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Solar Eclipse, Greece Default & World Predictions

Author: -- | Last Updated: Sat 19 May 2012 11:19:24 AM

Solar Eclipse

This month we are seeing quite a few significant astronomical events happening. First, on 17th of May 2012, Jupiter is changed its sign from Aries to Taurus. On 21st May 2012, there is going to be a solar eclipse on the same sign and same nakshatra e.g. Taurus sign and Krittika Nakshatra. This eclipse, in my opinion, is going to have some very significant and long lasting impact on the whole world. In my opinion the effect of this solar eclipse will be felt rest of this year. Annular Solar Eclipse can be seen from China and Japan and these two countries will be affected most. India’s ascendant is also Taurus and hence India is also not going to be spared.

Greece Default & Share Market in 2012

Taurus is a sign owned by Venus and hence represents business and creative class. So business and economy is going to affected most. Seeing this eclipse, we can say that Greece default is closer than ever now. We can see Greece problem escalating and affecting the whole world. We can also see a possibility of Euro Zone entering into recession period and that is affecting world economy including India. Sensex/ Nifty (and even majority of world stocks) may see bearish trend for coming few months.

Gold Price in 2012

Now Jupiter is also leaving Aries and entering Eclipse zone and hence it is going to be affected as well. Generally Jupiter is affected more by Rahu than Ketu and hence there is a big of strength left in Jupiter. We can see that Gold is appreciating and making a new high in coming period.

For Indian Government and Government in General in 2012

Now this eclipse is happening in Krittika nakshatra owned by Sun. Sun represents Kings. Kings i.e. head of the countries are already having a tough time and this is going to challenge them even further. Sarkozi has already gone in France and we can see departure of few more presidents/ prime-ministers. Governments of world will continue to be challenged by their citizens. We will see lack of decision making. This is going to be especially true for India as Taurus is ascendant for India. I can see really though time for Manmohan Singh and UPA government. Apart from PM/ presidents, head of the states, government in general, minsters and people with high political power, bureaucracy and religious heads can be affected by this eclipse. Chines President Hu Jintao, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, Indian Congress President Sonia Gandhi etc. are few of them going to have tougher time going forward.

Politicians and powerful people will continue to be arrogant and self-centred and they will have to face the consequences due to that behaviour. Divide between government and people is going to increase and they will see each other on the opposite side rather than same side.

More on Commodity Market in 2012

Coming back to commodity, we have already seen appreciation in Gold and Silver recently, it may be a turn of Copper this time. So apart from Gold, we will also see appreciation in Copper going forward.

Epidemics in 2012

Epidemics can be one more thing that needs to be taken care of. Rahu-Ketu axis affecting 1st house and Sun shows some global epidemic. Last time when I predicted this, Swine flu affected the whole world, so as people should gear up for the similar situation.

Earth Quakes in 2012

This Solar Eclipse is falling on Taurus, an Earthy Sign in Taurus Drekkana. We are already seeing increase in Earth Quakes recently. As the Annular Eclipse will be seen from China & Japan, these are the most suspected countries for a big Earth Quake.


Precise predictions in mundane astrology are difficult. But we can certainly get some important clues from this solar eclipse. Most important one is the economic condition of the whole world. Whole world will be affected but India can be affected slightly more than average so Indians need to be a bit cautious in coming month. Only good thing is that this eclipse is not visible in the capital New Delhi, so that can give Indians a bit relief.

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