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Saturn Entering Libra on November 15, 2011

Author: SN Rao | Last Updated: Mon 7 Nov 2011 1:53:38 PM

Saturn, transit, 2012

By S N Rao

According to Vedic astrology the Transit of Saturn (gochar shani) will enter Libra on Nov 15th. Besides the general transit effect of Saturn on the natives over the next 2 ½ years this transit will be very important for all the individuals who -

  • Those individuals who have their natal (birth position) Saturn in Libra. This will be applicable for all those persons who are born between Nov 1952 – Nov 1955 & Oct 1982 – Dec 1984. Transit Saturn influencing the natal position triggers important events in the life of the individual.
  • Saturn has complete aspect over the 3rd house and the 10th house. This transit will be important for all those individuals who have their birth Saturn, Ascendant, Moon in Libra, Sagittarius & Cancer.

Saturn in Libra tells us of a native who would like his life to be in order. The general outlook of a Libra native is seen by the importance that he gives for emotional security by clinging to certain social ideals and always being pleasant. Librans generally have the skill and social responsibility to create relationships that actually work by bringing into manifestation their natural inherent harmony. This process allows him to use his diplomatic abilities on an impersonal level that serves a collective need. A sense of separate identity is required by being perfect as an effective, self integrated entity. The placement will indicate that you will need plenty of time to make decisions and that you always want to know everything about the subject before making up your mind. Others may think you are indecisive at times; but they will find that when you finally make a decision it is usually right.

The purpose of Life for him during this period would focus on both marriage and career; but to do justice to both, they have to make compromises. If one person in a partnership is dominant, even if acting as the responsible parent with impeccable intentions, there is no real partnership. They have enough confidence in their own power to avoid doing that but not enough to deal with an equal, they may pick a partner who will let them play parent as owner of the power and the responsibility. Or, a sense of insecurity may lead to delaying marriage for fear of being dominated, criticized, rejected, or hurt in some other way.

Libra careers may deal with people or involve beauty in some way. The first includes counseling and consulting in many areas, law, politics, social work, arbitration, and personnel work. The second includes architecture, photography, and any area of design. The father may be equalitarian, fair-minded, artistic, pleasant, etc. if he is expressing the positive potentials of Libra. Or he may be learning to handle power in peer relationships.

During this period partnerships of all kinds may prove troublesome for you; and in your relationships with other people you probably will experience your share of disappointments, frustrations and delays. Through relationships, however, you are likely to learn your most significant life lessons and grow in many ways. This position of Saturn could signify 'fated' associations and lessons to be learned through your relationships. Perhaps you will be denied a meaningful relationship, at least until you are mature enough to balance your needs and desires with another person's. Indeed, one of your tests in life might be finding this delicate balance and learning to compromise without sacrificing yourself. Although relationships are very important to you, it may seem as though you are unlucky in love. External or internal obstacles - cultural, ethnic or religious barriers, age differences, poverty, work or family obligations - might stand in the way of your happiness. Your relationships could develop very slowly, or you might have to wait a long time for a lover to become available. Physical problems, such as illness, handicaps or ugliness, could make it hard for you to attract partners. You may feel you are unlovable; and your inferiority complex could repel prospective partners. Or, you might be so desperate for love that you cling to any likely candidate, and thus drive him / her away with your expectations. Because you believe you are inadequate and undesirable, you tend to be quite defensive and sensitive about love and relationships. Afraid of being rejected, you might shut yourself off from other people and refuse to get involved because you don't want to be hurt. You might be cautious and conservative in love; and your cold, aloof, disinterested can cause potential partners to give up on you and go looking for someone more accessible.

Once you establish a relationship, it is likely to endure. You are not frivolous with your affection, and tend to be a traditionalist, preferring marriage to less structured casual love affairs. A devoted and dependable partner, you take your commitment and the relationship very seriously, and won't give up when the going gets tough. You are willing to work hard to make a partnership a strong and lasting one; and though they may not be easy, your relationships ultimately can be very successful.

The sign Libra also is connected with art. Transit Saturn in Libra can suggest a need to channel love and attention into artistic pursuits; therefore, you might be blocked from relationships with other people so that your time and energy can be devoted to another cause. Your tests and growth experiences will come through the arts. Your relationships may be a burden to you in some way. Some sort of sacrifice could be necessary; and your partner or the relationship itself might make great demands on you. Perhaps your independence will be limited by your partnership; or the relationship might require you to shoulder heavy responsibilities.

Saturn in Libra rules contracts, including agreements. These Saturn agreements often are destined, arising as they do out of interactions with people who have incurred past responsibilities and moral debts. Because Libra is an intellectual Air sign and a cardinal sign of activity, people with Saturn in Libra deal extensively with business arrangements: organizational planning, formulation of legal contracts, co-operative division of work responsibilities among people. The ability to plan and organize group endeavors is seen with this position. Saturn in Libra can indicate marriage in later life or marriage to a serious person with heavy business or professional obligations.

This is a good period for business partnerships, however, since Saturn is associated with work, and Libra with all types of committed partnerships. Perhaps you and your mate share career goals and work together effectively in business. Work might be an important and solidifying part of your love relationship, or you might meet romantic partners through your job.

This is a powerful position for Saturn; it gives much social awareness and social responsibility. If Saturn is well-aspected, the possibility of these people attaining positions of great wealth and social honor is very high. They have good ability to get work done from others - an ability that implies receptiveness, tact, reliability, and good organization. If Saturn is afflicted in Libra, there can be difficulties from people and a tendency to drive them crazy at work. Natives may face difficulties in love, family life and relationships. An afflicted Saturn in Libra can indicate a false ambition leading the natives into too many commitments, which they can fulfill only at the price of overwork. In some cases, they cannot meet their commitments, and the consequent resentment they arouse in others results in their own loss of status. If Saturn receives mostly negative aspects, particularly from the malefic planets, or makes a square or opposition to the Ascendant, some intolerance may be shown toward partners or colleagues, especially if Saturn is in the seventh or tenth house. If in the fourth house, there may be a tendency to be discontented with the home and domestic situation, and / or perhaps a desire to move very frequently. However, attention must always be given to Saturn's house position.

Majority of the important effects will be felt when Transit Saturn is near conjunction to the birth position of Saturn. The Timing of events will also be influenced by the transit of Sun and Venus. This knowledge can be helpful to a great extent in timing of certain events that may happen in future.

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