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Palmistry : Aishwarya Rai Palm Reading

Author: Maneesh Paliwal | Last Updated: Tue 26 Jan 2010 5:23:14 PM

aishwarya rai palm reading, aishwarya rai palmistry

Maneesh Paliwal

The first phalange of her thumb is long indicating great will power and determination. She is able to carry out her work with help of will. It is tapered at the end indicating a person who is never satisfied and a person who is perfectionist. The second phalange of her thumb is long indicating that she is logical and tactful in a good way to plan and take actions in her life. One can see her thumb is prominent and she has her own opinions and cannot be subdued by anybody.

Her fingers are straight, which is a very good sign and each planet is placed in a good manner, and not interfering with each other’s results. She is likely to be successful in any work she undertakes. A good long finger of Mercury indicates one to be a good communicator. As this is a picture and not a scan, one cannot make out the mount below. If it is pronounced, it indicates good memory too.

One needs to notice that her head and heart lines are barely touching each other indicating that she has the ability to time her events. She almost never loses opportunities in any sphere of life. Most important is the heart line. It indicates that the person who is possessive of her relationships and not of the material part of life.  Although as there is no curvature in her heart line, it indicates that she is not passionate. No branches on heart line indicate that she does not prefer children much and important thing to note is she keeps no attachments. She is sensitive, possessive to the point of jealousy.

Her head line is reasonably strong indicating that she is able to coup up with her sensitive nature. Sensitive people are more prone by the remarks and actions of others. Her fate line starts from the mount of moon that shows that people from outside of the family will help her in her career. She does not have a good mount of moon indicating that she is not moody and lacks the power of imagination. This is a very important sign required in an artist. She might be doing what she is told and not bringing out something of her own.

A very good mount of Venus indicates that she has great capacity to give love and take it as well. She has a very good stamina and vitality. A very good life line shows that she will enjoy good health even at an old age. Good Venus indicates that she will remain attractive. She can be very good at helping out others and it will give her maximum happiness. Luxury items, diamonds and good life is indicated by good mount of Venus.

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