards performing a few risky tasks. As we all know, third house of a kundli is the house of communication, efforts, skill, talent, and relationship with siblings. Mercury is good for the professional aspect of the natives when in the third house as it can bless the natives with a good to great amount of money, success, and fame through his own business or practice. Some natives can become reporters for print or electronic media, lawyers, writers, articles, blogs, books scripts, and many other types of writing. Such natives may also get recognition on state, national, and even international levels through their reporting or writing skills.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Fourth House

The placement of Mercury in the fourth house as per retrograde Mercury 2022 results in the natives attaining good wealth, but the person can also indulge in living life with luxury. The fourth house denotes home, mother, car, assets, comfort, peace, and security. Hence there are chances that communication among those who share your home or with your mother will likely suffer. Most of the time, you will be thinking more about home security and comfort as a result of retrograde Mercury in 2022. Natives who are benefited with this placement can achieve success on different levels depending on the strength of this placement as well as overall structure of their horoscope. And those who have the presence of malefic retrograde Mercury in the fourth house of a horoscope can cause a delay in the marriage of the natives, due to which such natives may marry very late in his life.

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Mercury Retrograde 2022: Fifth House

The presence of Mercury in the fifth house is considered auspicious as relationships with partners are likely to get better, and you can see happiness and prosperity in the family. The fifth house represents love, children, entertainment, teaching, and speculation investment. You may not face problems related to these things depending on the overall horoscope. It can bless the natives with good results related to education and particularly related to higher studies, due to which some natives can benefit from the positive influence and may perform well or very well at higher studies. These natives have fast processing brains, deep insight, and good memory, which holds an understanding of a matter faster than an average native.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Sixth House

If Mercury is placed in the sixth house djuring the period of mercury retrograde in 2022, then the native has to face some anxiety and mental stress. Here, the native looks at everyone with suspicion, and find it hard to believe or trust a person. 6th house represents struggle and difficulties, health disease, employment: work communication and misunderstanding with co-workers. There are high chances that you may get mis-diagnosed, or there may be a misunderstanding with your health practitioner. Hence you need to understand any problem very carefully before making a decision. It can also trouble the natives under its influence on many fronts of his/her life, and accordingly, different natives suffering from this manual placement may have to face different types of problems depending on the horoscope. Some natives may have to face professional problems, and it would be hard for them to find stability in the job, and they may have to face various types of disagreement in disputes in the professional sphere.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Seventh House

The placement of Mercury in a retrograde position in the seventh house of the horoscope indicates the arrival and attainment of a beautiful partner in the life of the native. If you are on the lookout for a partner, you might end up finding one. The seventh house represents marriage and partnership. This period is perfect to explore new ways of communicating things to others. This is a great period for getting new insights into old opportunities and finding new interpretations. Great time for relieving the parts of yourself with your partner. You can also marry someone rich by establishing financial and social status. You can enjoy a better quality of life after marriage. And you will always get love and support from your husband, and you will be blessed with good children as well.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Eighth House

The placement of Mercury in the eighth house makes the native very generous towards religious and spiritual activities. With a philosophical view, the person takes an interest in the field of spirituality. The eighth house is the house of finance; hence you need to be a bit cautious in financial dealings with partners and businesses. The native develops an interest in the field of career related to research, analyst or some financial sectors, such as a bank or other financial institution and get good success in career.

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Mercury Retrograde 2022: Ninth House

Mercury in the ninth house and being in a retrograde position makes the native less argumentative and wise. The ninth house denotes religion, long-distance travel, and higher studies. You will develop a new look at the future, truth, life journey, or your quest. Such natives may be more philosophical in their approach, and you will notice little things that will affect your future and experiment with different applications of truth in various situations. It is a great time to review something you learned in the past, and if you and your partner are having trouble communicating, you could be able to solve that.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Tenth House

The placement of retrograde Mercury in the 10th house benefits the person with ancestral or inherited property, and there are higher chances of the person not seeing poverty in his/her life. Natives witness benefic influence in professional life, especially related to finance and accordingly follow the path. Some of the natives may pursue higher studies, become professionally very successful and achieve all kinds of name and fame during this period. The natives will also have a chance to go and settle in foreign countries. The natives will have a good rapport with its seniors, and higher authorities will help him/her to achieve goals and targets as a result of Mercury in Retrograde in 2022.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Eleventh House

As per 2022 Mercury retrograde calendar, the planet posited in the 11th house of the horoscope in retrograde motion gives a person a very long and happy life and fulfils all the desires of the natives. The 11th house is for goals, ambition, and friends. You will have a good understanding between friends and social circle and earn good profits. Some of the natives may plan their own business, since it is in fact, one of the most positive placements of the planet Mercury. The natives can engage in the business of perfumes, designer clothes, fashion-related items, cosmetics, and other such things. With the amount of success achieved by the native depends on the other important factors in the horoscope.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Twelfth House

The placement of Mercury in the 12th house makes the native fearless. Natives succeed in creating a strategy to defeat his opponents and take an active part in religious activities. The 12th house denotes expenses, loss, spirituality, and foreign trade. Mercury retrograde in 2022 can be very beneficial since the planet Mercury encourages self-analysis and examination. Some natives under this positive influence may go to foreign countries in order to pursue higher studies, and also choose to settle in foreign countries and attain good professional success.

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We hope that this article on Mercury Retrograde 2022 proves to be useful for you. May you have a happy and blessed year ahead!

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