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Moola Nakshatra: Its Effects and Shanti

Author: Sunaparantha Kalyan | Last Updated: Mon 15 Feb 2010 12:14:32 PM

By Sunaparantha Kalyan

According to Veda Shastra, the Zodiac comprises of 360 degrees and there are 27 Nakshastras or Constellations or Stars as commonly known, in the Zodiac. Hence one Star is allocated in 13 Degrees and 20 Minutes (360/27). The Nakshastra Namawali begins with Aswini or Aswida and the 19th is Moola. Again this cluster of Stars is divided in to nine parts for the nine planets. The first Aswini, the 10th Makham and the 19th Moolam are under the rule of Kethu. Moolam is spanning from 00D.00M.00S to 13D.20M.00S in the Zodiacal Sign Saggitatius or Dhanus. In Western Astrology and in Astronomy, Moolam is called as Lambda Scorpio.

The meaning of the word MOOLA is ROOT. The symbol for this star allocated by the Rishis is a bunch of roots. The root is next to the seed or it is the foundation. It is the energy of hold of burden. The symbolizing of rooting denotes some limited actions, as root has its limitation to go or the motion is finite. The deity for Moolam is Nirithi or Alakshmi, which opposed to Lakshmi, the prosperity, luck or fortune.

Before we enter into the detail on Moola, it is better to see something about the owner of this star, Kethu, the South Node of Moon. In Vedic, Kethu is known as an Asura with a head of snake. The head portion of this Asura attached itself to a body portion of a snake and it is called Rahu. Hence in general Kethu is known as a headless planet or idiot. Whatever it is mythological interpretation on Kethu, is not fair to label him as an idiot as he is qualified to name as Idiot-Savant.

The Native born in Moola Nakshastra is with a good physical appearance and a pair of bright eyes. He is a fast walker, an optimistic and never accepts defeat. They always help others without any rewards, and skilled in several subject, knows how to make money even with a pen and paper or with a hammer and a plier. Most Moolam natives are self made, without having any monitory support from the parents, but may have unexpected progress after the marriage. They are with strong creative powers and new ideas in any field. They will be most lucky when they moved away from the birth place. They are loved by many opposite sex, but fail in sexual satisfaction. They are honest, humble and sincere in the society with an inquisitive mind to explore the truth and the root and lead a very good religious life.

There is a common belief among the people regarding some Nakshastra as much maligned in nature. Among them Mooalm is in front, especially in marriage activities. If a girl is selected for a marriage, who has been born in Moola Nakshastra, it is said to be, it will kill her Mother-in -Law first and secondly the husband's younger brother, thirdly the elder brother and finally her Father in Law. Further some are in the opinion of Moola, when it come as a beginning point of Janma Nakshasta, will make bad results for the relation of the life partner and same result have been attributed to the male also with this Nakshastra. As per some ancient texts if a native is having a Nakshstara Sandhi (Meeting position of two Stars) of some Nakshastras at the birth are harmful to the family members of the partner. Personally I am in the opinion of this as a meaningless and imprudent. Any misfortune of a person will come to light by the power of his Karma or good or bad deeds done in his previous birth, but not because of a planetary behavior of any third party person like wife, daughter in Law or Son in Law.

Kevalam guna samyuktho dewanampi durlabhah:

It is difficult to find out a chart with all beneficial points even in Devas. Hence avoiding of Moola born is groundless.

But my personal opinion is, more researches should be done on the female natives, who were born in Moola Nakshastra with Mars in 1 or 2 or 7 or 8 or 12 and, if there is a gap between main two teeth in upper row and/or if the small finger of the left leg is not touching the ground when walking. Female native with these signs are mostly liable to be widows.

The Afflicted Moola Nakshastra gives the native illness especially in Hips and Thighs commonly. For female when Moola is afflicted there may be Haematinic diseases and Rheumatism, Lumbago and Pains in Back, Arms and Shoulders.

Planets in Moola Nakshastra

The Sun is in Moola and if aspected by Moon, the native is and attractive orator. When Mars aspects he will be a member of a security force and separate from the family.

The Moon, when aspects by the Sun, a famous person, Mercury makes a Visharad Astrologer, Jupiter a high class person.

Mars - if aspects by the Sun a wicked, Moon a deformity, Mercury a multi abilities, Jupiter a luxury life but loss of happy family life, Venus a generous but for attention to female, Saturn aimlessly walking.

Mercury, when aspects by the Sun urine troubles, Mars a writer, Jupiter a politician, Saturn an unfortunate person, Venus a teacher.

Jupiter in Moola and when aspects by Sun a poor man ignored by the family members, Moon a fortunate person, Mars a person ignored by all, Mercury a Cabinet Minister, Saturn a robber.

Venus - if aspects by the Sun a wealthy Pundit but get wild soon like a Cobra, Moon a person with luxuries life, Mercury an owner of lands, buildings and vehicles. Mars a businessman, Jupiter more than one Marriage, Saturn a lavish man.

Saturn - if aspected by the Sun a person with name and fame, Mars a cunning man in lock-ups, Mercury a minister or advisor or teacher, Venus a adopted person.

Most bad affected areas of Moola Nakshastra

1. 00.00.00 - 00.53.20 = Death of the father
2. 00.53.20 - 01.46.40 = Death to brother
3. 01.46.40 - 02.40.00 = Death of brother in-Law
4. 02.40.00 - 03.33.20 = Death of paternal Grand Father
5. 03.33.20 - 04.26.40 = Death of Mother
6. 04.26.40 - 05.20.00 = Death of Mother's sister
7. 05.20.00 - 06.13.20 = Death of Mother's brother
8. 06.13.20 - 07.06.40 = Death of the Paternal Aunty
9. 07.46.40 - 08.00.00 = Everything and everyone is against to the native
10. 08.00.00 - 08.53.20 = Bad for the Pets and Cattle
11. 08.53.20 - 09.46.40 = Danger to Servants
12. 09.46.40 - 10.40.00 = End of Life
13. 10.40.00 - 11.33.20 = Death of eldest brother
14. 11.33.20 - 12.26.40 = Death of eldest Sister
15. 12.26.40 - 13.20.00 = Death of Maternal Grand Father

Shanthi for afflicted Moola Nakshastra

When Planet transiting in Moola

SUN - Recite Aditya Hridaya stotra daily and Worship Lord Shiwa

MOON - Recite Annapoorna Kavach and worship Gouri

MARS - Recite Karthikeya Mantra (Om saravanabhavayaya Namah) or Shiva Mantra (Om Namah Shivaya)

MERCURY - Recite Vishno Sahasranama Stotra or Budha Stotra (Priyangukali Kayaham….)

JUPITER - Recite Shri Rudhram and Guru Beeaj Mantra (Om jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah)

VENUS - Recite Duraga Chalisa and Sukra Stotra (Himakundam Nalaabham…) and Devi Stuti Stotra.

SATURN - Recite Hanuman Stotra and Shani Mantra (Neelanjana Samabhasham..) worship Lord Hanuman

RAHU - Recite ahu Beej Mantra (Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah) and Rahu Stotra (Ardha Kaayam maha viryam…) Worship Lord Shiva

For Buddhist who are not familier with Veda Mantra, are advise to chant Jalanandana Pariththa and Rathnamala Bandhana
For Jains Nawakar Mantra (Called as Namaskar or Namokar Mantra.) will be benefitedfor all planets.

When there are Gruha Dosha, especially for the houses which start its construction at the ime of Moola Nakshastra, lighting of lamps with MUSTARD oil will help to eradicate domestic evils.

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