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Naming Ceremony 2020 Auspicious Timings | Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2020 Dates & Timings

Last Updated: 9/25/2019 3:48:34 PM

Naming Ceremony 2020 – The Naming Ceremony or Namkaran Sanskar is an integral part of the vital sixteen sanskars in Hinduism. As evident, parents decide on a name for their newborn baby during this ceremony. Like any essential task in Hinduism, one should also organize this sanskar under an auspicious timing. Given below are the Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2020 Dates & Timings to choose from, according to your convenience. In addition to this, you can also learn the rules, precautions, and method of organizing the ceremony and other factors.

Naming Ceremony 2020

Naming Ceremony 2020 Auspicious Timings

Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat January 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
2 January Thursday Paush S. Saptami Purva Bhadrapada From 07:14 to 18:30
8 January Wednesday Paush S. Trayodashi Rohini From 07:15 to 18:06
15 January Wednesday Magha K. Panchami U. Phalguni From 07:15 to 19:59
16 January Thursday Magha K. Shashti Hasta From 07:15 to 09:42
17 January Friday Magha K. Saptami Chitra From 07:15 to 07:28
20 January Monday Magha K. Ekadashi Anuradha From 07:15 to 15:39
27 January Monday Magha S. Tritiya Shatabishak From 07:15 to 19:12
29 January Wednesday Magha S. Chaturthi Purva Bhadrapada From 12:13 to 19:04
30 January Thursday Magha S. Panchami Uttara Bhadrapada From 07:11 to 19:00
31 January Friday Magha S. Shashti Revati From 07:10 to 18:10
Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat February 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
7 February Friday Magha S. Trayodashi Punarvasu From 07:06 to 18:24
13 February Thursday Phalguna K. Panchami Hasta From 07:02 to 20:02
14 February Friday Phalguna K. Shashti Swati From 07:01 to 18:21
21 February Friday Phalguna K. Trayodashi Uttara Ashadha From 07:08 to 17:21
24 February Monday Phalguna S. Pratipada Shatabishak From 06:52 to 16:21
26 February Wednesday Phalguna S. Tritiya Uttara Bhadrapada From 06:50 to 19:31
28 February Friday Phalguna S. Panchami Ashwini From 06:48 to 19:23
Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat March 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
5 March Thursday Phalguna S. Dashmi Ardra From 11:26 to 18:59
6 March Friday Phalguna S. Ekadashi Punarvasu From 11:47 to 18:56
11 March Wednesday Chaitra K. Dwitiya Hasta From 06:35 to 18:36
13 March Friday Chaitra K. Chaturthi Swati From 08:51 to 13:59
19 March Thursday Chaitra K. Ekadashi Uttara Ashadha From 06:26 to 20:21
20 March Friday Chaitra K. Dwadashi Shravan From 06:25 to 18:55
25 March Wednesday Chaitra S. Pratipada Revati From 06:19 to 19:57
26 March Thursday Chaitra S. Dwitiya Revati From 06:18 to 16:28
30 March Monday Chaitra S. Shashti Rohini From 06:13 to 19:37
Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat April 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
3 April Friday Chaitra S. Dashmi Pushya From 06:09 to 18:40
6 April Monday Chaitra S. Trayodashi Purva Phalguni From 12:16 to 15:52
8 April Wednesday Purnima Hasta From 08:05 to 19:02
9 April Thursday Vaisakha K. Dwitiya Swati From 06:02 to 18:58
16 April Thursday Vaisakha K. Navami Dhanishta From 18:12 to 20:50
17 April Friday Vaisakha K. Dashmi U.Bhadrapada From 05:54 to 07:05
20 April Monday Vaisakha K. Trayodashi Mool From 17:23 to 20:30
23 April Wednesday Vaisakha Amavasya Ashwini From 07:56 to 16:05
27 April Monday Vaisakha S. Chaturthi Mrigashira From 14:30 to 20:07
29 April Wednesday Vaisakha S. Shashti Punarvasu From 05:42 to 19:58
30 April Thursday Vaisakha S. Saptami Pushya From 05:41 to 14:39
Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat May 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
4 May Monday Vaisakha S. Ekadashi U. Phalguni Hasta From 06:13 to 19:19
8 May Friday Jyeshtha K. Pratipada Vishakha From 08:38 to 12:55
13 May Wednesday Jyeshtha K. Shashti Shravan From 05:32 to 19:04
14 May Thursday Jyeshtha K. Saptami Shravan From 05:31 to 06:51
18 May Monday Jyeshtha K. Ekadashi U. Bhadrapada Revati From 05:29 to 21:03
20 May Wednesday Jyeshtha K. Trayodashi Ashwini From 05:28 to 19:43
25 May Monday Jyeshtha S. Tritiya Revati From 05:26 to 05:54
27 May Wednesday Jyeshtha S. Panchami Punarvasu From 05:25 to 20:58
28 May Thursday Jyeshtha S. Shashti Pushya From 05:25 to 07:27
Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat June 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
1 June Monday Jyeshtha S. Dashmi Hasta From 05:24 to 13:16
3 June Wednesday Jyeshtha S. Dwadashi Swati From 05:23 to 19:35
10 June Wednesday Ashadha K. Panchami Shravan From 05:23 to 10:34
11 June Thursday Ashadha K. Shashti Dhanishta From 11:28 to 19:29
12 June Monday Ashadha K. Dashmi Revati From 09:58 to 18:48
15 June Wednesday Ashadha K. Ekadashi Ashwini From 05:23 to 16:31
17 June Wednesday Ashadha K. Ekadashi Ashwini From 05:23 to 06:04
19 June Thursday Ashadha K. Trayodashi Krittika From 10:31 to 11:02
22 June Monday Ashadha S. Pratipada Ardra From 13:31 to 20:49
24 June Wednesday Ashadha S. Tritiya Pushya From 05:25 to 10:14
Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat July 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
2 July Thursday Ashadha S. Dwadashi Anuradha From 05:27 to 20:10
9 July Thursday Shravan K. Chaturthi Shatabishak From 10:12 to 19:42
16 July Thursday Shravan K. Ekadashi Krittika From 18:53 to 20:57
17 July Friday Shravan K. Dwadashi Rohini From 05:34 to 20:27
27 July Monday Shravan S. Saptami Chitra From 05:40 to 07:10
29 July Wednesday Shravan S. Dashmi Vishakha From 08:33 to 20:06
30 July Thursday Shravan S. Ekadashi Anuradha From 05:42 to 07:40
Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat August 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
5 August Wednesday Bhadrapada K. Dwitiya Dhanishta From 05:45 to 19:39
6 August Thursday Bhadrapada K. Tritiya Shatabishak From 07:31 to 11:18
10 August Monday Bhadrapada K. Shashti Ashwini From 05:48 to 06:43
13 August Thursday Bhadrapada K. Navami Rohini From 13:26 to 19:07
14 August Friday Bhadrapada K. Dashmi Mrigashira From 14:02 to 19:03
17 August Monday Bhadrapada K. Trayodashi Punarvasu From 05:52 to 05:58
21 August Friday Bhadrapada S. Tritiya Uttara Phalguni From 05:54 to 20:03
24 August Monday Bhadrapada S. Shashti Swati From 05:55 to 15:20
31 August Monday Bhadrapada S. Trayodashi Shravan From 05:59 to 08:49
Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat September 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
2 September Wednesday Bhadrapada Purnima Shatabishak From 10:52 to 18:33
4 September Friday Ashwin (Adhika) K. Dwitiya Uttara Ashadha From 06:01 to 19:08
9 September Wednesday Ashwin (Adhika) K. Saptami Krittika From 13:08 to 18:16
14 September Monday Ashwin (Adhika) K. Dwadashi Pushya From 06:06 to 15:52
17 September Thursday Ashwin (Adhika) Amavasya P. Phalguni From 16:30 to 19:42
18 September Friday Ashwin (Adhika) S. Pratipada U.Phalguni From 06:08 to 19:38
28 September Monday Ashwin (Adhika) S. Dwadashi Dhanishta From 06:13 to 18:59
Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat October 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
2 October Friday Ashwin K. Pratipada Revati From 06:15 to 18:43
8 October Thursday Ashwin K. Shashti Mrigashira From 06:18 to 16:37
15 October Thursday Ashwin K. Trayodashi U. Phalguni From 06:22 to 08:33
19 October Monday Ashwin S. Tritiya Anuradha From 06:25 to 14:08
23 October Friday Ashwin S. Saptami Uttara Ashadha From 06:27 to 06:57
26 October Monday Ashwin S. Dashmi Shatabishak From 06:29 to 18:44
28 October Wednesday Ashwin S. Dwadashi Purva Ashadha From 09:11 to 18:36
29 October Thursday Ashwin S. Trayodashi Uttara Bhadrapada From 06:31 to 15:16
Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat November 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
6 November Friday Kartika K. Panchami Ardra From 06:45 to 18:01
12 November Thursday Kartika K. Dwadashi Hasta From 06:42 to 17:37
13 November Friday Kartika K. Trayodashi Chitra From 06:43 to 17:33
16 November Monday Kartika S. Pratipada Anuradha From 06:45 to 14:36
19 November Thursday Kartika S. Panchami P. Ashadha From 09:38 to 09:05
20 November Friday Kartika S. Shashti Uttara Ashadha From 06:48 to 19:01
25 November Wednesday Kartika S. Ekadashi Uttara Bhadrapada From 06:25 to 15:55
26 November Thursday Kartika S. Dwadashi Revati From 06:53 to 07:34
27 November Friday Kartika S. Dwadashi Ashwini From 08:28 to 18:34
30 November Monday Kartika Purnima Rohini From 14:59 to 18:22
Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat December 2020
Date Day Month/Tithi Nakshatra Muhurat Duration
2 December Wednesday Margashirsha K. Dwitiya Mrigashira From 06:58 to 10:37
9 December Wednesday Margashirsha K. Navami U. Phalguni From 15:18 to 17:46
10 December Thursday Margashirsha K. Dashmi Chitra From 12:52 to 17:42
11 December Friday Margashirsha K. Ekadashi Chitra From 07:04 to 15:50
17 December Thursday Margashirsha S. Tritiya Uttara Ashadha From 07:08 to 15:18
18 December Friday Margashirsha S. Chaturthi Shravan From 14:23 to 19:04
24 December Thursday Margashirsha S. Dashmi Ashwini From 07:11 to 19:02
25 December Friday Margashirsha S. Ekadashi Ashwini From 07:12 to 07:36
31 December Thursday Paush K. Pratipada Punarvasu From 07:14 to 18:34

Namkaran Sanskar 2020

The Namkaran Sanskar 2020 or the Naming Ceremony is one of the 16 essential samskaras of Hinduism. Our name is our identity, and one is recognised with it. Therefore, the Naming Ceremony 2020 is a crucial and auspicious function in Hinduism, from a religious perspective as well.

Typically, this ceremony falls 11 days after the birth of the baby. However, as a rule, if a child is born under the Gandmool Nakshatra, then the Namkaran Sanskar 2020 should be after 27 days. The ceremony will be held only after the rituals and remedies for pacifying the Gandmool Nakshatra are complete. Hence, the organization of Naming Ceremony 2020 should always be under the guidance of a priest or astrologer.

Considering Gandmool Dosha For Naming Ceremony 2020

Vedic astrology classifies certain Nakshatras as Gandmool Nakshatra. The main reason behind this is that the domain of Gand Mool Nakshatras is considered very sensitive, and thus, they form the Gandmool Dosha.

In both the Nakshatras and the Zodiacs, these Gandmool Nakshatras fall in the middle of two. What this means is that, these nakshatras will occur in the degrees between two zodiac signs or two nakshatras. They belong to Ketu and Mercury. When the Nakshatras of Ketu end and those of Mercury begin, then that scenario is called Gandamool Nakshatra. These are therefore taken into account while calculating the Naming Ceremony 2020 Auspicious Timings.

Why Do We Need Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2020?

As per the traditions of Sanatan Dharma, one should do every auspicious task under a shubh muhurat. This practice is in place because the followers of Hinduism believe that when we organize essential functions at favourable timings, then their chances of success are much higher. Hence, we use the Panchang and taking the Day, Date, Month, Tithi, and Nakshatras into account, finalize the best Naming Ceremony 2020 Auspicious Timings.

Although, one can conduct the Namkaran Sanskar 2020 on any day, however, the Tithis Chaturthi, Navami, and Chaturdashi are not favourable for it. Simultaneously, Mrigashira, Rohini, Pushya, Revati, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Shravan, Ashwini, Shatabishak, etc., nakshatras are beneficial for Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2020. However, the most auspicious of all is the nakshatra under which the baby was born.

Naming Ceremony 2020: How To Choose A Name For Your Baby

Nowadays, parents name their child as per their convenience. However, according to the scriptures, one should take the child's birth Nakshatra as well as the month into account. Apart from this, the baby’s zodiac sign is also considered while deciding on a name. Moreover, all this should be done in the auspicious Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2020 during the Naming Ceremony 2020.

Namkaran Sanskar In Naming Ceremony 2020 Auspicious Timings

The Namkaran Sanskar 2020 is a religious ritual, which is why one should organize havan and Yagya in the Naming Ceremony 2020 Auspicious Timings. The father of the baby mainly performs this rite. In front of the fire (Agni Dev), they chant the mantras to reminiscence/invoke the Pancha Bhutas and their ancestors. Now, the astrologer gives the first alphabet with which the baby should be named, as per the infant’s birth details. However, if the child's father is not present in this ceremony due to some reason, then the baby’s paternal grandfather or uncle (father’s elder brother) can sit in his stead. On this occasion, all relatives and family members bless the child, in the Naming Ceremony 2020 Auspicious Timings.

We Hope That This Article On Naming Ceremony 2020 Auspicious Timings Was Helpful For You! Thank You For Being A Part Of AstroCAMP!

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