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Planet Mars & You

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Sat 23 Feb 2013 2:33:33 PM

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By Acharya Raman

Always energized, always angry, based on other women, cherishing all the material pleasures, is the planet Mars. In the parliament of planets, this planet has got the position of commander. Amongst all the activities related to valor and heroism, from this way or the other only Mars come into limelight.

As per beliefs, Mars was born in Ujjayini. The Mantra for Mars is “Om Am Angaarkaaya Namah ||” Chant this Mantra for 1008 times in a day if possible, or at least 108 times is mandatory.

Mars has got the job of ruling these 2 Rashis (zodiac sign) – Aries and Scorpio. Gem Coral and color red belongs to Mars. Mars is also the cause of making one widow, if placed in 12, 1, 4, 7 or 8 houses. If it is not getting avoided by anything then this may prove to be the most inauspicious planet. Mars is the planet that destroys the unflinching enemy in his home, also he is the valor. God Mars gives the strength to perform all these heroic stuff. Mars is the mastermind behind killing the enemy with weapon. Planet Mars is the potent killer. On the other hand, Mars has also got certification for giving injury on head.

Street hooligans are also a form of Mars and people on their way to the destination are headed by Mars. Females having Mars in second house and own sign as well as not aspected auspiciously suffer a lot. Mars also makes the speech of a person rude. If Mars is not good in the chart then it generally causes trouble, but if it is good then the native moves out of the situation swiftly.

Mars inculcates feeling of pride in native. Lord Krishna has clearly stated in ‘Geeta’ that pride is the biggest hurdle in the way of reaching Almighty. People under the influence of Mars are quite materialistic. They long to hear praises from others. Such people always stay stuck in themselves thinking about their glory, which could also be imaginary.

There is no one better than ‘Hanuman Ji’ to control Mars. Whoever is suffering from afflicted Mars should recite Hanuman Chalisa for either 108 or 51 times on Tuesday or the day when Moon comes in Mrigshira, Chitra or Dhanishtha. Repeat this 27 times on the same days or constellations.

Accidents via vehicle, operation, breaking of limbs or mutilation; all are the results of Mars. Injury on head is most prone. Stitches due to injury are also a result of Mars. Planet Mars also makes one doctor, army man, police and son of the land; therefore this planet motivates one to work in the activities related to land like builder, property dealer or a businessman. Also, the industries related to giant machineries or vehicles are also ruled by Mars.

27-10-1968//8:00// 77 E 43 - 22 N 45: See here Venus, Mars and Seventh house. This native is in police. He is not on a very high position, but nig officers always keep him around due to his courage. He had also been to the places where many policemen fear to go and also he came back alive from the Maoist areas. He has made out with so many women that he doesn't even count now, but he is not behind anyone in mightiness. Also, he is a big alcoholic.

12-7-1942//12:50//75 E 49 - 26 N 55: This native became the Brigadier in Army.

29-8-1974//14:50//83 E 24 – 21 N 54: This Gentleman comes on a National News channel every day. His Mars is ‘Atma Karaka’. Mars is with Sun, in the sign of Sun, also aspected by Saturn; he is also having the same life, alcohol after dusk and no counting of women. Also, he went for a love marriage. He is rich in selfishness and is extremely ambitious.

2-5-1952 // Puttur // 6:00: He is a renowned gangster with the reputation of Chhota Rajan. In his chart, ascendant of Aries is aspecting the Mars ascendant. Exalted Sun is sitting in ascendant. Mars is also aspecting 10th house and second house.

24-8-1957 // 17:00 // 76 E 08: As soon as his period of Mars began, he started doing property dealing and also became successful.

13-10-1981//10:05//73 E 41 - 24 N 35: Mars is in tenth. Again see Mars, Venus and 10th house. Mars is also in Paapkartari. This lady is related to the film industry. She had so many affairs in her lifetime that are indescribable. She has already married twice, now planning for the third time. She had always been ready to pay any cost to be on screen.

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