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Shani Sade Sati, Dhaiya Explained & Remedies

Author: Pratik Pandey | Last Updated: Fri 30 Oct 2009 8:18:38 PM

Everybody knows that we need power, stamina and wisdom to achieve success in everything that we do in our lives.  It’s impossible to even think about the success if these three factors are not there. These factors i.e. power, stamina and wisdom are ruled by Venus, Mars and Jupiter respectively. But do you know that success can still be a far off thing even if these three factors are present? The reason is fate, luck. If luck is not on your side, even these three factors coming together are of not much use. Lord Krishna gave this world the philosophy of Karma and was himself a big believer in Karma. In the 18th chapter of Gita, he has explained in detail the importance of power, stamina and wisdom along with luck. In shloka 14, Krishna says:

अधिष्ठानं तथा कत्र्ताकरण् य पृथ्वीवधम्।
विविधाक्ष पृथ्वयेष्ठा दैव-दैव यैवात पंयमम्।।

Meaning that among these three supreme powers, most important is luck. And it is ruled by Lord Shani. This is why Shani is known as ‘God of fate’.  Here we will know more about this supremely powerful Shani.

Shani Dev is responsible for giving results based on man’s karma. He works as an impartial judge. He holds no grudge against anybody but has no love for anyone either. People who don’t know much about all these things should simply know that Shanidev makes no differentiation while delivering justice. He punishes without any inhibition and even his rewards are unexpected- he will give more than what one would have hoped for. This is the reason that during Sadhe Sati, some people succeed so much that it bewilders even them. The feared sadhe sati makes somebody touch the pinnacle while for some others, it’s vice-versa- they come down from their much-vaunted position. This is how Shanidev functions.

Shani Mahamantra:

ॐ नीलाजंन समाभासं रवि पुत्रं यमाग्रजम्।
छाया मार्तण्ड सम्भूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम्।।

Among nine planets, Saturn is ranked as sewak - the service giver. Shani is also known as ‘Sorrow of Kalpurush’.  No one in this universe can escape him, better to say there is no one on this earth who does not fear him. We get to know about the upcoming happiness by looking at Venus’s position in the birth chart, and to know about the difficulties, the distress, position of Shani tells us everything.  He lives for two and half years in every zodiac sign and rules west direction.  In astrology, he is considered neuter. He is an air-based planet as well. Venus and Mercury are his friends among the other planets while Shani is at loggerheads with Sun, Moon and Mars. Jupiter is his Sam graha.

Shani is very slow moving. He derives his name from Sanskrit word shanaih-shanaih, which means slowly. He stays for two and half years in every zodiac sign and as we all know, there are twelve signs. Therefore, it takes thirty years for Shani to go round all these houses.

Sade Sati

With the advent of 12th Saturn from birth sign, Sadhe sati starts. This is the first stage. Shani stays here for two and half years and then changes sign. It reaches the first house of birth sign which is the second stage of sadhe sati. Again after two and half years, it changes sign which is the third and final stage and the sadhe sati ends. In other words, when Shani travels from twelfth to first and then to second house from the birth sign, it takes him about seven and half years and it is known as Sadhe sati of Shani.

Coming to twelfth house from Aries, Pisces, Aries and Taurus are said to be the first, second and third stages of sadhe sati. In this sequence, signs are counted as Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

When lord of fourth or eighth Shani comes under the birth sign comes, it is known as Laghu Kalyani or Dairuya. It is also thought of as equivalent to sadhe sati. Scholars consider Shani as harbinger of grief. It really puts you under a lot of distress initially but as with the Gold, which gets its luster after burning in fire, Shani also takes you into happier days.

It is Moon which rules our hearts. In the above mentioned positions of Shani, he directly affects our hearts. We undergo a lot of duress. Generally, it is believed that if sadhe sati comes with other planets also not in favorable positions, it gives more problems. On the other hand, if other planets are favorably placed, sadhe sati is less problematic. Moon placed in second, sixth, eighth or expenditure-related signs, Shani’s affects are more joy. Moon in seventh sign during sadhe sati is problematic as well.

In one round spanning thirty years, twelve years are dedicated to sadhe sati and dhaiya, which can never be counted as pleasant periods in life. In houses 3-6-8-12 from Moon, Shani gives good results or if it’s in trine houses it’s called benefic, and called directionally powerful if it’s in seventh house, or if it signifies tenth house, Saturn is believed to bestow the native with good results in these houses.

According to Phal Deepika’s author Mantreshwar, when shani is the birth sign, it brings loss of money and unnecessary anger, leading to diseases. Varah Mihir opines that in such a scenario, poisoning or fire accidents can be expected. Close and dear ones would leave you and you would have no choice but to wander around. Sources of income dry up and even your wife and kids would leave you alone. Life loses its direction, becomes meaningless.

Sadhe sati moves around our body differently at its different stages. Its movement is as below…

  1. At its first stage when it is moving from Moon to twelth bhava, it is either at head or eyes.
  2. At its second stage, when it is in the birth sign, Shani is at heart, bringing a lot of worries, tension and fears.
  3. At its third stage, when it is in second bhava from birth sign, it moves with our legs.
Measures to get rid of sadhe sati
  1. Reading Sundar Kand
  2. Reading Hanuman Chalisa
  3. Mahamrityunjaya, shani strot, shani mantra
  4. Giving coconut and peanuts in temples
  5. Giving away things like sesame, oil, blanket or articles made of iron
  6. Avoid non vegetarian food
  7. Feeding lentil to fishes
  8. Put a ring in the middle finger made of horse’s naal or a boat’s nail.
  9. Take a Peepal leaf. Put vermillion, sesame over it. Light a diya of mustard oil and place them under a Peepal tree before sun rise. Do the same for seven consecutive Saturdays.
  10. Keep a square-shaped silver piece in your pocket
  11. Give food to black dogs
  12. Wear a silver ring in the left hand.

Give food to hungry people near a temple. If you are rich enough, give food in lieu of each family member to different people. Read Shani Chalisa as many times as you can. Give your own old clothes to poor and pray that his/her good wishes lessen your problems.

Cook things made of lentil, sesame, sugar and offer it first to Shani Dev and then to Cow, Crow and dogs. Eat it as Prasad yourself and distribute among family members as well.

Donation: Donate things which Shani likes, like Lentil, Sesame, oil, iron-made articles, salt, coins, black clothes, blanket, shoes, umbrella etc. and do it in the numerals of 8- meaning 8 kg, 8 liter etc.

To keep Shani Dev happy, let a lamp of mustard oil alighted all through the day in your house.

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