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Saturn Transit 2018

Author: --- | Last Updated: Tue 16 Jan 2018 11:18:31 AM

Saturn Transit 2018 Saturn Transit 2018 will be a period to learn new things.Shani Dev is considered to be the planet that provides result of deeds and ultimate salvation. In Vedic astrology, Shani Dev is said to be the judge of Kalyug. In 2018, Saturn will reside in Sagittarius zodiac. On December 4, 2017, due to close proximity with Sun, Saturn planet will collapse. That means, the effect of this planet will be reduced and the planet will remain in the same state till 8 January 2018 Monday.

On April 18, 2018, Saturn will retrograde in Sagittarius zodiac and will get directed on Friday, September 7, 2018. The effect of this transmission of Saturn planet will affect all the zodiac signs. Let us know the impact on each of these zodiac signs.


In 2018, the transit of Saturn will be in your IX House. You will have to do more labor in the field of business, but there will be a lack of profit. Difficulties will arise in receiving complete benefits of feat. The full support of brothers and sisters will be received. The league of ill patients will receive relief from their diseases.

The enemy brigade will be defeated when Saturn will retrograde and give you the results of the VIII House. The burden of debt is likely to increase during this time. You may have to face multiple problems in life. You have to work wisely. While struggling, make sure to remain humble. On 7th September 2018, as soon as Saturn gets direct, you will start receiving results of your hard work.

Remedy: Donate a black coloured umbrella at a Shani temple.


In the year 2018, Saturn will be transiting from Taurus to VIII House. You will have to be careful regarding your tours because you may have to face difficulties while traveling. The business class may seem to receive less profit despite putting a lot of effort. Take care of father's health. You will be concerned about the education and health of your children.

From April to September, time is favourable for students because during retrograde speed, Saturn Transit will be present in your VII House. During this time, you’re likely to receive success in education. You may have to face certain obstacles after Saturn retrogrades and returns to the VIII House. The possibility of debt will continue to exist.

Remedy: Every Saturday, feed the crows with dumplings prepared using urad pulse.


In this year, Saturn will be transiting from Gemini zodiac to VII House. People with Gemini zodiac sign will get mixed results. Indifference towards life partner and depression in mind will lead to a bad state of mind. Destiny will not accompany you during this time period. There will be land related disputes.

Saturn transit 2018 says, money involved in land and property might get stuck. The possibility of profit from ancestral property will be high. You will be attracted towards the mysterious knowledge. You’ll be interested in religious activities. Saturn will retrograde and offer you rewards of the VI House. With Saturn residing in the zodiac of Jupiter i.e. the Master of religion; you will get success in court cases. Interest in religious activities will increase. There is a possibility of students achieving success in their examinations. By being direct, Saturn might cause a downfall in your mother’s health and a feeling of depression in your mind.

Remedy: On every Saturday, fill up an earthenware with Mustard oil, see your shadow in it and donate to the Shani temple.


This year, Saturn will be transiting from Cancer zodiac to VI House. Saturn of the VI House will provide you happiness in all kinds of work. Businessmen can start new a new business. The enemy's side will remain weak. Opportunities of gaining wealth will be available and there will be a possibility of getting relief from debt.

There will be rights and progress in job and business. Saturn transit 2018 says, this year will not be favourable for the lovers. There is a possibility of ideological differences in relations. You also need to take care of your health. You might have to suffer due to abdominal pain, blood decay etc. Take special care of your mother's health.

Remedy: On every Saturday, put oil in a bronze bowl, see your shadow in it and offer the oil to Dakot.


This year, the transit of Saturn will be in the V House. Saturn of the V House will give you an average return. The entry of a girl child will bring happiness to your life. Students will get success. If you are interested in investing in shares and gambling, then there is a possibility of gaining profits in stock market at this time.

The business class should perform planned transactions or else there is the possibility of suffering from loss of money during this year. As per Saturn transit 2018, students need to work hard, otherwise there are chances for academic failures. The time period from April to September is extremely fragile because during retrograde, the transit of Saturn will be in your IV House. Lovers may have some heated arguments. Hence, work in a humble manner. On 8th September 2018, after Saturn directs, the conditions are expected to improve.

Remedy: Pour 1250 kg of Mustard oil on Lord Shani’s idol.


Saturn transit 2018 will be from Virgo zodiac to the IV House. Saturn of the IV House will give you freedom from debt. The brigade of patients will get relief from the diseases. Business class will gain huge benefits and there are chances of growing as an entrepreneur. Take care of your father's health. People employed in jobs will receive a growth in position as well as administrative benefits. Marital life will remain normal. Special attention should be given to the life partner's health.

It's a good time for lovers, but do not lie to each other, or there may be a crack in the relationship. In the month of April, Lord Shani will retrograde and move from your zodiac to the III House, thereby leading to an increase in your self-confidence. There will be a possibility of getting success in tasks and a transfer in job. In the month of September, Lord Shani will direct which will result in opposition from brothers and friends in addition to differences within the family. There will be possibility of problems during a tour.

Remedy: Revolve seven cloves around your head and burn them in a burning lamp.


Saturn is your Yoga Significator planet which has a huge impact on your life. This year, Saturn will transit from Libra zodiac to III House. As a result, your confidence will increase and you will be moving towards achieving success with determination. You will get success in the tasks. The economic side will be strong. The trader population will get the benefit of money.

If you have invested money in a land deal then you’re likely to receive benefits during this year. Land-based property will be received. This is a favourable time for the unemployed. There is a chance of getting your desired job. Saturn transit 2018 says, people employed in jobs are likely to receive benefit. Your officers will be happy with your performance at workplace. Relationship with the spouse will be good. The brigade of lovers may have to suffer from mental stress.

You will have ideological differences with your brothers and sisters. There will be a possibility of loss of money due to retrogradation of Saturn. Hence, think before investing. There might be arguments within the family. Time will become favourable again after Saturn gets direct in the month of September.

Remedy: Donate iron, stone etc at Shani Dev temple.


Saturn transit 2018 will be from Scorpio zodiac to II House. During this time period, people with Scorpio as their zodiac sign need to take care of their health. Family nuisance may become the cause of mental stress. Businessmen need to take vital decisions after a detailed analysis, or else taking a wrong decision may lead to loss. Also, the works about-to-get-completed will be ruined. Your child may have to suffer.

People employed in jobs will disturbed due to unnecessary struggle and tours. There is a high probability of loss rather than profit, so do not make any big decisions at this time. Do not fight unnecessarily with your life partner or otherwise there may be stress in relationships. Take care of the health of your spouse. There will be some relief once Saturn retrogrades in the month of April. There is a possibility of getting trapped money.

Good news will be received on the job front. Students will get the results of their hard work. Take special care of your health. Relations with new people will be beneficial for you. Marital life will become better. In the month of September, Saturn planet would become direct, which will give you a struggling life. You may be forced to leave your hometown. There will be possibility of a change in your business. There is a need to be conscious at this time.

Remedy: Donate any of your old worn clothes to a poor on the day of Shanaishcharaye Amavasya.


Saturn Transit 2018 will be in Sagittarius zodiac. This time can be challenging for you. During this time, you may have to face mental stress and obstacles in every work. If there is a disease that you’re struggling with, then don’t be careless in its treatment or you may have to face loss. In order to stay healthy, exercise on a regular basis and take care of yourself.

Students need to ditch laziness, otherwise there will be a probability of failure in examinations. The expenditures will remain high. There will be possibility of a dispute with the brothers. There will be a possibility of a sudden reshuffle in your work and business. Merchants will get mixed results. There will be an advancement in business but you would have to work quite hard. You’ll be loaded with work. There will be dissatisfaction regarding marital bliss.

In April, Shani Dev will retrograde, which will make you face hopelessness despite all the hard work. You will get opportunities to go abroad. There will be a possibility of spending more than the income. Obstacles may arise in works, which will cause mental agony. In the month of September when Saturn directs, you may have to suffer from air-borne diseases. Do yoga and meditation on a regular basis and also make efforts to protect yourself from unnecessary hardships.

Remedy: On every Saturday, burn the mustard oil lamp with black sesame under the Peepal tree.


This year, Saturn’s transit will be from Capricorn zodiac to XII House. During this time, any kind of failure may lead to disappointment. Having more expenses this year can lead to losses. Chances of a foreign trip are strong. Health-related problems may bother you. A higher expenditure than the income will be a cause of trouble. The mind will be depressed by not achieving the desired success and this will have a negative effect on your nature. However, there is a possibility of success from foreign lands, the businessmen must avoid investing during this time period.

2018 Saturn Transit says, you may get separated from your family in this time. Students will be successful in examinations by staying away from their home. There will be amazing changes in your life. The way of living, friend class, thought process will be deeply affected. You will see stability in your life at this time. In the month of April, the retrogradation of Saturn will prove to be advantageous for you. Merchants will receive good news.

People employed in jobs will achieve success. You’ll get along well with your life partner. The possibility of economic benefits will be high. In the month of September, Lord Shani would direct, which will ensure a sudden journey and completion of an important task.

Remedy: Offer oil equal to your weight on Lord Shani’s idol placed inside a Shani Dev temple.


This year, Saturn's transit will be from Aquarius zodiac to the XII House. As a result, there will be possibility of an increase in your income. Good opportunities will be available at the workplace all the time. The dream you had seen about a better life is likely to be completed this year.

People in the services domain will progress and achieve success. The business community is likely to witness an increase in their wealth. It is a good time for you and you can choose to invest in good work. There will be happiness after receiving auspicious results. The patients will get relief in their diseases. Lovers might get married. Relationship with life partner will remain sweet. You will receive benefit from your life partner.

Students will get success in the examination. There will be a possibility of a change in the job because Saturn would retrograde in the month of April. If you are willing to switch to a new job, then it is time to get a profit from job change. There will be expenditure in court cases. You may remain troubled due to leg pain and joint pain. Your ideas will not match with the ones held by your life partner. The possibility of mental stress will exist. In September, when the path of Saturn Dev is direct, you will get freedom from diseases as well as good news.

Remedy: On every Saturday, sift a coconut over your head seven times and immerse it in water.


This year, Saturn transit will be from Pisces zodiac to the X House. As a result, the probability of spending more than the income will be high during this year. So, it is better to avoid spending unnecessarily. There is a possibility of a change in job and business.

There will be a possibility of protests on the subject related to the society. You will be troubled financially. There is a high chance of losing employment opportunities, so be careful. Relationship with your life partner might become bitter. The lovers will suffer from mental stress. You are likely to get success in politics. There will be more monetary benefit and a surprising increase in business.

This is not a good time pertaining to health. In the month of April, as soon as Saturn retrogrades, you will start taking interest in religious activities. Your enemy's side will remain weak. Any unlucky news will be received. In the month of September, with Saturn getting direct, you will receive an economic advantage.

Remedy: Recite Shani Chalisa on a regular basis.

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