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Rudraksha Beads - Rudraksh & Its Effects

Last Updated: 8/18/2010 2:29:20 PM

Rudraksha beads, Rudraksh, Rudraksha Ratna, Mukhi Rudraksha

Pratik Pandey

According to the ancient mythical stories, Lord Siva gave birth to Rudraksha bead. Many Hindu scriptures such as Linga Purana, Skanda Purana, Shiva Purana and Agni Purana etc. testify it. Rudraksha came into existence through the drop of tear of Lord Siva. It is widely used and accepted in various countries and most of the religions all across the globe.

In India, it is mostly found in the jungles of Bengal and Assam, in the hilly areas of Haridwar and Deheradoon. In the southern part of the country, it can be found in the areas like Neelgiri, Mysore and Annamalai etc. Rudraksha beads are found in Nepal in the largest quantity. The trees of Rudraksha usually look like the trees of mango. The shape of Rudraksha leaves is quite similar to that of mango leaves.

It has white colored flowers and the fruits are greenish blue. They are usually spherical in shape and have the diameter of around half to one inch. The nucleus of the fruit has some natural lines and the part between these lines is rough. The cross lines on the nucleus decides the Mukha or facades of a Rudraksha.

The color, Mukha and the hole in an original Rudraksha is totally natural. It is usually found in four colors – 1. white, 2. red, 3. yellow and 4. black. The small and black Rudraksha’s trees are mostly found in Indonesia and in some quantity, in Nepal as well. The Indonesian Rudraksha Ratna is usually one, two and three Mukhi. It is very scarce in Nepal. Therefore one, two and three Mukhi Rudrakshas found in Nepal are more costly.

If one worships original Rudraksha every day, wears it or uses it in many other ways does not found any obstacle in his life and lives with plenty of money, food, clothes, and physical pleasures. Rudraksha also destroys various kinds of diseases from his/her body and helps in spiritual progress. Rudraksha of any color or of any area can be used to get supernatural powers and in treatment of complicated diseases. Rudraksha creates a positive aura and fill one with positivity. It has been observed that Rudraksha makes mind more sharp and intelligent. The one who puts on Rudraksha Ratna never dies of accident and leads a long and healthy life. After enjoying this life, one achieves liberation here after. Rudraksha brings both worldly pleasure and spiritual upliftment.

Mainly there are 15 sorts of Rudrakshas, which includes first Gaurishankar to the last fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha. It has various benefits. Although Rudraksha can be put on without proper rituals, but if it worn with the proper scientific and scriptural rituals, it yields high degree of benefits in every sphere of life. If one are performs the due rituals and gets Rudraksha ‘abhimantrit’, Rudraksha turns into a divine dynamo producing immense energy. Any able Hindu priest or pundit can perform these rituals and it can be used then. Every Rudraksha has its own mantra for this sake.

Rudraksha induces many positive aspects in human life. Its ashes are widely used, it is also used for the purification of water, and some people also worship it considering it as a Linga or divine symbol of Supreme Being. It can also be worn around the neck in the form of a thread. One Rudraksha bead can also be used to tie it around wrist or waist.

According to the divine science of astrology, the power of Rudraksha Ratna can turn the negative effects of planets in a positive direction and save the native from various problems. The effects of Rudraksha has been scientifically proven and giving several benefits to those who use it. The cost of Rudraksha increases as its size decreases. The bigger Rudraksha has lower cost. However, Ek Mukhi Rudraksha or Gaurishankar Rudraksha, even though bigger in size, is considered more important and valuable. In Kaliyuga, the black Rudraksha is considered immensely helpful and powerful. It is mainly found in the areas of Indonesia.

Every original Rudraksha have a natural Mukha or façade e.g. Ganesh Rudraksha and Gaurishankar Rudraksha etc, which can be determined by observing it. Bhadraksha, a kind of Rudraksha, is found in Himalayas and in the southern parts of India. It does not have natural cutting and it’s been made by carving. Indraksha is believed to be extinct and it is no longer found anywhere.

An original Rudraksha bead can help in improving blood pressure; it cures the problems related to semen and strengthens intellect, gives mental peace, cool to the temper, and gives success in worldly affairs. It is extremely useful for the practitioners of celibacy.

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