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Mercury Transit in Capricorn: January 8, 2014

Last Updated: 1/7/2014 6:12:15 PM

Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, the planet of communication, is transiting into Capricorn on January 8, 2014. Will this transit bring good news or bad? Know all this and more with this article on Mercury Transit in Capricorn.

Mercury would transit to Capricorn on January 8, 2014 at 13:18 PM. Mercury is a fast moving planet and it changes its degrees very swiftly. Likewise, the results related to this planet are also experienced throughout its transit. Lets us understand the likely results of this transit for different zodiac signs.


It would be a testing time professionally. Certain changes may happen abruptly at the workplace. Try to control your humour as it is likely to cause some damage. Some tiring and unnecessary travel may be on the cards. Good time for those who are into academics. It would be a good time to learn new things and test them practically.


Higher education and religious activities like Japa, Hawan and Patha are likely to happen at your home. It would also be a good time for Mantra recitation. Try to avoid any sudden or abrupt decisions in the family as they are likely to disturb peace at home.


Keep a good check on your health. Control your instincts and try to lay low during this transit. Control the flow of unnecessary speech from your end, as it may cause disturbance in your domestic life. Be careful while driving and avoid any kind of debating.


Expect some childishness in the behavior of your spouse. Keep close check on her/his overall well being. Children of your younger co-borns are likely to gain prominence during this period. Education and related activities are very much likely to gain importance.


There may be a disturbance in the flow of income. Likewise, multiple sources of income are likely to take a negative hit during this transit. Try not to lend funds to anyone during this time. This is not going to be a good time for maternal uncles/aunts healthwise. Your savings are likely to decline during this period. It will be a good time for any competitive activity in education for your children.


Your children are likely to gain importance during this transit. Some auspicious occasion like Hawan is likely to happen. It is a good time for all those who are inclined towards meditation. It may also be a good time in relation to love affairs. There may be some uninvited displacement from your current job. Be very tactful in your dealings with your superiors.


There is a likely scope for a foreign visit related to education. It would be a goodtime to initiate education in some new discipline/field. There may also be a visit from some relative based in a foreign land. Keep a check on your father’s health. There are chances for some windfall gains, but work harder to gain positive results.


Monetary benefits from/to younger co-borns are likely to happen during this transit. Give your best efforts to succeed in your actions. Try to make best use of your speech to convince others and gain positive results. At the same point of time do not over stress yourself, as it is likely to take a toll on your health. Do not indulge in any kind of activity that causes bad reputation.


This should be a good time for professional endeavors. Your overall communication is likely to be effective so focus on that. There is a need to pay attention on the overall health of your spouse. Keep a track on the actions of your business partner during this transit.


Your father’s influence in your life would enhance during this transit. Likewise, you would develop a religious bent during this period. Some secret enemy is likely to cause some damage, so be careful. You are likely to be creative and full of initiative during this transit. Handle the element of “suddenness” in events during this transit.


Be very cautious in your efforts especially when dealing with teaching faculty and other people with educational repute. If you have children then take good care of their health. Your children may be blessed with an opportunity to get educated abroad. Try to maintain a good moral behavior during this transit. If you have some unearned income by your side then it is likely that it’ll drift away from your life.


Try to maintain a cool behavior while dealing in family affairs. Do not attempt things in a hap hazard manner. Rather seek elders advise while attempting something at home. There is likely chance of happiness coming your way from your spouse. If you are in business then your business partner is likely to cause some out of routine profit/benefit from his actions.

By Nitin Datta

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