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Sarpa Yoga (Sarpa Dosha / Naga Dosha)

Author: Bala Mishra | Last Updated: Thu 22 Sep 2011 2:23:25 PM

Sarpa Yoga, Sarpa Dosha, Naga Dosha, sarp dosh

By Bala Mishra

Sarpa Yoga is also known as Sarpa Dosha or Naga Dosha. It is caused due to wrath of the Serpent God in previous birth. Due to Sarpa Yoga, marriages are delayed or ruined, Progeny may be denied, miscarriages/Abortion will occur.

Sarpa Yoga (Sarp Dosh or Naga Dosha) is different from Kal Sarpa Yoga / Dosha (KSY). Many astrologers/writers have written about Kal Sarpa Yoga/Dosha. I will not talk about Kal Sarpa Yoga/Dosha but only about Sarpa /Naga Dosha.

Important informations about Sarpa Yoga / Sarpa Dosha.

Sarpa Dosha delays marriage and also delays progeny/children. Let us examine planetary combinations in the birth chart indicating Sarpa Dosh / Naga Dosha.

  1. When Ketu or Rahu is placed in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th or 8th house Indicate Sarpa Dosha / Naga Dosha.
  2. Women suffering from Sarpa/Naga Dosha will have children after conducting Pooja of Naga Devatha.
  3. When Ketu or Rahu is placed in 1st or 2nd House, Indicate delay in marriage, If the person is married, creates problems in family life and sometimes leads to divorce or separation.
  4. Ketu or Rahu in 5th house leads to delay in getting children/Progeny and also leads to abortions. Also Rahu aspect on 5th house also indicates Sarpa/Naga Dosha. Naga Prathistapana at any Naga temple should be done for getting children.
  5. Ketu or Rahu in 7th house Leads to problems in family life, misunderstandings, frequent quarrels, wife/Husband will have Health problems etc.
  6. Ketu or Rahu in 8th house Indicate Health problems of wife or Husband, skin disease etc. The person suffering from Sarpa/Naga dosha will see Snakes/Serpents in their dream. That is a clear Indication of Sarpa dosha.

Remedies for Sarpa Dosha / Naga Dosha

Here are some simple remedies according to indian Concept of worship and tantra. It is advised not to follow these remedies blindly, better take the advice from experts.

  1. Worship of Lord Shiva on every Monday. Recite mantra - OM NAMAH SHIVAY 108 times daily. Pour mixtire of pure water and pure milk on Shiva Linga (i.e. a cylinderical stone called Shiva Ling).
  2. Apply sandle powder paste on forehead daily.
  3. Throw 4 kg lead metal deep in flowing water on Wednessday Evening or on solar eclipseor on lunar eclipse or on new moon ( amawasya )by applying carbon black (kaajal ) and mustard oil on it.
  4. Keeping wings of peacock in home.
  5. Wearing gems cats eye ( lasaniya) and hamsonite (gomed) either in pendal or in rings made of five metals gold,silver. zipsum , iron and copper.
    There are number of remedies to get ward of the inauspicios effects of this curse called Kaal Sarpa Dosha

Can Sarpa Yoga be Benefic?

Yes, this yoga is benefic in many cases and if this yoga starts giving positive results, then sky is the limit for that person.

Do’s & Don’ts related to Sarpa Yoga

  1. Perform the Naga/Sarpa dosha pooja in auspicious dates only other wise Pooja will not be Effective/fruitful, Avoid doing pooja during Dashami, fasting days like Ekadashi, Ashtami, during grahana (solar/Lunar eclipse), Gokulashtami, Shivarathri etc.
  2. Don’t perform pooja nearer to monthly date for girl/woman. Otherwise dosha will not be removed. Give at least 6-8 days gap to conduct the pooja. Don’t enter any Naga Temple, if you have monthly Date for women/Girls.
  3. Whole family including Grandparents, father, mother, children etc needs to present for Sarpa dosha Parihara Pooja. But in Kukke Subrahmanya, they allow only 4 Persons.
  4. Perform Sarpa dosha Parihara Pooja during Shasti, an important day for Lord Subramanya (Lord Karthikeyan), He is the lord of all snakes and serpents. It usually falls on 6th day after Amavasya & Purnima/ Poornima in every month. The dates of Shasti for the year 2011 are as follows, Jan 10th 2011, Feb 9th, March 11th, April 9th, May 9th, June7th, July 6th, Aug 4th, Sept 3rd, Oct 2nd, Nov 30th & Dec 30th.
  5. After conceiving, don’t visit any Naga Temple, You can visit any of these temples after birth of the child only. As per vedic texts, the child in the womb will have negative effects. Pregnant Women should not Visit any of Naga Temple.
  6. After conducting Sarpa dosha Parihara Pooja in Kukke Subrahmanya/ Tirunageswaram/Kalahasti etc, Go home & have bath, don’t visit any temple like Tirupathi when you visit Kalahasti or Dharmastala, when you visit Kukke Subrahmanya.
  7. If you are performing Pooja in Morning hours, don’t have any food i.e Breakfast. You can eat only after Pooja is done.
  8. Don’t do Sastanga Namaskar (Where your forehead, chest, hands, knees and legs will be touching the ground) in any Naga Temple.
  9. Don’t Perform Naga dosha parihara Pooja( Sarpasamskara Pooja) at home, It should be done in above listed Temple only.
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