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Mercury Retrograde In Taurus (May 19 - June 12, 2015)

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Mon 18 May 2015 3:18:25 PM

Mercury is turning retrograde in Taurus on May 19, 2015. Mercury retrogradation will produce different impacts on every zodiac sign. Let’s know about them with astrologer “ Acharya Raman ”.

Mercury will turn retrograde in Taurus on May 19 and will again turn direct on June 12, 2015. It will not produce very adverse effects due to position in friend’s house. Things which come under the authority of Mercury will not perform that well. Being the factor of intellect and sharpness, it will put an adverse effect on wisdom of people. But, it will not last for long, so the best solution would be to stay cautious.

The natives of different zodiac signs may have to face its following effects:


Ariana Grande

Retrograde planets produce opposite effects. Mercury is the owner of your third and sixth house. You are required to maintain calm and patience in social and personal relationships. This will help in increasing your popularity. Don’t impose your emotions on others. This may hurt others and make you the victim of backbiting. It would be better to stay away from enemies and opponents. Misunderstandings are possible, so clear out all the things properly this time. Network and internet issues are possible in your cell phone, but there is no need to panic, as it will not last for long. You are hardworking and always focus on the target. These precautions will further help you in providing benefits.

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Hamsa Nandini

Ascendant displays our body and mind. When any planet becomes retrograde in ascendant, it affects our mentality as well. Minor distrust is possible in your thoughts regarding others. So, don’t trust blindly on anything and do the full investigation of facts yourself. You will remain contented, but minor reduction is possible in personal relationships. Take care of your words while speaking, as chances of miscommunication are there. Have patience and control your words in personal relationships. You may deny a profitable deal in hurry, so think carefully before doing anything.

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Kulraj Randhawa

Mercury is the lord of ascendant for you. Its transit in twelfth house will make you do extra efforts. Its retrogression may also provide you sudden benefits. This time is not at all suitable for journeys, it will increase the expenses, but don’t provide any profit. It is also possible that the purpose of travelling becomes insignificant, or solution may on phone or through mail. Don’t expect much from others. Time is also not favorable for giving or taking money.

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Ashwini Kalsekar

Mercury has a strong hostility for your ascendant. A good life is not that which is having a great importance for money, but which is having a plethora of peace and moderation. Expenses performed on valuables show sense, but for show-off are a complete waste. Try to avoid them. Give only that much time and money to your friends, as much you take from them. This is the secret of long life of a relationship. You may prove to be selfish in front of others and people may not give much attention to your presence.

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Divyanka Tripathi

Often we think about something, but something else happens. Senior players get defeated from new players and clever people make mistakes. It becomes quite possible when lord of second and eleventh house turns retrograde. Stay cautious about your financial and future plans. Trust your actions and give all your efforts inspite of trusting others. Maintain good relations with your colleagues at workplace. No one is small or big in modern time, all earn by doing their assigned tasks. Avoid arrogance and respect elders even if they are below your post.

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Deeksha seth

We should always keep on worshiping god, but not only in difficult times. Visit to a pilgrimage whenever possible. You should visit any pilgrimage this time. This will avoid wastage of money and will let you spend time with family. Money given for charity comes back by in one way or the other, so don’t consider it as expense. This will also help in protecting you from any unpleasant thing at workplace.

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Ankita Lokhande

Mercury is the lord of your ninth and twelfth house. Retrograde planets often produce opposite effects. The things you think you won’t be able to complete this time, someone will help you in doing them. It is not good to repay someone’s money on time. This may harm your reputation in society. If same kind of matter is also creating problems for you, it would be better to talk to the other person and decide the duration of time once again. This will help you to experience peace of mind. Some of deeds may provide you auspicious results this time. Try to think who can help you the most this time.

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Irfaan Khan

Our life partner is the closest one to us and comes to our rescue in difficult times. Minor disputes happen everywhere, it doesn’t mean that love has decreased. Both of you can discuss and share their problems with each other. This is also the Mantra of this time. Anger never works for anyone and excess of thinking will also not result in favor. Those friends whom you think are not helpful at all, they might help you this time.

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Harman Baweja

When lord of seventh house transits in sixth house, it creates some serious disputes with life-partner. But, the good thing for you is that you will resolve these problems by yourself. Nobody supports short-tempered behavior, but everyone remains with cheerful and peaceful attitude. No one can make everyone happy, so it is obvious that someone may say something wrong about you. But, try to maintain good relations with everyone at office and at home. Follow your dreams and keep on moving ahead.

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Hina Khan

It is always better to stay happy and communicate, keeping thoughts within mind doesn’t do good to anyone. Infact, this will affect your health, efficiency and force you to face different consequences. But, take care that any aspect of your life should not increase beyond a limit, otherwise it will create problems in other spheres of life. Spend good time with your sweetheart, go somewhere for outing and communicate your thoughts. Also, do some Yoga and Pranayama, these few minutes of your day will help for long.

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Aditi Sharma

Sometimes you will talk too much and sometimes remain immersed within yourself. This makes it difficult for everyone to understand your nature. Communicate your thoughts openly, don’t think that people will understand by themselves. Infact, take extra care this time. Stubbornness never gives anything, infact the people who think good about the person create a distance. Take care while writing emails and messages that the other person would not misunderstood your thoughts. Don’t take any decision in a hurry.

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Mercury is basically the planet of communication and dialogue. Normally, many things can be seen from a planet, but in modern times its highest authority remains in these things only. If you are making some plans for outing on a distant place, take all the information about it in advance. Go for outing with your wife, don’t let misunderstanding come in between you two. Keep on fulfilling everyone’s desire at home, but avoid some big negotiations.

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By Acharya Raman

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