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Effects of Retrograde Saturn & Remedies

Author: VGR Pavan | Last Updated: Mon 26 Dec 2011 11:49:29 AM

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By VGR Pavan

Saturn the tester of one’s patience is going to turn retrograde on 07-Feb-2012 till 25-Jun-2012. During this course of retro gradation he is also changing his sign (Rasi) from Libra (Tula) to Virgo (Kanya). People born in Leo (Simha) are somewhat relaxed with his departure from Virgo till now but once again they are going to taste the test of Saturn. There are voluminous data about Saturn transit as per Vedic Astrology available in internet and other sources. But very less data is available about the interpretation through KP. The star on which the retro-Saturn moves throws the clue for the analysis and the transit effect must be read with respect to the Ascendant (Lagna) rather than the Moon sign as followed by Vedic Astrologers. Of course I have to confess that we should also take the position of all other planets to give a complete picture of Saturn and his transit but that needs complete birth details. To give a gross reading Ascendant is enough, I suppose.

Saturn will turn retrograde on Chitha Star in his entire retro period. The rule for interpretation is as follows:

“Transiting planet is the source star denotes the nature of result. A planet gives the result of the star lord through the source indicated by it through occupation and lordship.”

Please note that in this article I will take only lordships of the planet (Saturn) and the star lord (Mars). Let us have a look at the effect of retrograde Saturn on different zodiac signs:

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Aries (Mesha)

For Aries Asc. Saturn is lord of 10-11 and he is transiting in the star of Mars (Kuja) lord of 1-8 houses. This may lead to pressure in work, sudden assignments, and difference of opinions with superiors, rumors in work place, sexual dissatisfaction with spouse, and temporary separation with spouse because of quarrels on petty issues. On the positive side they can expect sudden monetary gains, legacy, intimacy with opposite sex, and gains in partnership business, receipt of arrears or claims gratuity etc.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Taurus (Vrishabha)

For Taurus Asc. Saturn is lord of 9-10 and Mars is lord of 7-12. Therefore we can expect 7-12 house results through 9-10 house matters. The possible outcomes are change in nature of work or department, transfer or deputation to a far off place, forced inter-departmental changes, clashes with superiors, sudden expenditure, long journeys, jolly trips, monetary benefits to parents, ill health to partner and sudden hospitalization, success to children in educational pursuits after much anxiety.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Gemini (Mithuna)

For Gemini Asc, Saturn is lord of 8-9 houses and Mars is lord for 6-11 houses. Monetary gains through father, support from strangers or foreigners, intimacy with lover, worry through an old friend or childhood relations, conflicts with tenants or builders, delay in the purchase of fixed assets, delay in the purchase of Vehicle, delay in the mortgage of property, gains through speculations, illegal contacts in relatives, accident through vehicle or biting of dogs, expenditure to spouse on pleasurable pursuits.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Cancer (Kataka)

For cancer Asc. Saturn is lord of 7-8 and Mars is lord of 5-10 houses. Success in love affairs after much delay and anxiety, delay in the sale of property, pressure in work place, suspension or similar punishment, show cause notice or other interrogation by superiors, loss in speculation, delay in the purchase of property by spouse, starting of new business line by spouse, success in education for children, accident or sudden ill health to father, danger to younger sibling, new relations to mother.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Leo (Simha)

For Leo Asc. Saturn is lord of 6-7 houses whereas Mars is owner for 4-9 houses. Disappointing news relating to higher education, problems relating to foreign journey, differences of opinion with parents, problems in long journeys, delay in getting loans, finalization of marital alliance get delayed, demise of an old person in the family, dental treatment may give more pain, cervical spondylitis, strong impulse to change the working organization, silly quarrels with spouse.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Virgo (Kanya)

For Virgo Asc., Saturn is lord of the 5-6 houses and Mars is lord of 3-8 houses. Worries in the family, financial pressure, delay in repayment of loan, ill health, intimacy with doubtful persons, attraction towards unnecessary issues, loss in speculation, sale of property by younger siblings, sudden expenditure or loss to mother, entangled money of spouse, transfer order delayed for father, fortune to elder sibling.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Libra (Tula)

For Libra Asc., Saturn is lord of 4-5 houses and Mars is lord of 2-7 houses. Success in sports or other cultural activities, delay in the finalization of any business deal, huge loss in speculation to younger siblings, suspense in love affair, spouse may try to set up new business, speculative gains to father, mother may get her legacy after some struggle, first child may change his/her job, foreign trip / long journey of elder siblings may be postponed.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Scorpio (Vrischika)

For this Asc., Saturn is lord of 3-4 houses and Mars is lord of 1-6 houses. Purchase of land or building, quarrels with mother, delay in the finalization of long journey, change in career to younger brother, mother may get legacy, danger to children, change of job to spouse, transfer to father after much delay and anxiety, financial problem to elder siblings, danger through vehicles, sudden enmity with friends, demise of an old friend may cause panic, luck through speculation.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Sagittarius (Dhanus)

For this Asc., Saturn is lord of the 2-3 houses and Mars is lord of the 5-12 houses. This is not a good transit with respect to finance, disappearance of cheques or DD or other financial bills, financial discipline is a must and one should list out all his/her expenditure to control extravagance. Ill health to grandfather (mother side), huge loss in speculation, standing surety to unreliable persons, insult to children, official tour to father, land dealings to father, marriage proposals to elder siblings get delayed, pick pocketed on a Saturday or theft in the house.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Capricorn (Makar)

For this Asc., Saturn is lord of the 1-2 houses whereas Mars is lord of 4-11 houses. Purchase of a house get delayed, gains through mother are likely, may get “permanent” orders at work place, starting own work shop or manufacturing unit, foreign trip of younger bro/sis, ill health to mother, separation from children as they move on for education, pressure at work place to spouse, monetary pressure for father, sale of property by elder siblings.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Aquarius (Kumbh)

For this Asc., Saturn is lord of 1-12 and Mars is lord of 3-10 houses. Significant change in career and pressure thereafter for some time, on site work may be dropped at the last moment, argument with superiors, passing away of elder (old) person in the family, commencement of own business by younger sibling (it may end in loss), financial loss to mother, danger to children (love failure may happen), purchase of property through loan by spouse, memorable moments for father, loss to elder siblings or thick friends, loss of some important official document.

Effect of Retrograde Saturn on Pisces (Meena)

For this Asc. Saturn is lord of 11-12 and Mars is lord of 2-9 houses. Repayment of loans, cheating by financial institutions, quarrels with spouse regarding sexual issues, monetary appropriation by spouse, deputation or camps for younger siblings, danger to mother, pressure to children regarding their career, speculative losses to spouse, hospitalization to father, monetary loss to superior, purchase of vehicle or property of elder sibling.

Above are some of the interpretations for each Ascendant. The malefic effects of Saturn can be mitigated to a greater extent by some of the following suggestions or saturn remedies:

General Remedies for Saturn

  1. Perform Japa-Dana to Saturn and Mars.
  2. Donate black colored clothes to eight old Brahmins.
  3. Donate footwear, salt, umbrella (black), iron nails to wanderers near temples.
  4. Rescue goat from the butcher and leave it in fields.
  5. If you have body/joint/muscular pains then apply Til oil to affected area and take hot water bath after an hour.
  6. Visit the temple of Balaji in Tirupati or any Saturn temple in South India.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Saturn

  1. Pour oil on ground.
  2. Donate black pulse, peas, and sandal wood in a temple.
  3. Keep iron objects above the door of our house.
  4. Feed rice and pulses to fishes.
  5. Keep mustard oil in a glass or earthen jar and immerse it inside water.
  6. Avoid taking alcohol, egg and meat.
  7. Throw 8 kilos of black pulse in flowing water.
  8. Don’t use a south facing door in your house.
  9. Keep an earthen pot filled with water before starting a good task.
  10. Don’t make a window on the back wall of your house.
Hence one can reduce the loss coz of Saturn’s retro transit by following some of the above suggestions as well as self control. As Saturn is the promoter of the self control in every being, he creates an environment which tempts one to do the wrong deed. But if one can control his vices and resists to commit these sins he will be free from worry and anxiety. The basic principle of Saturn is therefore “Survival of the fittest and finest”. Without realizing this truth one should not develop unnecessary fear and anger for Saturn after all He will do what He has to and the same applies to us also.

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