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Role of Rahu in making film stars

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Mon 13 Dec 2010 8:01:11 PM

Suchitra Das
Astrological researches suggest that Rahu plays an important role for people who have connections with film industry and glamour world. But, deeper analysis suggests that well placed Rahu under favourable influences in relation to other planets capable of producing film stars of iconic statures in film line both for big and small screens.

Rahu and Ketu have been considered as planets in Vedic astrology. They have no physical identity. They are only mathematically calculated sensitive points but they have immense influence on the natives on the earth. Commonly Rahu and Ketu are considered shadowy planets. Rahu and Ketu are also called as Nodes. Whatever may be, but I have seen through my experiences that both Rahu and Ketu have the potential of either to make a person to smile or laugh on his successes and achievements or to cry in utter despair due to downfall especially, during their periods and sub periods. In fact, all the emerging and new professions come under the domain of Rahu, as Rahu is considered as ultramodern. Believe me, a favourably placed Rahu when interact with house of speculation can make a person billionaire in the stock market and he is also successful in all speculative ventures.

However, an unfavourable influence on Rahu (i.e., Rahu under malefic influence vis-à-vis other planets) makes people known for misdeeds. Well-placed Rahu always play a crucial role in elevating a person to dizzy heights beyond imagination and such natives get recognition for their extraordinary talents. Under malefic influences, Rahu can also involve one to scandals and such person become infamous for his exposed negative traits in the society, media as well as in film world. I have researched out numerous yogas (planetary combinations) both benefic and malefic those can be formed by Rahu through PAC (planetary aspects, conjunctions and placement). Notwithstanding the fact, Rahu is a tainted planet whose nature is just contrary to Jupiter. Rahu is the planet for wittiness and maneouvering whereas divine planet Jupiter is for knowledge and wisdom. But, presently we are passing through a phase where vices possess the potential to surpass all the valued and respected things in a materialistic plane. As per Vedic Astrology, Rahu is always prominent in the horoscopes of film stars, directors, producers, fashion designers, models, beauticians, pilots, airhostesses, call center centric jobs, politicians, scientists, engineers, journalists, media personnel, negotiators, liaison officers, persons associated with stock markets like traders, brokers, etc. These types of avocations require presence of mind, quick decision making and they are financially very well to do also.  

Here below are a few examples about the role of Rahu in the horoscopes of a few celebrity film stars in shaping their career successful in the cine and glamour world.

Shahrukh Khan
The ascending sign of King Khan (Shahrukh Khan) is Leo ruled by the King Sun with Rahu in the 10th house in sign Taurus ruled by romantic Venus, the prime significator of film, modeling and glamour industries. In absence of Mooltrikona sign of any planet in 10th house, the 2nd house, which is sign, Virgo ruled by Mercury, has become the primary determinant of professional matters. Rahu being in 10th house is aspecting 2nd house of profession ruled by princely Mercury who is also a friend to him through his 7th aspect from where Mercury (prime determinant of professional matter of Leo nativity) is also aspecting Rahu. The mutual aspects amongst Rahu, Mercury and Yoga Karaka Mars propelled Shahrukh Khan at a dominant place in the Bollywood. Just see the big role played by Rahu in the horoscope of Shahrukh Khan in shaping him a successful Bollywood film star of name and fame. 

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Ascendant of Aishwarya Rai is Virgo ruled by Mercury. Amongst other planetary combinations, Rahu and Venus conjunct in 4th house in sign Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter and Rahu is thus directly aspecting the 10th house of profession. Besides, in Virgo nativity in absence of Mooltrikona sign of any planet in 10th house, the 2nd house sign Libra, which is the Mooltrikona sign of Venus, act as the prime determinant for professional matter. These two combinations of Rahu with the houses of profession remain largely instrumental in giving her success in film industry as well as bestowed on her an iconic stature in film and glamour world.

Ascendant is Sagittarius ruled by mighty Jupiter with both Mars and Rahu are placed in the Ascendant giving her success in glamour and film world with Mercury being the primary determinant of professional matter. For Sagittarius Ascendant, Mars being the 5th lord with Mooltrikona sign, controls over entertainment, amusement etc. and the cine world primarily focus on entertainment and amusement. Besides, Rahu being in the Ascendant is aspecting 5th house (the house of entertainment and amusement), 7th house (the house of business and secondary determinant of professional matter) and 9th house (luck and fortune).  Moreover, Rahu is acting as a Yoga Kara planet for being in the Ascendant, which is a quadrant along with Mars, a trine lord. These planetary combinations formed with Rahu at the focal point remained largely instrumental in shaping Rekha, a film actress of name and fame for a quite lengthy period of time.

Angelina Jolie
Ascendant is Gemini as per Vedic Astrology ruled by Mercury with Rahu in the 6th house of the horoscope, which is a good placement for Rahu as per classical Hindu astrology denoting success in glamour industry. The most important thing to be noted is that Jupiter aspects Rahu giving it mildness and direction to do good.

Ascendant is Leo as per Vedic Astrology with Rahu posited in 3rd house in sign Libra ruled by friendly Venus, who is the primary significator of film industry as well as that of love, romance and beauty. Thus the placement of Rahu in the sign of Venus as well in the 3rd house of the horoscope played an instrumental role for a successful career of Madonna in the glamour and film industry. Moreover, Rahu being in the 3rd house is aspecting the 7th house (business and secondary house of professional matter), 9th house (luck and fortune) and 11th house (success, gain and fulfillment of desires). This gave her an iconic stature in the Hollywood film industry.

Marilyn Monroe
Famous Hollywood actress of great talent was born under the ascending sign Cancer ruled by silky Moon with Rahu in 12th house in sign Gemini ruled by princely Mercury. Ascendant is the pivot point of a horoscope and all activities of an individual nativity revolved around the ascendant and any planet in just back to it push the ascendant to scale highs for bringing successes and accomplishment in life of the nativity. Rahu being in 12th house is exactly aspecting the 10th lord Yoga Karaka Mars posited in 8th house through his trine 9th house aspect thus conferring promising career in the film and glamour world for this famous nativity.   

Though, Rahu helps a native in rising in the world of glamour and films, for happiness in marital life, Rahu can be a serious handicap. Rahu gives independence and glamour, but for happiness in marital life there should be commitment and continuity. This is the reason why the married life of film stars and celebrities remains mostly disturbed generally.

The role of Rahu is very important for success in film and glamour world. Without the grace of Rahu one cannot dream of getting worldwide recognition in the cine and glamour world.

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