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Mining Scam & Astrology

Last Updated: 10/7/2011 2:21:27 PM

mining scam

By S N Rao

Mundane astrology, the study of heavenly cycles upon groups and nations is the most ancient branch of astrology. The affairs of a nation can be judged from the horoscope set up at the time of its official inauguration, the birth chart of its leader, and various phenomena such as eclipses, lunations, great conjunctions, stations, comets and ingresses. Among these, ingresses have a traditional reputation as the most important mundane event.

The recent scam related to mining has come out in the open and has caused much embarrassment to the government once again. The current situation of the government is really pathetic as it is struggling to save its face from one after the other massive scams resurfacing every other day. The mining process is highly opaque in many states. What thrives beneath is a huge nexus involving politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists. The lobby has been termed as too powerful by the Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Hegde. What makes it formidable is the unchecked loot that made them very rich. The mining scam has since then been triggered in Goa as well.

The recent scams have been signaling the state of affairs in India and how corrupt police-politics nexus helps crime proliferate. It is most significant that not only some of the top politicians are involved but also large number of
police officials are involved in such scams all over India. As per the prediction made in my previous articles I had stated that there would be many such scams which will be unearthed

Let us look at the transit chart. Virgo is highly afflicted as it is occupied by Sun, Saturn and Mercury. Virgo is the 5th house in the independence day chart. It represents the general public and dissent from them. This denotes opposition, enemies, scams and difficulties faced by the government from the general public. The current transit of Venus, Mercury, Sun along with the malefic Saturn in Virgo has caused a lot of affliction. It is said that the Sun which represents the government in the 5th house gives favorable results related to land. But its affliction from Saturn and Venus has caused trouble to the government. This has put itself in a situation where it has to answer a lot of difficult questions.

Venus has entered Libra after its malefic affliction from Saturn. 6th house represents land and properties related to mining. The current transit of Venus has put the government in a tight situation. Mercury by itself in its own house is said to bring opportunities and benefits related to communications, but its affliction has caused the communication to back fire on the government’s ambitious plans. This is very well displayed by the differences between the top leaders within the government coming out in the open.

Saturn, the natural significator of Karma & Karma results (since it represents the tenth and eleventh houses of the zodiac) is transiting through the natal 5th house and causing affliction to the Sun thereby directly affecting the government. Since Saturn has to give karma results it is affecting those who has been misusing power through money and those who have been instrumental in creating red-tapism by misusing money. In the next transit to Libra it will affect the ones who have been misusing the power. Libra represents justice and hence Saturn will play an instrumental role in providing justice to them.

Virgo represents South / South west direction. Can this be the reason why the recent mining scam has emerged from this direction. Only further research and strong analysis can substantiate this point.

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