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Panchak 2016: Five Is Going To Be Inauspicious!

Author: -- | Last Updated: Wed 21 Jan 2015 11:14:51 AM

Panchak 2016 dates are given below. Panchaka is described as the power of five where five Nakshatras combine up to take a heinous step on earth. It’s time to craft your shields. Read below to know more...

What Is Panchak?

Panchak in 2016 brings bad luck along with it. People may find themselves struck into difficult situations, where accomplishing a task seems tedious. All these will occur due to Panchak Kaal in 2016. Let’s delve deeper to know what is Panchak.

We all must have heard that there are certain tasks that should not be done during Ashubh Muhurat or inauspicious time. It has been believed that the tasks done during inauspicious time lead to failures. But, what is that inauspicious time? That wrong timing is termed as Panchak.

Panchak is considered to be the time when initiating a work not only means failure, but it also can lead to repetitive frustration. You may start doing a work during Panchak Kaal (duration of five inauspicious days) and may have to put extra efforts in its completion. But, the task will not be accomplished at once.

We bring you the dates of Panchaka 2016. This will tell you that when we should perform a certain task in 2016 and, when we should discard ourselves from doing an important task on Panchak Kaal of 2016.

Let’s take a look at the dates of Panchak 2016 and prepare yourselves accordingly:

Panchak 2016 Dates Table

Panchak Begins Panchak Kaal Starts Panchak Ends Panchak Kaal Ends
January 12, 2016 19:19 January 17, 2016 01:13
February 9, 2016 04:12 February 13, 2016 07:13
March 7, 2016 14:52 March 11, 2016 15:42
April 4, 2016 01:16 April 8, 2016 02:22
May 1, 2016 09:44 May 5, 2016 13:19
May 28, 2016 16:02 June 01, 2016 22:39
June 24, 2016 21:26 June 29, 2016 05:39
July 22, 2016 03:42 July 26, 2016 11:07
August 18, 2016 11:53 August 22, 2016 16:59
September 14, 2016 21:44 September 19, 2016 00:56
October 12, 2016 07:52 October 16, 2016 11:15
November 8, 2016 16:34 November 12, 2016 22:31
December 05, 2016 23:02 December 10, 2016 08:30

The above mentioned table gives you the dates for Panchak 2015. Now, let’s take a look that

why is Panchak so significant in our lives and how it will affect us in 2015.

Why Is Panchak Inauspicious?

Panchak is the group of five constellations or Nakshatras . Vedic Astrology states that there are 27 constellations in a zodiac within the circumference of 360 degrees. Thus, each constellation is approximately of 13 degrees.

There are five constellations which are considered inauspicious and more prone to Panchak. They are:

  • Dhanishtha
  • Shatabhisha
  • Poorva Bhadrapada
  • Uttarabhadrapada
  • Revati

If Moon resides in any one of these five constellations, the timing is referred to as the Panchak Kaal. This can also be said that when the moon enters the Aquarius or the Pisces sign, earth experiences Panchak Kaal.

Each constellation associated with Panchak Kaal has its own impact on our lives. Let’s take a look at the effects of Panchak Nakshatras and how to save ourselves in Panchak 2016.

What Should We Do In Panchak Kaal 2016?

Now, we will take a look at the five constellations and how to save ourselves from their ill-effects.

Dhanishta Nakshatra: Effects And Precautions

Let’s take a look what cautious steps to be taken against the Dhanishtha constellation in 2016.

Dhanishtha constellation is related with the fear of fire. Therefore, it is advised to not to collect grass or wood fuel.

Shatabhisha Nakshatra: Effects And Precautions

Let’s take a look what measures should be taken against the Shatabhisha Nakshatra in 2016.

In this constellation period, a person is advised to avoid travelling in the South direction. The southern direction in this constellation or Nakshatra gets related with Yama, the Lord of death.

Poorva Bhadrapada: Effects And Precautions

Let’s take a look what are the steps that would protect us from Poorva Bhadrapada Nakshatra (constellation) in 2016.

In Purva Bhadrapada, construction of bed is not advisable. Since, the constellation is related to diseased body, a bed might bring the fate of hardships such as bedridden condition or even, death.

Uttara Bhadrapada: Effects And Precautions

Let’s take a look what cautious steps to be taken against the Uttara Bhadrapada constellation in 2016.

Since, this constellation is concerned with money matters, one should be beware of getting cheated in money matters. This Nakshatra or constellation brings the fate of being penalized in terms of monetary value.

Revati: Effects And Precautions

Let’s take a look at the steps, to be taken against the Revati Nakshatra in 2016.

Revati is also connected with the loss of money. It is suggested in this constellation to not to indulge in construction activities. One should not construct rooftop of a house. It may lead to slipping away of money.

It is also said to avoid cremating a dead body during Panchak Kaal. It may lead to five other deaths from the same region. There are certain most things that are prohibited during Panchak Kaal:

  1. Mundan
  2. Marriage

Panchak: The Role Of Five!

The value of five can be described in a number of ways while describing Panchaka. Let’s begin with:

  • It is believed that if a task is taken over during the Panchak Kaal, it may have to be repeated for five times for its accomplishment.
  • According to traditional beliefs, if a body is cremated during Panchaka Kaal, it may lead to five other deaths from the same family or town.
  • The five constellations related to Panchaka are powerful enough to make its impacts on earth.

After knowing the major negative points about Panchaka Kaal, you might be eager to know the exact dates of Panchak Kaal 2016.

Remedies For Panchak Kaal 2016

Panchak Kaal 2016 brings along its auspicious effects for us, but there’s always a remedy to everything. Let’s take a look at the remedies for Panchak 2016:

  1. Although, it is said inauspicious to construct the rooftop of a house in Panchak Kaal, you can offer sweet meals to the workers as a remedy.
  2. Before buying wooden goods, you can protect yourselves during Panchak by dedicating Havana (holy ritual) to Goddess Gayatri.
  3. You can create five prototypes of dead bodies for cremation, in order to protect five real deaths.
  4. Lord Hanuman can be the saviour before travelling in the south direction.

Plan your steps according to Panchak 2016 so that you may not repent in the present and in the future. Or, if you want to perform an important task on Panchak, apply the remedies and measures given by us on Panchak in 2016.

AstroCAMP wishes you a safe Panchak 2016!

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