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Which Profession should I select - through Astrology?

Author: SN Rao | Last Updated: Fri 22 Jan 2010 7:11:30 PM

S N Rao

This question has been asked to me by many persons and I feel that my fellow colleagues would have been asked too. The answer to this question is not simple because of the variety of new fields & career options that are coming up nowadays.

The knowledge of astrology here plays an important role. The field of interest, the area of skills, whether the career will be profitable or not can be known thru this divine science. This knowledge will help the students / parents in making a right choice so that he can prosper in future. This will also help an individual in avoiding certain decisions which are taken on the spur of the moment and save the embarrassment later on.

The zodiac is divided into 12 different signs and 12 houses which form the basis of the birth chart. This division is known to all those who have basic astrological knowledge.

The 10th House is known as the House of Karma or profession. Planets which are deposited in the 10th house are important in deciding the strength of the native’s profession. A strong 10th house will indicate that the native will rise higher in his area of profession. The sign in which the 10th house falls is also important for the lord of this sign and its placement in the birth chart / divisional charts (varga) will be important in deciding the nature of profession. The Planets which aspect this planet or the 10th house is important in deciding the conditions / situations in the native’s professional workplace. A good aspect will give good working environment to the native and give happiness to the native in his profession.

Illustrating the above with an e.g. for Ascendant in Aries (mesh rashi). The 10th house is Capricorn (makar rashi) and hence the lord of the 10th house is Saturn (sani). Any planet which is deposited in capricorn will increase / decrease the strength of the 10th house. This will determine whether the native will rise high or stay at a lower position in his career. If there is no planet in the 10th house then the strength has to be seen from the placement of the 10th lord in the birth chart / divisional charts. The position of Saturn in the vargas and the aspect (dhristi) it receives will decide the nature and environment of profession.

Natives having aries ascendant are bold, self-confident and impulsive; they aim to lead, dislike to follow, are always ready to take the initiative in any movement that appeals to them, but often lack persistence to carry their projects to a conclusion over serious obstacles.

Sani in the 1st house (lagna) will be debilitated (neecha), this means that the lord of the 10th house is in the 1st house (lagna). This will make the native toil hard and make him a self made man. This combination will help the native rise all by himself & due to his own efforts. The rise for the native will be in the old age because sani signifies an old man. Sani will also be the lord of the 11th house (kumbha rasi), hence the native will get financial benefits also during old age. The native will prosper in the profession depending on the aspects that is received from other planets. If there is no planet having a dhristi to this sani then it is considered highly unfortunate. It is always better to receive some aspect than having no aspect at all. Next thing to be looked at is whether sani is receiving any aspect (dhristi) or not.

► mars having an aspect to this sani, here mars is the lord of 1st house (mesha rashi) & 8th house (Vrischic rashi) and is a benefic planet for aries sign. It will boost this combination and the native will be able to prosper at a much faster pace. Mars dhristi will give the native much energy to be very active in matters related to profession. Such natives will come out successful where lot of struggle and hardships are required in the profession. This combination has been seen on surgeons doing postmortem (Saturn signifying death and mars signifying operations).
► venus having an aspect to sani, here venus is the lord of the 2nd house (vrushabh rashi) and the 7th house(Tula rashi). This native will be able to earn money with the help of partnership and business especially in female companionship. Such a native usually prospers after marriage. This combination is seen for persons involved in flora and fauna, florist, agriculture.

► mercury having a dhristi to this Saturn, here mercury is the lord of 3rd house (mithun) and the 6th house (kanya). The native is seen to succeed in service in the fields of communication, IT and is also good for becoming an astrologer. Sani is also a significator for HR (labour related activities). The 3rd house is the house of communication and the 6th house is house of service. This means that the native will succeed in service related industry which is involved in communication and human beings like BPO’s , call centre, union leadership, relating to labour industry, HR firms, recruitment agencies etc.
(to be contd.)
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