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Retrograde Saturn in 2013 - Special Effect on Viles

Author: Hanuman Mishra | Last Updated: Mon 11 Feb 2013 4:02:07 PM

Saturn retrograde 2013, corruption, politics

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra

Beware Corrupts – Saturn is Retrograde!

Saturn is retrograding on 18th February 2013. In this situation if you are not corrupt then you need not to worry at all. I am saying this thing because generally people say retrograde Saturn gives bad effect. This perception came out totally wrong in the light of my experiences. Sages of Western Astrology also believe that Retrograde Saturn is good for the sufferers of afflicted Saturn. Retrograde Saturn directs the life of a person toward a prosperous future. During the retrogradation of Saturn, the native goes through self analysis. In other words, we can say that one should improve his problematic areas via self analysis at the time of retrograded Saturn otherwise Saturn might force them for self analysis. Retrograded Saturn generates energy in discouraged people. During the Saturn’s retrogradation, people associated with bad deeds should keep a control over their expectations otherwise they might get a mirror to see.

While Saturn was combust from 8 October 2012 to 11 November 2012, I had predicted on my television shows and articles of magazines that the dark secrets of leaders will get exposed due to the combust Saturn, but this will not affect them as their favoring people will still praise them. Even after getting allegations of corruption, these ministers will stay blessed. Same happened, an Indian Minister got accused for corruption, a News channel revealed it in proper manner, but the Minister did not suffer and got a level up in career. This entire scene occurred in between 8 October 2012 to 11 November 2012 while Saturn was combust. At that time I also said that these Ministers will get the results of their bad deeds when the Saturn will become retrograde. Now the time has come when corrupts will get the punishment.

Saturn will stay retrograde from 18 February 2013 to 8 July 2013. This is the time when many people will get exposed and also they will get punishments for their misdeeds. One thing needs to be get cleared here that Astrology instructs to predict the future of nation according to the situation. Therefore, everybody knows that the party of a corrupt politician does not utter a single word about him, but the politicians from other party starts howling just to dramatize in front of public for few days. It is because birds of a feather flock together. In such situation it is very difficult for a corrupt minister to get a severe punishment. However, Judge Saturn will definitely give them their deserved punishment. This question must have arisen in your mind, “Are only politicians corrupt, nobody else? So, let me clear you that anybody can be corrupt but mostly corrupts are associated with politics. If somebody is a businessman then he must be having connection with a party or minister. Relatives of politicians do not become businessmen just like that. These people have a big hand of politicians behind them. If an officer is indulged in corruption or bribery then he must be having a blessed hand of a big politician over his back. That is why my centre of attraction on this topic is on politicians. This is my belief if all ministers and politicians become honest then corruption will deplete to some extent. Some days before author Ashish Nandi got stuck while commenting over corruption in literature conference. If his intentions would have been pure while commenting then he will get some relief in this time but if he would have said this in personal wrath then trouble will increase as soon as the Saturn will become retrograde. The party he had point seems to be having Saturn as significator planet and it is moving toward retrogradation. That is why Ashish Nandi might have to face certain troubles. Because, truth is that Saturn becomes fruitful while it is retrograde. In this situation, Saturn becomes helpful to those who speak in the favor of justice. On the contrary, liars and conspirators themselves get stuck in conspiracies. That is why Saturn will soon take the decision for Ashish Nandi. If he had said everything with good intention but rude words then everything will be fine, on the contrary if he did that intentionally then he should stay ready to suffer through punishment of Saturn.

People who always work honestly and have favoring Saturn in Kundali, over that transit of Saturn and its position is also positive at present then the retrograded Saturn will definitely give them the results of their efforts. In order to authenticate this I would like to mention about Faldeepika. As per Phaldeepika, if retrograde planet is debilitated or positioned in enemy sign then also results according to exalted planet. In the matter of Saturn it is said that if Saturn is positioned in Vargottam in Navamsa, then it will give results as self sign. According to the 20th chapter of Phaldeepika, positive results of Vimshottri Dasha and Antardasha are only fetched when the Lord of the house is either retrograde or placed in exalted or own sign or lord of auspicious houses. Therefore, at the time of Saturn retrogradation, native receives only deserved results. Satyacharya has also considered the exalted own sign positioned and retrograded planet as best. Therefore, honest and virtuous people should not get scared of Saturn retrogradation. People who have made any sin unintentionally should keep patience in this time to avoid any adverse situation. If you will keep your character pure in this time then you will get the positive effects of Saturn. In this period only those people should get scared who have done wrong to the poor, public, society, nation or other people of the world.

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