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Month of August for you

Last Updated: 7/31/2013 6:28:15 PM

By Acharya Raman

The month of August is starting with following planetary placements:

Planet Starlord Sublord
Saturn Rahu Saturn till 23rd August
Mercury from 24th August.
Jupiter Rahu Mercury till 2nd August
Ketu till 6th August
Venus till 17th August
Sun till 21st August
Moon till 27th August
Mars from 27th August
Rahu Rahu Moon till 6th August
Sun till 10th August
Venus from 11th August

Rahu (Ascending Lunar Node) is currently transiting in Libra with Saturn. As we can see in the chart, Rahu is the most prominent planet this month as all the major planets are in its Star and Rahu will be in its own Star Swati. Rahu is naturally a malefic planet and is also called dragon`s head. Swati is a female dual constellation whose Deity is Vayu and nature is kapha (phlegmatic). Rahu is in conjunction with Saturn, which is another malefic and delaying planet. It is said that Libra is a sign of balance and justice. I do not agree to it, the natural calamity at Uttarakhand happened in this period only. It is a sign of imbalanced nature. India celebrates Independence this month. The 6th house of Indian Independence chart is afflicted by Rahu and Saturn currently. Rahu is in 6th sign from natal Indian Horoscope which is a malefic house. But luckily from Moon and Ascendant, Rahu is transiting in Mitra and Kshema constellations. Therefore, I hope that Independence Day celebrations will not bring us bad news of militant activities. On 19th August, Mars will transit to Cancer which is its sign of debilitation. It will aspect Rahu and Saturn in Libra and Saturn will aspect Mars. This transit of Mars will cause accidents, mass deaths, barbaric activities, and increase in terrorist activities universally. The dates 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 23rd, 24th, and 27th, 28th August should be watched for news worldwide.

Let us go through the effects of these transits on various Ascendants: Natives having Antar, Pratyantar Dasha of Rahu in evil houses will be affected most.

Aries: Short and Long distance travels are indicated for you. People from media will gain much appreciation and accolades. However, personal life will be a little unpleasant and relations will sour. You will meet religious Gurus and will also think about spiritual upliftment. Your interest in entertainment will diminish this month. Elderly people will become a source of gain for you. Your better half can get some disease of urinary tract and such areas. Many of you will indulge in immoral physical activities. It is suggested to refrain from such activities.

Taurus: You should talk wisely with elders as you may lose control of your tongue and beget their fury and disrespect in return. There will be gains in this month and you will catch fever. Eating habits need caution. Your expenses will increase mostly on wasteful things. You will indulge in social and public activities.

Gemini: You will not be having a good month ahead. You will lose in speculation and professional growth will suffer. Some of you will develop a phobia. There are chances of miscarriage so delaying pregnancy will be a good idea if medically possible. Family life will suffer and you will suffer from stomach aches. Love affairs may end suddenly.

Cancer: You might shift your home or city this month. Problems in heart and blood may give you trouble. Your social prestige may fall and there will be unnecessary worries and tensions. There will be negative rumors about you at your workplace. You will be doing long travelling for your work.

Leo: You are going to enjoy this month. You will be successful in your endeavors and will gain from your efforts. You will acquire land or vehicle this month. You will have quarrels in which you will win. Some of you may start a new venture this month. Thoughts of romance and physical pleasure will eclipse you most of this month.

Virgo: This month will be full of misunderstandings. You will have quarrels and loss of prestige this month. There will be some gain too but will not amount to much. Professional progress will be hampered and you will be dejected and dissatisfied. Some of you may lose your job and some might change job. Your earning will drain in wasteful spending. Your maternal uncle or grandfather might get seriously ill.

Libra: Rahu and Saturn are transiting in your ascendant. You will incur loss of money. There will be delay in your returns. Professionally you will excel and take bold decisions. There are very chances of having a secret affair in this month. There will be minor disease in male genitals and females will be having irregular cycle.

Scorpio: You will feel the financial crunch this month. There could be some scandal in your life this month so be prepared. Your prestige may take a beating so act carefully this month. Also take care of your backbone. There will be some good moments also but mainly this month is full of hurdles only.

Sagittarius: You will make new friends and will buy new clothes. You will gain money this month. There will be strife in family. You will not be able to keep your head cool. There are chances that due to your wife you could get hurt. There will be success in professional life but this month is not very good for your children.

Capricorn: You will be performing well professionally but there will be loss of wealth. You may develop enmity with some co-worker of yours. There will be gain of fame and success this month. Income will be more than expenditure. Personal life will not be good this month and there will be minor scuffles.

Aquarius: There will be worry and grief as you will not get along with your wife. You might meet some minor accident. Avoid all kinds of mental tensions and be cool. Take care of your heart and kidney. You will be incurring losses. You will win over enemies and ruin them. There will be some celebration in home. Children will be a cause of worry for you. Your children can catch fever and could face a small accident.

Pisces: Be aware of your eating habits. There will be losses to you. Your reputation may be lost this month. There will be sudden unexpected expenses so be careful. You may have a tooth surgery or meet an ophthalmic this month. Quit smoking if you are doing it. There will be confusion in your mind and you may take blunders in decision making.

Reciting Devi kawach from Maa Durga Saptshati of Geeta press Gorakhpur twice a day will be very protective. Feed lepors and crippled people as much as you can for good fortune.

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