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Share Market 2012 & Commodity Market 2012 Forecast

Author: Bala Mishra | Last Updated: Tue 3 Jan 2012 2:05:25 PM

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AstroCAMP wishes you a very Happy New Year 2012. We wish this year blesses you with growth and prosperity. We hope to see the World Economy, Indian Economy and individuals flourish, not to forget the progress of our visitors whose trust we greatly value. In this respect we have decided to share astrological information about the trends of both the share and commodity market this year.

Planets influence every aspect of our lives which includes our finances .Many amongst us are engaged in business and investment. While taking money related decisions one needs to study the trend of Share Market 2012. As a whole it is planets Jupiter, Saturn, North and South Node (Rahu and Ketu) and Mars that will influence the movement of the Share Market in 2012. Talking about the year as a whole there will be no drastic fluctuation but from the time Jupiter enters the sign Scorpio the Market will see rapid fluctuation.

Share Market 2012 - Stock Market 2012 Predictions

The conjunction of planets in 2012 and its influence on Share Market in 2012 seems positive for industries like real estate, transport, food industries, banking, perfume, cosmetics, sugar industry, public sector, oil industries, public sector and electronic goods. As investors we need to resist the temptation of taking random decisions for short term monetary gain and also try and settle transactions as and when it comes your way without much delay.

In the first month of the year that is January; market will be slow in the beginning and will speed up by 25th. Sectors like software, auto mobiles reliance and heavy engineering will show a downward trend. However government shares show an upward trend this situation continues till month end. February will not be too good for the share market. Computer, clothes, newspaper, stationery, sugar mill, food industries will be seen moving from downward to upward fluctuation. The start of March sees market picking up slowly. Telecommunication, transport, television will show an upward trend.14th onwards the market remains unstable positive for few sectors and negative for others. The slow movement of the market seen in the previous month continues in April too. From 4th onwards this slow down accelerates, by 13th the market picks up big time. During this phase sectors like steel, reliance fertilizers, government ventures and medicines show an upward trend after a real long time. At the start of May the market remains unpredictable. Post 5th the market sees a slow down, this slow down is one sided and it continues till 25th. Sectors like steel, tea, leather, commodity, engineering, chemicals show a fall. From 11th onwards tea, coffee, cold drinks, perfume textiles and computer start picking up slowly. In the month June share market sees a slow down. The country will be in bad shape, share of textile, jute, tea, steel, tobacco will be falling .This month as much as is possible stay away from share market.

Things start picking up as the July moves ahead .Sectors like mining, machinery, tea, cold drinks, coffee, building motorcycle show an upward trend. August starts at a fast pace .Sectors like shipping , engineering, steel , tea, coffee, cold drinks cement , publication, newspaper computer see a boom Small investors should try staying away from market. The rising trend of market seen in the previous month continues in September too. Stationery and textiles shares see a fall while steel, jewellery, perfumes; tele communication shares see a rise. You get to see the market slowly picking up in the first half of October.Saturn sets on the 7th and with this we see the market pick up. With this, banking, Hindustan lever, public sector, power sector, cement steel fertilizers, food industries, coffee, tea show a boom. This trend continues throughout October with minor ups and downs here and there. Market starts slowing down from the 5ths of November. Sectors like, real estates, tele, auto mobile, cosmetics show a downward trend. 12th onwards, steel, fertilizers, tea, coffee, petroleum will show a rising trend. Investors are advised to stay away from the market. The start o f December sees a rising trend while 6th onwards the market really picks up .Almost all shares pick up, specially auto mobiles, communication, cement,tea,reliance,petroleum. In a nut shell, this is how the Share Market looks like for 2012.Let’s have a look at the prevalent trends of commodity market in 2012.

Commodity Market 2012 Predictions

In case you’re planning to invest in commodity Market in 2012,it’s important to evaluate the pros and con of the same.Commodity markets are markets where raw or primary products are exchanged. These raw commodities are traded on regulated commodities exchanges, in which they are bought and sold in standardized contracts.Let’s have a look at what planet’s predict about some prime commodities and the condition of commodity market in 2012.

Commodity Gold and Silver bullion show a mixed trend .While silver shows a rising trend at the beginning of the year gold shows a decrease. The bullion market rises and falls in March till the 15th of the month. From April 9th the upward trend seen in the value of silver slowly moves towards a decrease.7th June onwards it’s a situation of ups and downs. 6th September onwards it picks up again 18th to 23rd September will see a fall in the value of silver. October continues to be two sided. 28th onwards value of gold and silver increase .15 November onwards market rises and falls .From 25th December market picks up again. As for oil and oil related products from 11th January onwards the oil market sees a boom and February 15th onwards the market slows down completely. This slow down is reduces in the first week of March. In the start of April there is an upward trend and by say 9th April the market really picks up, .1st June onwards the oil market sees a low and 9 July it picks up again, 20th august the market picks. November it continues being two sided. From the 15th of December the market picks up and this high rise continues.

For cotton and cotton related products in January the market picks up and continues till 15th .In February 1st to 9th market continues to be two sided. In March till the 9th market seems slow. 15th of June the market seems to really pickup .This upward trend of June starts to slow down in the first week of July. October sees a slow down which ends mid December around 15th. The trend of sugarcane market and jaggeryis as follows: From the month beginning the sugarcane market is on a boom. A greater rise is foreseen from 15th onwards and this trend continues. In February the trend continues and picks up immensely from 5th of February and by the end of the month it’s two sided. From the 5th of April the market will slow down. From 15th July market picks up.27th onwards the market moves up rapidly this continues till the 12th of August. From 15th November Jaggery and sugar sugarcane market picks up and 1st December onwards the upward trend continues.

The overall trend for grains like wheat, rice jowaris : January the market is on a rise, post 25th it will be two-sided, post 27th the rice market sees a fall , 2nd March onwards the market will improve and so we see a visible rising trend in wheat, maze and rice grain market. 5th August wheat and rice pick up this continues till the 25th.27th onwards the market slows down. September onwards wheat, rice maze see an upward trend .9th October onwards the market slows down.10th December onwards the market shows a change and moves upwards. In January the grams market will pick up .This upward trend continues and becomes stronger as the month progresses. 15th March onwards again a slow upward movement in Arhar/chana/masoor is evident.15 April onwards the market slowly moves from being slow. From August the market picks up , September beginning will be slow, October the market keeps swinging to and fro and in November it remain unstable .Post 10th of December the market picks up again. As for Jute in the beginning of January the market will be two sided, 8th April onwards the market goes real slow and this slow down continues till the 15th of May, this trend continues till the 6th of June…..from 6th onwards the market picks up rapidly. October beginning is slow but post 25th the trend is upward again. Though December sees a high and low but overall the market remains favourable.

AstroCAMP team wishes that this informative article about the prevalent trends of share market 2012 and commodity market 2012 helps you make right choices and decision about your hard earned money and in matters of investment. Staying prepared is indeed a way of minimizing risks and moving all the way to success and prosperity. Wish you a great year ahead.

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