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Mukesh Ambani Horoscope Reading (3)

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Tue 9 Nov 2010 1:00:57 AM

By Suchitra Das

In the course of my horoscope readings under Part-I and Part-II of this landmark nativity, I had attempted to highlight the various facets and interesting positive traits as emanated from the birth chart analysis of this renowned industrialist with the help of various time tested astrological tools like divisional charts, ashtakavarga table, etc. In this part of my article, I would gracefully attempt to discuss the Divisional Charts D-3, D-4 and D-16 in respect of this famous nativity besides churning out the possible astrological outcome of the successive Dasa Periods at the backdrop of my longstanding knowledge and wisdom in the Divine Science of Astrology with the Blessings of Almighty God.


The planetary position in his Drekkana Chart is as under.

  • Ascendant Gemini is occupied by Rahu;
  • Second House Cancer is occupied by Saturn;
  • Seventh House Sagittarius is occupied by Ascendant Lord Mercury along with Ketu;
  • An exalted Mars, the significator of Dreshkon chart as well as Karaka for younger co-borns, occupies eighth House Capricorn;
  • An exalted Sun along with Venus, Jupiter and Moon is occupying eleventh house Aries;
  • The remaining signs and houses are vacant;

The native has born in the third decanate of moveable sign Libra that indicates that he believes in perfection as well as having respect in traditions and customs. The Sun and Venus being in the first Decanate (between Zero & 10 degrees) of Moveable sign Aries would deliver good result in respect of the significations represented by D-3 chart. The remaining planets are either in moderate or bad decanates. The Ascendant Lord is natural benefic Mercury, which indicates that the native is rich, kind, religious, intelligent, fortunate and loved by his family and friends. The 3rd lord Sun (the ruler of the first younger co-born) including the natural significator for younger co-born Mars (both male planets) is in their respective signs of exaltation denoting a powerful younger brother. Both 3rd and 11th lords are exalted along with Jupiter in a friendly 11th house ruled by exalted Mars denoting that the native is brave, happy, hard working and in receipt of the love and support of siblings. The D-3 lord Mercury is in Kendra (Quadrant) both in D-3 chart (7th house) and in the Natal Chart (7th house) indicating birth in a royal and influential family. Although, the Drekkana lord is well placed both in D-3 as well as in Natal Chart but he is in Rahu – Ketu axis denoting an unsustainable relationship in a long run with the younger co-born with the only saving factor is the aspect of Jupiter on the Drekkana lord Mercury. The running of Maha Dasa of Rahu from 27/10/2001 to 27/10/2019 is indicative of strained relationship (the role of Rahu) culminating into separation (the role of Ketu) with the younger co-born during this period. The Moon being in 11th house in the friendly decanate of Mars denoting that the native is handsome and virtuous.


The planetary position in his Chaturthamsha Chart is ad under.

  • Ascendant is Aries, the Mooltrikona sign of Mars (the significator of land) with exalted Sun (the ruler of 11th house of D-1 and the primary determinant of house properties of Libra Nativity) and Venus (the Ascendant Lord of D-1 as well as the planet for ‘lives in splendor’) in it.
  • 9th lord Jupiter of D-4 and Yoga Karaka Saturn of D-1 occupy the second house Taurus.
  • Rahu occupies the 4th house Cancer, which would spell out the most auspicious timing as far as property matter is concerned.
  • Mercury and Ketu occupy 10th house Capricorn and is directly aspecting the 4th house of D-4.
  • Mars is occupying the 11th house in sign Aquarius.
  • Moon in sign Pisces in 12th house of D-4.
  • The remaining signs and houses are vacant.

The Moon is in the cusps of Jupiter in both the Natal as well as in Chaturthamsha charts indicating palatial mansion. Rahu is in the 4th house of D-4 in sign Cancer ruled by Moon and is in the Nakshtra of Jupiter and sub of Venus. In D-1, Rahu is in the cusp of Venus. Rahu has, therefore, established a linear equation with Moon, Venus and Jupiter as far as property matter is concerned. The role of Moon, Venus and Jupiter is always favourable so far as luck and fortune in the property matter is concerned. Moreover, most importantly the primary significator of property matter is Sun for Libra Nativity who is exalted in the Ascendant of D-4 Chart along with Ascendant lord Venus of D-1. The construction and completion of his sky-high mansion, the luxurious 27-storey home ‘Antilia’ in the posh area of Mumbai started at the onset of the main and sub period of Rahu and completed during Rahu period and Mercury sub period. Mercury is posited in the best Kendra (10th house) in the friendly cusp of Saturn in D-4 chart aspecting the 4th house. When the nativity shifted to his new palatial mansion, the Mercury was exalted in transit in sign Virgo along with primary determinant Sun in close conjunction and Yoga Karaka Saturn in the same sign being aspected by Jupiter. Moreover, both the transit Sun (primary determinant) and Mercury was occupying Chitra Nakshtra ruled by Mars in the transit, who is the secondary determinant of property matter in respect of this famous nativity as Mars being the Ascendant Lord of D-4 chart. So, the timing of the delivery of the auspicious result in respect of the house property is synchronized with the powerful planetary promises in the horoscope.

As per Numerology, the root number of ‘Antilia’ stands at 3 ruled by Jupiter who is the 9th lord of D-4 chart occupying the 2nd house of family in the cusp of Venus, who in turn placed in the Ascendant of D-4 chart. Moreover, there are repetitions of two strong vowels ‘a’ & ‘i’ twice in the name ‘Antilia’ with distinct stress on the vowels while pronouncing the same. Vowels are most auspicious in a name. The numbers of consonant alphabets are 3 in the face of repetition of two strong vowels four times in the name ‘Antilia’. The name ‘Antilia’ has started and end with vowels ‘a’ that is the root number of Sun, the primary determinant of property matter in respect of this affluent nativity. The vowel ‘i’ is the number of Mars, who is the secondary determinant of property matter in respect of this renowned nativity. The name ‘Antilia’ is, therefore, fully synchronized with the planetary promises of property matter in respect of this well-known nativity and thus fits best to the bill of the Good Wishes of Almighty God. This famous nativity would scale higher highs and attain successes of highest degrees while living in this auspicious mansion. The Divine Science Astrology always stands to help the people especially when the counselling comes from an expert astrologer having indepth knowledge and wisdom in every branches of Astrology.


In D-16 chart, the Jupiter, the karaka of luxuries and happiness is in the 9th house (trine house) with Venus the Karaka of vehicular fleets in 5th house (another trine house). As such, D-16 chart is well fortified. The 7th house of the Natal Chart is stronger than the Ascendant indicating that the fleet of vehicles would mainly be used for commercial purpose. The 3rd house of the Natal Chart (NC) is occupied by Moon (the 10th lord – the significator for professional matter) who is in 12th from 4th house indicating that the fleet of vehicles would mainly be utilized for professional purpose. The 4th lord Saturn (Yoga Karaka) in 2nd house, which is 11th house while counting from 4th house shows that the native would be lucky and successful in the matter of vehicular and other immovable assets, too.


  • The native was born at Ketu Dasa at birth. The native enjoyed the Dasa of Ascendant Lord Venus in the constellation of Ketu from 27/10/1958 to 27/10/1978 for a period of 20 years since birth. The Venus is both quadrant and trine lord is occupying 7th house along with Ketu, which is a quadrant. The nodes when in a quadrant along with a trine lord boost up the positive strength of the trine lord manifold. Moreover, there is exchange of constellation between Venus and Ketu as Venus is in the constellation of Ketu and Ketu in the constellation of Venus at birth. The period of Venus, therefore, delivered extremely favourable result.
  • The Main Period of Venus was succeeded by the Main Period of Sun from 27/10/1978 to 27/10/1984. The Sun being the 11th lord (Badaka Lord of Tula Nativity) is in the constellation of Ketu at birth. But, Sun is exalted in D-1, D-3, D-4 charts and in close conjunction with Venus (the Ascendant Lord) in Natal Chart. The period was, therefore, capable of delivering huge materialistic gain with some obstructions in other sphere of life. He joined Reliance Industries in 1981 during the sub period of Jupiter in the main period of Sun. The Sun is the natural significator of father and the Jupiter is the natural significator of 9th (the house of father and fortune). The Sun is posited in 7th house and Jupiter is aspecting the 7th house. 7th house is the house of business and partnership. Moreover, Jupiter is in the constellation of Sun and occupying the Ascendant of D-10 chart. Therefore, the timing of joining the family business is as per planetary promises as enshrined in the horoscope.
  • The Main Period of Moon was running from 27/10/1984 to 27/10/1994. The Moon is the 10th lord in the Nakshtra of Ketu and is posited in 3rd house in the cusp of Jupiter and is being aspected by Jupiter and Mars. The aspect of Mars and Jupiter on Moon is very auspicious. Moreover, the Ketu is the common Nakshtra ruler of Ascendant Lord Venus and 11th lord Sun. The Main Period of Moon, therefore, gave the native necessary enterprising zeal and success in the field of profession. Moon is in 11th house in D-10 Chart in the cusp of Jupiter and being aspected by Yoga Karaka Saturn from 9th house making the Dasa further favourable for professional matter.
  • The Main Period of Moon was succeeded by the Main Period of Mars from 27/10/1994 and was running upto 27/10/2001. The Mars is in his own constellation and being the 7th house lord is the Maraka Lord for Tula nativity. He is also being aspected by Saturn and posited in 8th house in the Natal Chart. Such period although, capable of giving good results as far as marriage and business is concerned but is not treated as auspicious for physical health, etc. during the operation of such period.
  • Presently, the native is running the Rahu main period from 27/10/2001 to be continued upto 27/10/2019. Rahu is in the constellation of Jupiter (3rd lord and 6th lord) and is posited in sign Libra (Ascendant) ruled by Venus wherefrom he is aspecting 5th house, 7th house and 9th house (two trines and one Kendra). Rahu is a malefic planet but his nature has been modified to a large extent with the interventions of Jupiter (Nakshtra Lord) and Venus (sign dispositor). Moreover, he is also in a Kendra and in a friendly Venusian sign. But, it is hard for Rahu to shun all his malefiancé in totality. As such, just at the onset of Rahu Dasa the native lost his beloved father in July 2002. Both in the Natal Chart as well as in D-12 chart (the sub divisional chart for parents), Rahu is aspecting 9th house i.e. the house of father. Not only this, the Rahu period also witnessed break in business partnership with his younger brother as Rahu is aspecting 7th house (the house of business partnership) as well as in the Nakshtra of Jupiter (the ruler of 3rd house – the signification for younger co-borns). Furthermore, Rahu is placed in a bad decanate (3rd decanate of moveable sign) as well as in the Ascendant of D-3 chart, which is the sub divisional chart for younger co-borns.
  • However, the Horoscope of this famous nativity is full of positive traits, which is only possible due to the Blessings of Almighty God on the basis of the performance of ample outstanding deeds.

To consult astrologer Suchitra Das, please click here.

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