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Mundan Muhurat 2020 Dates & Timings | Mundan Ceremony 2020

Last Updated: 9/25/2019 3:07:22 PM

Mundan Muhurat 2020 – The Mundan Sanskar is an integral part of the Hindu traditions and one of the vital sixteen sanskars. During this, a priest cuts the hair on the baby’s head for the first time since birth. Other popular names for Mundan are Chudakarma, Chaul Karma, Chaul Mundan, and so on. Like any essential task in Hinduism, one should also organize this sanskar under an auspicious timing. Given below are the Mundan Muhurat Dates 2020, day, tithi, month, and duration to choose from, according to your convenience. In addition to this, you can also learn about the method of organizing the ceremony and other factors associated with Mundan Sanskar 2020.

Mundan ceremony Dates 2020

Mundan Muhurat Dates 2020 & Auspicious Timings

January Mundan Muhurat 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
16 January Thursday Magha K. Shashti Hasta From 07:15 to 09:42
17 January Friday Magha K. Saptami Chitra From 07:15 to 07:28
27 January Monday Magha S. Tritiya Shatabhisha From 07:12 to 19:12
30 January Thursday Magha S. Panchami U. Bhadrapada From 15:12 to 19:00
31 January Friday Magha S. Shashti Revati From 07:10 to 18:10
February Mundan Muhurat 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
7 February Friday Magha S. Trayodashi Punarvasu From 07:06 to 18:24
13 February Thursday Phalgun K. Panchami Hasta From 07:02 to 20:02
14 February Friday Phalgun K. Shashti Swati From 07:01 to 18:21
17 February Monday Phalgun K. Navami Jyeshtha From 14:36 to 20:06
21 February Friday Phalgun K. Trayodashi Uttarashada From 09:13 to 17:21
28 February Friday Phalgun S. Panchami Ashwini From 06:48 to 19:23
March Mundan Muhurat 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
5 March Thursday Phalgun S. Dashami Ardra From 11:26 to 18:59
11 March Wednesday Chaitra K. Dwitiya Hasta From 06:35 to 18:36
13 March Friday Chaitra K. Chaturthi Swati From 08:51 to 13:59
April Mundan Muhurat 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
16 April Thursday Vaisakha K. Navami Dhanishta From 18:12 to 20:50
17 April Friday Vaisakha K. Dashami U. Bhadrapada From 05:54 to 07:05
27 April Monday Vaisakha S. Chaturthi Mrigashira From 14:30 to 20:07
29 April Wednesday Vaisakha S. Shashti Punarvasu From 05:42 to 19:58
30 April Thursday Vaisakha S. Saptami Pushya From 05:41 to 14:39
May Mundan Muhurat 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
13 May Wednesday Jyeshtha K. Shashti Shravan From 05:32 to 19:04
14 May Thursday Jyeshtha K. Saptami Shravan From 05:31 to 06:51
20 May Wednesday Jyeshtha K. Trayodashi Ashwini From 05:28 to 19:19
25 May Monday Jyeshtha S. Tritiya Mrigashira From 05:26 to 05:54
27 May Wednesday Jyeshtha S. Panchami Punarvasu From 05:25 to 20:28
28 May Thursday Jyeshtha S. Shashti Pushya From 0525 to 0727
June Mundan Muhurat 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
1 June Monday Jyeshtha S. Dashami Hasta From 05:24 to 13:16
3 June Wednesday Jyeshtha S. Dwadashi Swati From 05:23 to 06:21
7 June Sunday Ashadha K. Dwitiya Mool From 05:23 to 19:44
8 June Monday Ashadha K. Tritiya Uttarashada From 05:23 to 18:21
10 June Wednesday Ashadha K. Panchami Shravan From 05:23 to 10:34
11 June Thursday Ashadha K. Shashti Dhanishta From 11:28 to 19:29
15 June Monday Ashadha K. Dashami Revati From 05:23 to 16:31
17 June Wednesday Ashadha K. Ekadashi Ashwini From 05:23 to 06:04

Mundan Ceremony 2020

In this Mundan Ceremony 2020 update we will explain you about the sixteen samskaras of Hinduism – Garbhadhan, Punsavan, Seemantonnayan, Jaat Karam, Namkaran, Nishkraman, Annaprashan, Chudakaram, Vidyarambh, Karnavedha, Yagyopavita, Keshanta, Samavartana, Vivah, and Antyeshti have a special significance. They begin even before one’s birth, while the child is still in their mother’s womb and end posthumously. Among these, is the Chuda Sanskar (Mundan Sanskar) and its rituals vary according to the gender of the baby. A boy’s Mundan Sanskar will be held in odd years after birth, i.e., the first, third, fifth, or seventh year. Simultaneously, the Mundan Muhurat for a baby girl will fall in her even years like the second, fourth, sixth year after her birth.

Mundan Muhurat 2020: Reasoning Behind Mundan Sanskar

As per the Shastras, while a child is growing in their mother’s womb for nine months, many contaminated particles can get into their hair. Thus, by shaving these hairs with the Mundan Muhurat 2020, after the baby’s birth, that impurity is removed. However, several other reasons are also mentioned in Hinduism, for performing this ceremony. According to some scriptures, a human is born only after taking birth in 84 lakh (or 840 thousand) yonis first.

In a human birth, a person is inherently capable of atoning the sins of their past lives. Emphasizing further on this fact; the scriptures state that by cutting one’s hair in the Mundan Ceremony 2020 auspicious timings, all their previous sins will be eliminated. Moreover, they also get freedom from the debts of their past lives. During this ceremony, the hair on the infant’s head is removed for the first time since their birth.

With this, the child develops well mentally and physically. Yajurveda states, about the Mundan Sanskar, claiming that it an essential rite for an increase in the child’s strength, age, health, and splendour.

Mundan Muhurat 2020: Benefits of Mundan Sanskar

Through the Mundan Muhurat 2020 update you will get to know about the various benefits of Mundan Sanskar.

  • The baby’s body temperature turns normal after the Mundan Sanskar. This stabilizes their brain, and the infant does not have many physical and health problems either.
  • Due to the effects of the Mundan, the children do not have to deal with severe pain while they are teething.
  • Once the hair they had since birth are removed, it allows the sunlight to reach their head, and hence they attain Vitamin D.
  • As a result of the Mundan ceremony and simultaneously, attainment of Vitamin D, the blood flows better in the cells in the infant’s body, and this positively influences the hair that will now grow.

Calculating The Mundan Muhurat 2020 According To Panchang

We are describing in Mundan Muhurat 2020 update that, In Hinduism, we always calculate an auspicious time for all essential jobs and the 16 sanskars. That is so because Shastras say that tasks, when done in a shubh muhurat, have a higher chance of success. The calculations for a Muhurat for all religious rituals rely on the Panchang. A learned astrologer will seek out an auspicious month, tithi, nakshatras, dates, and days and then conclude upon a Shubh Muhurat.

As per the Hindu Panchang, the Mundan Muhurat 2020 auspicious timings should fall in any of Chaitra, Vaisakha, Jyeshtha, Ashadha, Magha, and Phalgun months. In addition to that, the tithis Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi, and Trayodashi (second, third, fifth, seventh, tenth, eleventh, thirteenth dates) are auspicious. Coming to the days of the week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are best for Mundan Muhurat 2020. However, the Mundan Sanskar for a girl should not fall on a Friday.

As for the Nakshatras, Ashwini, Mrigashira, Pushya, Hasta, Punarvasu, Chitra, Swati, Jyeshtha, Shravan, Dhanishta, and Shatabhisha are beneficial for the Mundan Sanskar 2020. Some experts say that this sanskar is prohibited in the birth month, birth nakshatra, and when the Moon is posited in the fourth, eighth, twelfth, and enemy house of the kundali. However, on the flip side, others suggest that Mundan in birth nakshatra or birth sign is instead very favourable. Mundan Muhurat 2020 can also fall in the ascendant or navamsa of the Second, third, fourth, sixth, seventh, ninth, or twelfth zodiac signs.

Mundan Sanskar 2020: Method Of Sanskar

  • During the Mundan Sanskar (2020), parents should take their baby in their lap. Now, they should turn his/her face to the west of the fire of Havan.
  • First, a priest should cut some of the hair on the baby’s head and then the barber will take over.
  • Organize a puja for Lord Ganesha and Ayush Hom (Havan) in the Mundan Muhurat 2020 auspicious timings.
  • The Mundan Sanskar 2020 should be held in one’s home, a temple, or the temple of their Kuldevi/Kuldevta.
  • Now collect the cut/shaved hair and immerse/flow them in a river.
  • Often people hold the Mundan Sanskar at a pilgrimage site so that the baby gets the benefits of the divine atmosphere of that place.

Things To Remember During Mundan Muhurat 2020

Several things are necessary to take care of while organizing the Mundan Ceremony 2020 so that the child does not suffer any physical harm. Ensure that the baby has a full stomach during the Mundan Muhurat, because if the infant is hungry, he/she may start thrashing about during the Mundan ceremony. Doing so can even hurt the baby. The razor that the barber and the priest will use for Mundan should be clean, and the barber experienced. Even the smallest of accidents can hurt a baby terribly. After the Mundan Sanskar, bathe the child properly, so that any hair stuck on their body get washed.

Every parent wishes that their child remains happy and healthy. The Mundan Sanskar 2020 supposedly fulfils this dream of theirs. As per the rites and rituals of this sanskar, one organizes yagna and HHavan during this day and invoke Gods and Goddesses through mantra chanting. This is why the sanskar is always done with a priest or astrologer and under a shubh Mundan Muhurat 2020.

We Hope That This Article On Mundan Muhurat 2020 Was Helpful For You! Thank You For Being A Part Of AstroCAMP!

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