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Republic Day - Annual Prediction for India

Author: SN RAO | Last Updated: Mon 25 Jan 2010 11:36:39 AM

SN Rao
To Determine or predict the events of a country we need to have the birth data of that country. In our case there are 2 charts which are often referred to by many astrologers to forecast the events for a particular year. The Independence day chart on the midnight of 15th of August 1947 and the Republic day chart on the 26th of January 1950 at 10.15 am Delhi. However there are other prominent astrologers who also include the chart for 1st Nov 1858 Allahabad. Further the charts of the Prime minister and the President are also important for prediction purposes. Then there are the Solar Ingress charts, Lunation charts which are also Important in deciding the events for the on going years.

In this article I have tried to make an attempt by comparing the Republic day chart (sayan) on 26th Jan 1950 at 10.15 am Delhi with the current transit chart for the same day, same time in 2010.

The Ascendant at the time of India becoming a Republic state was Aries. Its lord Mars occupying libra indicates the efforts put by our nation over the years in trying to build healthy relationships with other nations and build its image and its standing in the world. In the transit chart this Mars occupies the 5th house in leo which shows that apart from building its relations it is also going ahead with its independent policies and is beginning to stand up on its own. Mars in leo is strong which shows that we as a country are not ready to bow down to anybody in the world, even the superpowers. In the on going year the strength of our country will be known and accepted by other countries and perhaps the superpower nations will acknowledge this and give us a permanent seat in the UN.

Pluto which is the lord of the 8th house and occupying leo at the time of India becoming a republic state shows the difficultes faced by the common people and the trying times it is currently facing in the form of terrorism and underworld activities. This pluto has transited to capricorn and is occupying the 10th house. This also shows the difficulties being faced by the government in taking independent decisions to tackle this menace and implementing them. However, understanding the effect of pluto from whatever little is known is that it is a planet of transformation. This means that the policies and law with regards to tackling this menace would see radical changes in the coming years.

Uranus which is the lord of the 11th house and occupying gemini at the time of India becoming a republic state indicates the transformation and advances made in the rail and road network, telecomunication industry, public transport systems, breakthrough in scientific research, space researches in our country over the years. This uranus occupies pisces in the transit chart. It could indicate sudden and unexpected trouble / misfortunes in the above industries in the time to come. It so shows advances / research activities getting recognised in the field of medical science.

Saturn which is the lord of the 10th house and occupying virgo in our republic day chart shows the growth and advances made in the agriculture industry, hospitality & service industry over the years. This saturn occupies libra and is very near to the 7th cusp. This shows that the government will actively look at improving its diplomatic activities and giving additional priority to agriculture, rural infrastructure & service sector. This will give favourable results and additional opportunities, promotions to the labour class, underpreviliged people. Those people in middle class and the service sector can expect additional incentives and benefits from the government in this years fiscal budget. Benefits can also be expected by old and retired people in the form of increase in pension amounts. Saturn is retrograde here which also could mean that various policies would be announced for the poor and middle class, but there will be delay in implementing these policies.

Jupiter which is the lord of the 9th house and occupying aquarius in the republic day chart indicates the strength of our belief’s and a religious country with a solid foundation of values. It amply signifies the growth and acceptance of the cosmopolitan and conglomeration of various religions in our country. This jupiter occupies pisces which could show heavy expenditure incurred by the government on defense related activities. Some major arms deal might take place in the ongoing year and this can also be seen in the increased allocation of funds in this years budget. Religious institutions will also come into limelight this year.

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