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Scam, Politics & Astrology

Author: SN Rao | Last Updated: Fri 18 Feb 2011 1:18:59 PM

By S N Rao

We no longer discuss the future of India. We say the future is India. This fact is well known considering the importance we have in the international community. We have a promising future, given the unprecedented growth in economy and the clout in the global issues. India is now riding on the wave of a gigantic boom in computer driven new economy. This results in the developed countries of the world a seeking a huge pool of english speaking talented software professionals from India. Premier professional institutes like IIT and IIM have become the source of big international corporates' human resource need, both overseas and within India. The 21st century could well belong to India provided we fully utilize its resources and expertise.

But the recent scams have been signaling the sorry state of affairs in India. The image of the country in the international community is being questioned about the corrupt officials - politics nexus helping the crime & corruption to proliferate. It is most significant that not only some of the top politicians are involved but also a large number of top officers, criminals, powerful individuals are involved in such scams all over India.

I analyzed these situations astrologically based on Indian Independence Chart (15th August 1947, 0000 Hrs, Delhi). The planetary details are as follows:

Natal chart of IndiaIndia is currently going through the period of Sun – Rahu as per Vimshottari Mahadasa. Sun occupies the 4th house in the chart. Sun is the significator for the government. Its placement in the 4th house is not favorable for the rulership authorities. Its placement in Pisces Navamsha activates Jupiter which is unfortunately placed in the 6th house and rules the 8th and the 11th house. This placement brings the wrong doings by the government into the open and is likely to earn public outrage resulting in huge monetary losses.

Rahu is placed in Taurus. Taurus is second house of the zodiac representing finances & partnerships/nexus. This position indicates unearthing of new scandals and wrong doings into the open. Rahu acts like Venus indicating the financial irregularities, confusion & scams. Its placement in Aquarius Navamsha brings difficulties and confusion to decision making bodies. Saturn is activated by this placement which occupies the 3rd house, signifying communication related sector and rules the 9th house, long distance communication, and the 10th house by involving the government officials who are concerned with communication sector.

In transit Saturn is in Virgo in the 5th house of the natal chart which rules the common man. Saturn, the natural significator of Karma & Karma results (since it represents the tenth and eleventh houses of the zodiac) is transiting through the natal 5th house of public thereby directly affecting it. Since Saturn has to give karma results it is affecting those who has been misusing power through involving the common public and those who have been instrumental in creating red-tapism by misusing money. In the next transit to Libra from November 2011 it will result into justice and actions taken against those who are in the wrong.

Since Jupiter is eighth and eleventh lord and is placed in Libra in the chart it signifies death and revenue losses. So the income from wrongdoing is lost or misused by those who are in power or come into probe since that money belongs to the country other than individuals or the groups. Here too transit Saturn has a direct aspect on transit Jupiter that caused these scams to be publicized. If you notice most of these scams came in light only after Jupiter's transit to Pisces in May 2010 which is exactly opposite to the placement of transit Saturn in Virgo.

Saturn's transit through Libra in November 2011 (7th house of justice) will test the judiciary to its maximum. Very strong rulings and judgement may create a conflict between the ruling government and the judiciary. At the same time power misuse will be exposed and many other scams will be publicized. But it will also put the Indian public in a very strong position around the world. People related initiatives are likely to gather momentum and seal the fate of corrupt officials. India's fortune is likely to shine and help will come from unexpected quarters.

Jupiter will transit through Aries from May 2011 and a new beginning on the religious front will start taking shape. People will come to seek Vedic wisdom/knowledge and the thirst to know/search/reach the almighty will be more intense. People will take help of occult sciences to solve their-day-to-day problems and Vedic Astrology will shine around the world.

To consult astrologer S.N. Rao, please click here - Horoscope reading by S.N. Rao


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