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Rahu - Ketu : Mysterious Planets of Vedic Astrology

Last Updated: 10/5/2011 3:16:39 PM

rahu, ketu, vedic astrology

By Suchitra Das

Rahu – Ketu has been given the status of planets in Hindu Astrology. There are also legends associated with Rahu – Ketu in Hindu mythology. It is said that Rahu – Ketu was a single demon who had deceitfully quaffed off some nectar churned out of ocean during Samudra Manthan in order to becoming immortal. Luminaries Sun and Moon having noticed the same had reported the matter to Lord Vishnu who immediately beheaded the Demon with His Sudarshan Chakra to save the Universe from the negative grip of the Demon. Thereafter, the head portion of the demon becomes Rahu and the portion of the body of the demon beneath head becomes Ketu. However, they prayed before the Almighty God to give them a place in the galaxy of planets, which was granted by the Almighty God. Since then they are known as two separate entities in the planetary world.

The role of Rahu – Ketu is very important in Hindu predictive astrology. But, they are very mysterious, very hard to decode their nature and give both negative and positive result. Rahu by nature is deceitful and uncertain whereas Ketu is masked. Ketu is the significator (Karaka) of undiagnosed diseases. Since it is very difficult to read their nature, which is full of uncertainties and mysteries, what to speak about Kala Sharpa Yoga said to be generated by Rahu & Ketu. I have seen persons having so called Kala Sharpa Yoga have risen to dizzy heights in their life during Rahu/Ketu period (Dasha). As such, I would not discuss anything about Kala Sharpa Yoga which I feel a non-existence one. The transit, placement and aspects received by Rahu – Ketu in a horoscope are the important areas in order to delineate the probable result to be given by Rahu – Ketu especially, during their periods and sub-periods. Rahu – Ketu always remain diagonally opposite to each other with exactly the same degrees in a natal or transit horoscope.

As regards Natal Horoscope, the following conditions of Rahu – Ketu are the vital points to be examined.

  1. Their houses of placement from Lagna (Kendra, Trikone or Trika houses).
  2. The overall disposition of the lords of the houses occupied by Rahu & Ketu (benefic, malefic, etc.).
  3. The constellations occupied by them at birth and overall disposition of the constellation lords in the horoscope.
  4. Their Navamsha position.
  5. Their mutual relationship with other planets in the natal horoscope. It is especially important during Rahu/Ketu periods/sub-periods.
  6. Whether they are participating in any yoga (planetary combination) formed by other lords. Their participation in any auspicious yoga in an auspicious house with reference to Lagna invariably give favourable result par excellence in respect of the areas covered by such yoga especially, during their individual periods/sub-periods.

The transit of Rahu – Ketu in any house of a natal horoscope or over any lord occupying such house mostly trigger the negative result, except in the case when such houses/lords are protected by transit Jupiter through his simultaneous transit in such house or through His Divinely benign aspect. The table below shows the tentative transit result by Rahu – Ketu with reference to Lagna.

Transit of Rahu & Ketu

  1. Transit Rahu on any natal lord produce negative results.
  2. Transit Ketu in opposite of Rahu give sudden changes to the significations represented by these natal lords, which may very rarely be positive.

Transit of Rahu/Ketu in houses/over lords
Likely Result
Getting angry/irritated, fear, hazy thinking, suicidal tendency, loss of weight, etc
2nd H/L
Alcoholic, strain relation with family members, using bad words, loss of wealth, etc.
3rd H/L
Throat problem, loss of communication items like mobile phone, health and job related problem to younger siblings, etc
4th H/L
Chances of accident, no peace of mind, desire to change of residence, death of father, ill health to mother, loss from vehicle/house property, etc.
5th H/L
Break in education, in case of female nativity trouble with pregnancy or abortion, adopting a baby, depression, etc.
6th H/L
Increased and powerful enemies, court cases, debts, losses, diseases, lack of sleep, etc.
7th H/L
Disturbed married life, divorce, betray by lover, break in partnership, hard time for spouse family, postponement of traveling, etc.
8th H/L
Problematic period, sudden expenses, ailment and bereavement of some elderly family members, interest in occult science, low performance in education, etc.
9th H/L
Misunderstanding with superiors in workplace or with elderly family member, death of teacher, interest in modern meditation techniques, going against the tradition, etc.
10th H/L
Loss in business, problem in office/superiors, loss of reputation, problematic travelling, impulsive resignation, etc.
11th H/L
Making money in illegal way, bad association, illicit relation, argumentative, loss of reputation, etc.
12th H/L
Chances of going abroad suddenly, unexpected expenditure, loss in business/wealth, bad dreams, lack of sleep, addiction, increase in enmities, fight with close family members, etc.

  1. Ketu’s transit in 6th house can give success in litigation.
  2. Ketu’s transit in 9th house can give spiritual inclination.
  3. Ketu’s transit in 10th house can give very good job opportunity or joblessness, too.
  4. For all the above three results, the natal promises of Ketu should be seen.
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