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Saturn's Sade Sati : Astrological Analysis

Author: Suchitra Das | Last Updated: Tue 28 Jun 2011 2:21:14 PM

Saturn's Sade Sati : Astrological Analysis

By Suchitra Das

There are strong apprehensions in our mind about Saturn and more so about that of Saturn’s Shade Sati (7½ years period), Saturn’s Dhaiya and Saturn’s Dasha/period. While the former two are transit related, the latter contains solid natal promises of the Saturn in a horoscope to be given effect during these periods. It is almost certain that nothing significant either good or bad in anybody’s life is going to happen without the approval of transit Saturn and Jupiter. The four broad important facets of human life are one’s life span, education, profession and marriage and these should have invariably the sanction of Jupiter and Saturn for continuity. If Saturn turns evil and Jupiter withdraws protection something unwanted is bound to happen in anybody’s life.

The Natal Horoscope contains planetary promises to take place in one’s entire life cycle. Nothing is going to happen either good or bad with anybody if there is nothing as such in the Natal Horoscope. The planetary promises in the Natal Horoscope remain dormant until and unless Dashas and transits activate them. The planetary periods better known as Dashas in Hindu Astrology prepare packages to be delivered during their periods/dashas out of the original promises in the Natal Horoscope those are under their respective planetary influences in the horoscope. The exact timing events of such Dasha promises are finally delivered through transit. This can be better kept in mind as three step process to fulfill the natal promises. The divisional charts come into play as complementary in deciphering the hard and concealing natal promises. Neither divisional charts nor periods/dashas or transit can supersede or deplete the promises of the Natal Horoscopes.

Coming back to Saturn’s Shade Sati/Dhaiya, it is clear that these are nothing but Saturn’s transit with reference to Natal Moon/Rashi and does not have result producing or result altering potential other than what is there in the Natal Horoscope at birth. In transit, planets merely play the role of delivery boys to deliver the packets prepared by the running dashas out of the natal promises. However, if the delivery boy is bad, he will invariably dump the packet in the doorstep in torn condition other than properly handing it over to the recipient. Since Saturn is the slowest moving planet, it has been allotted additional sensitive points/passages in transit by giving names like Shade Sati and Dhaiya to enable it to deliver its full result in the life cycle of a person according to the promise of the natal horoscope it has. However, Saturn’s Shade Sati and Dhaiya invariably cause mental stress as these are with reference to the natal Moon who is the significator of mind. During these periods, the natal Moon comes under the clout of natural malefic Saturn.

If Saturn is the lord of a Kendra (Quadrant) or Trikone (Trine) with reference to Lagna (Ascendant) / Rashi (Natal Moon position) and is well placed and not related to Trika Houses (6/8/12), there is nothing to be worried about Saturn’s Shade Sati or Dhaiya since it is not keeping any bad promise to do harm other than creating mental stress/tension due to the reason as explained above.

If Saturn is either Yoga Karaka as in the case of Taurus and Libra ascendants or participating in any auspicious Yoga (planetary combinations) like Rajyoga or Dhan Yoga, one in all probability is likely to be bestowed with solid good result having long-term effect like getting job/married or promotion during Shade Sati or Dhaiya depending on the running dashas and the strength of the respective houses involved in Shade Sati.

It is said that Saturn’s Shade Sati commences as soon as Saturn in transit enters one house ahead to the Natal Moon and the seven-and-half years passage completes with the exit of the Saturn from one house past to the Natal Moon/Rashi. Therefore, three houses of the natal horoscope, which are the houses on the either side of the Natal Moon/Rashi and Rashi itself, get activated during the 7½-year passage of Shade Sati. I am not satisfied with such definition of Shade Sati because Shade Sati cannot start at the same time for everybody having same Rashi and for that purpose the result of Shade Sati cannot be same for everybody. The result of Shade Sati is ought to differ from individual to individual even though having the same Rashi. There is hardly any scope in astrology of bringing or clubbing a group of persons having same Rashi within a common bracket for astrological predictions, which looks like very impractical to me. We would be better in our approach, rather scientific, in our calculation about commencement and end of Shade Sati if we calculate it with reference to the longitude of Moon at birth rather than going by three-house concept. It is a well-accepted astrological dictum that Shade Sati is counted with reference to the Natal Moon and during this period Saturn passes through three houses/signs, the total of which is 90 degree. If we take the longitude of Natal Moon as mid-point of 90 degree, the astrological result and predictions could be more specific and pinpointed. For example, a native born with Moon at 10 degree in Gemini, going by the degree concept, his Shade Sati would start when Saturn reaches 25 degree in Aries and would come to an end when Saturn reaches 25 degree in sign Cancer.

Besides Moon, Saturn in Shade Sati strongly influence the house it transit and aspects and invariably deliver strong result either good or bad according to its natal promises and nothing beyond it having far reaching effect. If you have any pending or long cherished aspirations, wait for the next Shade Sati to become operative in your horoscope according to the degree concept as explained by me, who knows your long cherished desire may be got fulfilled at that time by the Grace of Almighty God provided Saturn is keeping good promises as such in your horoscope.

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