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Saturn Transit 2019

Author: --- | Last Updated: Tue 23 Jan 2018 5:36:54 PM

Saturn transit 2019

Saturn transit 2019 will bring a lot of surprises for you. A significant event might take place that might make a huge impact in your personal or professional life. The planet Saturn will remain in the Sagittarius during the year 2019. Also, Saturn will retrograde on 30th September and start its progressive journey from 18th September onwards in Sagittarius. It will remain combusted till 20th January, 2019 and thereafter begin being combusted on 27th December. It will remain in this position till 31st January, 2020. Saturn transits are generally considered to be the cycles of achievement and maturity. You might occasionally face long periods of delays, frustration, or mental stress. This also means taking a hard look at life, and assess your life from a rational point of view. Hence, Saturn transit 2019 means a year full of ups and downs or a roller coaster ride for you.

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Saturn will occupy the 10th house as well as 11th house, which doesn’t augur well for your future and you may face some tough times during the year 2019. Your enemies will get stronger during this period, but you will start overpowering them after October. You must stay patient at all times, and avoid acting reckless or getting angry at small matters. You must learn to think positively and keep negativity at bay in order to progress both in personal as well as professional life. You will have to work very hard to achieve success at work or profession. Your income might decline a bit; hence, you must control your expenses accordingly. The situations might become favorable after October, and the effects of Saturn transit 2019 will start to weaken. Your career might experience a slowdown and a promotion or salary hike might get delayed. Your younger siblings might face few health challenges; so you must look after their health.

Remedy: Feed cows with roti and ghee to overcome the ill-effects of transit.


The planet Saturn will occupy 9th and 10th house in the year 2019, which is not considered favorable for business or financial life. If you are planning to make any new financial or business investments, then this is not the good time and you might experience some heavy losses. New opportunities in career or profession might arise that will lead to financial and professional growth. The period starting from June to October will be slightly more stable in terms of career or profession. Due to hectic work-life, you might tend to overlook family sometimes and not spend enough time with them. Hence, you must learn to maintain a healthy work-life balance. You must learn to stay patient and not argue unnecessarily with anyone. You might experience few challenges after the month of October and your professional growth might be impaired. You must also be careful with regards to your child’s education. You must also look after your father and his health.

Remedy: Donate black shoes and clothes to the poor.


The Saturn is placed at 8th and 9th houses bringing out quite strong effects of Saturn transit 2019. Your mother might experience few health issues; hence, you must look after her health. If you have been fighting any legal cases, then you are likely to get positive results this year. You will make significant personal as well as professional growth. The year 2019, despite the Saturn transit, will be mostly favorable. Any personal or family disputes are likely to get resolved soon. If you wish to make any new financial investments, then this is the right time. Your family life will be peaceful and prosperous. You must try to spend some quality time with family.

Remedy: Wear black horse shoe ring in the middle finger.


The Saturn will be in 7th and 8th house, which is considered not too favorable for your personal life. You might face undue mental stress. You must learn to relax yourself, and stay calm at all situations. You should also try to spend some quality time with friends. The Saturn transit 2019 is particularly unfavorable for the siblings and they might experience major issues. Hence, you must try to offer help in case they need it. Stay away from disputes or fights as much as you can. You might also suffer from poor health sometimes, so you must get regular medical check-up done. You will also travel extensively due to work, which might make you feel stressed. You must maintain your emotional balance no matter what the situation is.

Remedy: Feed birds with grains of seven types.


The Saturn will take position in the 6th and 7th house in the year 2019. You will plan a vacation with family or friends to relax and unwind. If you are working in a job or service, then you might expect a promotion or job change. Overall, your professional life will prosper. Despite busy work-life, try to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Avoid unnecessary expenses as much as you can. This is the favorable time to start a business. Students will do well in studies and clear all exams with flying colors. You will spend quality time with the spouse and kids. You might also start planning for a love marriage.

Remedy: Light a mustard oil lamp under a Peepal tree daily.


Saturn transit 2019 will happen in 5th and 6th houses. Your professional life or career will reach new heights, but you will have to work quite hard to achieve the desired results. Due to hectic work life, you will mostly lead a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. You must exercise daily, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You might plan to shift your residence due to some personal reasons. Students will experience few problems and their concentration might take a hit. They will have to work extra hard to achieve success. If case you are planning any financial or business investments, this is not the best time. Your interest in spirituality will increase and attending spiritual events might be beneficial for your emotional or psychological well-being.

Remedy: Offer vermillion to Lord Hanuman on Sundays.


The planet Saturn will occupy 4th and 5th house this year. You might try to expand your business and you will achieve significant professional or career growth. Students will get new opportunities for higher studies, and their efforts to get admission in colleges or universities of choice will yield positive results. Your business will flourish and there will be a significant increase in your monthly income. But, with the rise in the income, your expenses will also increase. Your financial investments will yield mixed results. You must try to lead a healthy lifestyle involving exercise, healthy diet and meditation.

Remedy: Feed laddus to black dogs and monkeys.


This year, the Saturn will take positions in 3rd and 4th house, and you will experience strong effects of Saturn transit 2019. You will face several ups and downs in your professional life and you will have to work extra hard to attain financial stability. You must learn to control your speech and always speak wisely. Don’t get aggressive under any circumstances, and always act wisely and patiently. You might go overseas for business or work. If you have made any financial investments, you will get positive results. Avoid family disputes or arguments as much as you can. You will have a hectic work life, due to which you will not be able to spend enough time with family or friends. Business related travel will keep you away from the loved ones for most of the year 2019.

Remedy: Serve ill or patients with diseases at hospitals.


The Saturn transit 2019 will manifest itself in several ways impacting your personal as well as professional life in a big way. The Saturn will take positions in 2nd and 3rd house. Spouse’s health might decline drastically which will make you worried or stressed. Your relationship with the life partner will also be impacted and few disputes or arguments might also take place. You must learn to stay calm and composed and act patiently. You will feel stressed due to hectic work life. You might also experience a period of positivity and high energy; however, it won’t last for a long time. Avoid making any huge financial investments. Small investments might yield positive results. You must learn to control your temper and speech. Being aggressive might land you in big trouble. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle, and exercise, eat balanced diet, mediate on a daily basis. In case you are planning to go for a vacation or take a break, this is the best time. Your siblings will do exceptionally well in career or profession.

Remedy: Avoid intake of liquor and non-vegetarian food, as it might amply the adverse effects of Saturn Transit in the year 2019.


The planet Saturn will be in the ascendant and 2nd house this year. You must look after your health and eat healthy diet. Students might plan to go abroad for higher studies. Saturn transit is not quite favorable for your professional life, and you might experience few problems. You should avoid overspending, and maintain a healthy balance between income and expenses. You will make significant progress in career or profession. Don’t engage in illegal practices for financial or business gains. You might travel overseas for business or work.

Remedy: Shed 11 Coconuts with husk in running water. Also chant Hanuman Chalisa.


The planet Saturn will be ascendant and transiting in the 12th house. Your relationship with the spouse will improve and you will spend some romantic time together. You will get new opportunities at work for career growth and advancement. You will enjoy good health and physical and mental well-being. Your interest in spirituality will increase, and you will also perform a lot of spiritual activities. Despite the heavy Saturn Transit effects, you will enjoy a lot of good luck and favorable time this year. You must not have too many expectations from the partner. You will make significant financial and business gains this year. Students must focus on studies and avoid distractions of all kinds.

Remedy: Donating mustard oil in temples will help you tremendously.


Saturn transit 2019 will cause a lot of ups and downs in your personal and professional life. Despite challenges, you will stay strong and fight all problems with patience and perseverance. You will share good rapport with the family and you will spend some quality time with the loved ones. If you are looking for a new job, then you will get desired results. In case you are planning to make any new financial investments, this is not the best time. Avoid making any huge financial or business commitments; else you might face huge disappointment. Due to the adverse effects of Saturn Transit in 2019, you will face major roadblocks in work life. You will have to work extra hard to achieve desired results. Your income will increase significantly, but with the rising income, your expenses will also go up. This might land you into severe financial crisis later. Hence, you must learn to maintain a healthy balance between your income and expenses. You might have to travel extensively, both domestically and internationally, for business related work. You will experience major challenges in relationships and there will be a decline in mutual understanding and respect at all levels. Few arguments or disputes with the spouse might take place. Your mutual respect and understanding for each other will take a hit. You need to act in a balanced manner, and avoid temperamental outbursts. Avoid unnecessary arguments. Any dispute can be resolved through mutual discussion. You will receive support and blessings from parents. With their love and support, you will make significant progress in business or career.

Remedy: Feed black dog on Saturdays.

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