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Pushya Amrit Yoga 2014 - Pushya Nakshatra 2014 - Pushyamrit Yoga 2014

Last Updated: 1/21/2014 3:38:40 PM

Pushyamrit Yoga in 2014 is considered as the supremest of all the Yogas in astrology. We all want to see the success of our hard work. So, why not do that work in an auspicious time to ensure its success. Use AstroCAMP’s Pushyamrit Yoga table for 2014 and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Pushya Amrit Yoga 2014 Muhurat

Jupiter Transit 2014 For AriesAs per ancient astrology, among all the Nakshatras (constellations), Pushya Amrit Yoga Muhurat is the most important and sacred one. Pushya Amrit Yoga occurrences have different importance. The Pushy Amrit Yoga Muhurat occurring on Thursday is very important for financial and business gains; whereas, the Pushy Amrit Yoga Muhurat on a Sunday is very important for knowledge of Tantra and Mantra. Any task or work done during the Pushya Amrit Yoga Muhurat in 2014 assures of success, if done with pure faith.

One has to keep a track of the occurrences to carry out the desired work for success. Whenever the Moon is in fourth, eighth or twelfth house during transit, the Pushya Amrit Yoga Muhurat will lead your work to a successful completion. One must know that there are a few setbacks for Pushyamrit Yoga. Pushya Amrit Yoga Muhurat in 2014 is only prohibited for marriages; and also for any task or ritual to happen on a Friday. But, the good part of Pushya Amirt Yoga is that, it has the power to block any negative effects caused by any evil planet and counter the bad omen that could have possibly damaged the work.

With our Pushyamrit Yoga table given below for the year 2014, you can carry out all your important task and auspicious work without any hassle.

Pushya Amrit Yoga 2014 Muhurat Table

Date & Month Day From Till
16 January Thursday 13-13 Sunrise
17 January Friday Sunrise 16-80
12 February Wednesday 19-28 Sunrise
13 February Thursday Sunrise 22-22
11 March Tuesday 26-21 Sunrise
12 March Wednesday Sunrise 21-16
8 April Tuesday 10-30 Sunrise
9 April Wednesday Sunrise 12-59
5 May Monday 18-10 Sunrise
6 May Tuesday Sunrise 21-40
1 June Sunday 25-58 Sunrise
2 June Monday Sunrise 28-50
29 June Sunday 8-58 Sunrise
30 June Monday Sunrise 11-50
26 July Saturday 15-10 Sunrise
27 July Sunday Sunrise 18-04
22 August Friday 21-03 Sunrise
23 August Saturday Sunrise 24-01
18 September Thursday 27-24 Sunrise
19 September Friday Sunrise Sunrise
20 September Saturday Sunrise 6-22
16 October Thursday 10-46 Sunrise
17 October Friday Sunrise 13-36
12 November Wednesday 19-04 Sunrise
13 November Thursday Sunrise 21-40
9 December Tuesday 27-37 Sunrise
10 December Wednesday Sunrise 23-00

Note: The time indicated here after 24 hrs represents the time before sunrise. For instance, 30-47 indicates 06:47 am.

What Is Pushya Amrit Yoga

The word Pushya means strength, nourishment, consolidation and care. Pushya Amrit is the eighth Nakshatra and is ruled by the planet Saturn. Pushy Amrit Yoga Muhurat in 2014 is believed to be one of the most auspicious Yoga. Further, it is believed that Goddess of Wealth - Laxmi was born on a Pushy Amrit Yoga Muhurat. The powers of Pushya Amrit Yoga are so great that they cannot be explained in simple words. The Guru Pushya Amrit day is a very good time to pray Goddess Laxmi and seek her blessings. If prayers are offered on Pushya Amrit Yoga Muhurat, the worries and failures vanish from your lives. As per Hindu Astrology, purchasing gold, making investments and starting a new business is considered to be very auspicious. Any religious or spiritual activity done on a Pushya Amrit Yoga Muhurat gives immense success and peace. Those who are born under the Pushya Amrit Yoga are blessed with health, wealth and wisdom. Any work carried with devotion and perseverance on a Pushya Amrit Yoga Muhurat in 2014 will yield success.

Hope all your wishes and desires come true with the help of Pushya Amrit Yoga Muhurat in 2014, make use of our Pushya Amrit Yoga Muhurat for 2014 table and see the success of all your hard work.

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