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Parashari Astrology: The Best Astrological System

Author: Nitin Datta | Last Updated: Thu 18 Jul 2013 3:03:03 PM

parashari astrology, astrological systems, nitin datta

By Nitin Datta

Astrology is a very vast subject and it is expanding day by day. There are miscellaneous systems of Astrology. Each of them has got their virtues and limitation. Many years ago, as Sir Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree on a lazy afternoon. Much in his cogitative mood, he almost dozed off into a siesta. He was suddenly dragged into reality by an apple that hit him hard in the head. Well, we know the rest. From here came the Universal Law of Gravitation. Similarly, where Astrology is concerned, our deep and meditative Astrologers have contemplated over Astrology and in their own way they discovered different systems of Astrology. The question that lies here - which is the best Astrology system?

Just like a particular medicine does not suit everyone likewise a particular system of Astrology does not suit everyone. I believe that every astrologer has his/her own genius and command over different systems of Astrology. Parashari system of Astrology, KP System, Jaimini, Ashtakvarga, Prashna Astrology, Lal Kitab etc are the popular systems of Astrology. Based upon suitability and ease of learning an astrologer learns the governing principles in a particular system and masters the art of prediction.

It is interesting to learn that all the systems of Astrology would yield the same result if they are attempted properly. If the Parashari system is depicting a promise for marriage in the horoscope to a native then rest of the systems would also yield the same result. Desh-Kaal and Patra apply to the learning astrologer too. For instance, someone born in south India is more likely to have an inclination towards Jaimini Astrology as it is more prevalent there as compared to the rest of India.

It is worth noting that the available literature on a particular system of Astrology is also a deciding factor upon the choice of a relevant method. Probably the Parashari system of Astrology has the most abundant literature available on earth. Maharishi Parashar has attempted the most descriptive and illustrative yet simple method of Astrology. Lal Kitab too illustrates many workable and result oriented remedies but their method of functioning is yet to be researched upon.

Comparatively, almost 90% of the Jaimini sutras are still to be located and deciphered. KP System is a relatively new system of Astrology and it is still developing. Prashna Astrology is a very higher order of Astrology that is perhaps not meant for all. Ashtakvarga is again a work by Maharishi Parashar and it has its roots from Vedic Astrology only.

In light of all this, probably the Parashari system of Astrology scores over all other systems of Astrology. Relative easy understanding of the principles, simple methods of analysis (Bhava, Bhavesh and Karaka) and simple remedies lead to a simple dictation of the prediction to a native in a simple language.

Many people shy away from Astrology, because of its complexity. What they look for is facile way through which they can achieve their desired goal. And, that is accurate prediction in the case of Astrology. So, despite the relevancy and magnitude of any other system of astrology, Parashari System has won many hearts. Since most of the other systems of Astrology are comparatively new, it is much obvious that building literature, establishing credibility and allowing comprehensive credibility would require time and practice. Just like Ive mentioned before that almost all the systems of astrology yield similar results, if delivered in the right manner, I yet cast my vote to the Parashari System of Astrology as being the best system of Astrology. Rest, it all depends on the Astrologer and their experience with the various systems of Astrology.

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