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Scorpio Horoscope 2017 Forecast

Author: - | Last Updated: Wed 7 Dec 2016 5:39:42 PM

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October 23rd to November 22nd

Pluto rules the Watery, Fixed and Feminine Scorpio, eighth sign of the Zodiac symbolized by a Scorpion, as per the Western Zodiac. Mysterious and secretive, possessive and jealous, intense and deep, are some of the traits associated with Scorpios. Having extreme likes and dislikes, Scorpions can move heaven and hell if they are loyal to you or chase you down till hell and sting you in retaliation if you have offended them in any way. Known for their vengeful nature, Scorpios can also exhibit tremendous perseverance, great courage, and a never-say-die attitude as they engage with life intensely and secretly willing I DESIRE.

The fixed nature of the Scorpios makes them able managers, efficient and organized in their approach to work and life. The secrecy of Pluto and their water element enables Scorpios to keep their motives hidden from public purview even while drawing the innermost thoughts of others with outward nonchalance. In 2017, Scorpio is forming 2-12 relationship with Saturn in Sagittarius, sextile 3-11 with Pluto in Capricorn, Trine 5-9 with Neptune in Pisces, and 6-8 relationship with Uranus in Aries. Jupiter in Libra is forming a 2-12 vibrational pattern with Scorpio. Later in the year, Jupiter's ingress into Scorpio will result in 1-1 relationship while Saturn's movement into Capricorn conjunct Pluto will result in a Sextile 3-11 vibrational pattern with Scorpio.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for January

Scorpios start the year with heavy responsibilities at the workplace. Professional life will be interesting and enjoyable as job deadlines are met in an efficient manner and communication happening unhindered. With Pluto in 3rd house Capricorn for the entire duration of 2017, Scorpios will be involved extensively in communication, mediation, coordination, and collaboration. People in service will have a good understanding with their colleagues, while those in business will maintain excellent relations with partners. Financial matters may not be satisfactory as Scorpios struggle to reduce the gap between increasing expenditure and less cash in hand. Saturn as 3rd lord in 2nd Sagittarius brings a touch of conservatism and discipline in Scorpio approach towards financial management. Home life, on the whole, will be stable but slight disturbances in relations will be felt. This month is excellent for performance artists, theatre personalities, and creative writers. Scorpio singles will be into relationships, as the time is favourable for romance.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for February

Scorpios will be fire-fighting unpredictable situations at home. Ego issues need to be attended to immediately. Even when the problems are taken care of, the atmosphere will be tense and relations strained. Scorpios may have to think twice before verbally expressing their viewpoint. It would be prudent to allow the other party free expression and reduce emotional distress to self and other family members. Scorpios should ensure that youngsters at home are not dealt with in a strict and stern manner, as chances of misbehaviour are more. Some Scorpio borns will be busy attending to innumerable health issues at home, connected to themselves and their partners. Freelancers and people running business ventures from their homes will benefit. But those in service sector will find themselves without any prospects of growth. To break from the monotony and stagnation, Scorpios will go all out to entertain themselves with groups of friends and like-minded people.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for March

Scorpio professionals in Surgery, Medicine and Nursing will perform well. Those associated with Health Care Administration and Health Policy will find the wind blowing their way. Some Scorpios will opt for a change of job and decide to work in Psychiatric Health Care institutions, while a few might also be part of Prison Welfare. Though Scorpios might not find remuneration matching their expertise or knowledge, still they will experience job satisfaction. Financial condition will be stable but not encouraging from the point of view of investments or savings. Mid month onwards, Scorpios will invest passion in intimate relationships, but the response from their partners might not be very encouraging. This is a time for cultivating patience and tolerance, and Scorpios will benefit greatly if they let time set things right in their personal lives, predicts Scorpio Horoscope. But they should be proactive in initiating positive efforts towards restoration of harmony.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for April

Creative ones among the Scorpios will be at their best. This will apply to poets, painters, dancers, writers, theatre artists, visualizers and story-tellers. Scorpios wanting a change from the tension of strained relations at home and a monotonous career life will unwind and enjoy and entertain themselves with art, theatre and films. A confrontationist attitude at home or in office will go against the Scorpios. It is a testing time for Scorpios, and their personality will undergo massive transformation. Saturn in Sagittarius, in trine with Uranus-Sun-Mercury combination in Aries, is exercising a disciplinary influence. Though relationship with marital partners is under unfavourable planetary influence, Scorpios will find that romantic relations and business partnerships are stable. The ones having their own business will find the time right for expansion and those having ideas for start-ups will find associates and partners matching their mental wavelength.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for May

Most of this month, Scorpios will be involved with and attending to routine office work. Home life will not change drastically for the better, though it will not deteriorate also. Professionals involved with heavy machines, computer hardware, processing and packaging and workers associated with factory outlets will find avenues for growth. Scorpios absorbed in the daily routine of their home life will be successful in keeping their minds free of worries and tensions associated with troubled relations. But even if they are occupied otherwise in professional or recreational pursuits or even daily chores, at the back of their mind the problem of disturbed relationships persists. Students enrolled in Engineering, Electronics and Business Studies will perform well and come out with flying colours. Some Scorpios will be involved with serious health problems of their family members. They may also not keep good health themselves, this month.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for June

Flourishing time for business people and professionals in Banking, Insurance and Law connected to execution of wills and inheritances. Scorpios will also get a respite from tense situation at home. Communication will be smooth and free-flowing, but the emotional depth and intimacy might be missing for some. The friendly sextile between Pluto, lord of Scorpio, and Neptune in 5th Pisces enables the Scorpios to find creative ways to energise and transform the existing condition vis-a-vis their relationships. The trine between Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn facilitates the ease with which Scorpios engage in ironing out the strong differences in their romantic, personal and professional relationships. This trinal relationship will also bring major alteration in the way the usually emotional Scorpios react to any exigency. The logic and cool approach will be present minus the latent emotional turmoil. Financially a stable period and career-wise Scorpios wanting a change can hope to get it.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for July

Philosophically-oriented Scorpios will find the time conducive for deep research. People involved in studies connected to Abstract Thought, Abstract Art, Metaphysics and Philosophy will find the time favourable. Scorpios who are part of Academic Institutions engaged in advanced studies in Theology, Spirituality and Religion will the going advantageous and rewarding. The favourable trine formed between Sun-Mars-Mercury combination in Cancer with Neptune in Pisces on the one hand, and a beneficial opposition with Pluto on the other will also help Scorpios cultivate deep faith and spiritual strength to tackle any crisis in their lives. Venus trine Pluto in the initial days of the month had already set the tone for compatibility, intimacy, affinity and harmony in personal lives of Scorpios. Mid month onwards, the trinal relationship of Venus and Jupiter and an opposition between Saturn and Venus creates challenges in financial status but also opens up innumerable opportunities and avenues for inflow of monetary resources.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for August

Scorpios will undertake joint travel with their spouses or partners. Venus in a trinal relationship with Neptune stimulates the latent emotions of Scorpios and helps in translating this into joyous and fun-filled time spent in cosy togetherness. The twin eclipses occurring this month will be an eye-opener of sorts for Scorpios to initiate major overhauling in their home life and rethink work-related perspectives, approach and styles. The challenging events of past months happening in their private lives had mentally prepared Scorpio borns for a walk-through as planned by the eclipses. Some of them might also experience reversal of events in their lives connected to finance. Either they may get their money back unexpectedly or incur heavy losses in an unpredictable manner when things are running smooth. Scorpios will also develop a refreshed outlook towards their behavioural communication, after receiving a backlash at home and office.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for September

Breathing fresh air into routine tasks, treating mundane activities in an innovative manner to create different outcomes, and turning traditional ideas into path-breaking approaches will come naturally to Scorpios this month. People working in Administration, Personnel Welfare and Human Resource will perform well in their respective spaces. Professionals associated with Government Projects or expecting Government approval or financial funding will have a smooth sailing. The latter half is particularly beneficial for scholars engaged in the study of Psychology and Parapsychology. This month augers well for bringing the much-awaited promotion and financial enhancement in the lives of Scorpios. Many Scorpio borns will experience a sense of achievement in their professional spheres and will be surrounded by appreciating colleagues and encouraging superiors, while a few will be recognised for their hard work and dedication and awarded suitably.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for October

Many Scorpios will be inclined to work in Psychiatric Institutions and Prisons, as work in secluded spaces in predicted. A few might be involved in Mental Health and Prison Welfare issues as part of Social Advocacy. Scorpios with philanthropic leanings will volunteer their time for such activities, while others may opt for charitable causes. The Jupiter-Sun-Mercury combination in Libra will be influenced by the opposing Uranus stationed at Aries and push some Scorpios towards social reform movements and groups. At another level, some Scorpios will be involved intellectually with associations and networks and be busy with group discussions and exchanges on spiritual and religious reform. Mid month onwards, Jupiters ingress in Scorpio sets the tone for a change of scenario. Jupiter sextile Pluto in Capricorn and trine Neptune in Pisces will enable structured financial planning and enthusiastic approach to life and relationships.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for November

Opportunities knock at the doors of Scorpios. These may be pertaining to professional growth, upgradation of social status, enhancement of financial situation, new relationships and different intellectual circle. The conjunction of Jupiter, Sun along with Mercury facilitates popularity and entertainment with groups. In the second half of the month, Scorpios will experience pleasure and bliss in the company of life partners and enjoy life to the lees, encouraged by Jupiter-Venus influence. Scorpios will also explore ways of doubling their savings. Jupiter-Venus planetary combination in sextile with Pluto in Capricorn and trine Neptune in Pisces will broaden the vision and expand the outlook of Scorpios in personal, social and intellectual spheres. Mars in Libra in opposition 4th lord Uranus in Aries creates a subconscious pressure on Scorpios to focus their attention towards the home front that has been facing neglect for quite some time.

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 for December

This month offers multiple source of income for some Scorpios. Gain will be from various avenues such as the current job, share market, inheritance, joint property and shared family resources. Scorpios will exhibit superb wealth management skills this month. Professionals in Print and Publishing, Travel and Tourism, Creative Visualising and Advertising, Sales and Marketing and Broadcasting will enjoy success. Advisors, Counsellors, Teachers and Preachers, Lecturers and Professors will advance and progress fast in their career. Jupiter in Scorpio forming a sextile pattern with Pluto in Capricorn encourages structured planning of business partnerships and systematic execution of business activities. The trinal relationship of Jupiter and neptune in Pisces enhances enjoyment and entertainment of the Scorpios, coloured by Neptunes creative hues and touched by Jupiters enthusiasm. Jupiter-Neptune trinal vibration also facilitates deep thinking, reflection and introspection on spiritual matters.

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