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Solar Eclipse 2019 Dates

Author: - | Last Updated: Fri 28 Sep 2018 4:53:59 PM

Solar EclipseIn India, Solar Eclipse is not just a celestial phenomenon. Rather, the occurrence of Solar Eclipse is a very important event for people from a religious perspective. In the year 2019, three solar eclipses are going to occur and their impact will also be seen in different places. Details of solar eclipse occurring in the year 2019 are given in the table below: Solar Eclipse in 2019

Date Day Time Type
6 January 2019 Sunday From 05:04:08 to 09:18:46 Partial
2-3 July 2019 Tuesday From 23:31:08 to 02:14:46 Full
26 December 2019 Thursday From 08:17:02 to 10:57:09 Annular

Note: The time mentioned in the table above is as per Indian standards.

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First Solar Eclipse of 2019

The first solar eclipse of the year 2019 will occur on Sunday, January 6. This is a partial solar eclipse. As per Indian time, the first eclipse will begin from 5:04 AM to 9:18 PM, i.e the total duration of eclipse will last for about 4 hours and 14 minutes.

This eclipse will be visible from the western shores of Alaska, in Middle Eastern China, Japan, North-South Korea, North-Eastern Russia, Mid-Eastern Mongolia and Pacific Ocean. As it won’t be visible in India, there won’t be any mandatory sutak period observed.

According to astrological calculations, the first solar eclipse of 2019 will take place in the Sagittarius sign and Purvashada nakshatra. Due to this reason, major changes will take place in the lives of these natives.

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Second Solar Eclipse of 2019

On Tuesday, 2 July 2019, the second solar eclipse of the year will take place. This will be a full solar eclipse which will appear from 23:31 PM at night to 02:14 AM. It will be visible in Chile, Argentina, Pacific region and some parts of South America.

In India, its visibility will be zero and hence, the sutak period will not be observed. As per astrological analysis, this eclipse will take place in Gemini and Ardra Nakshatra. Hereby, natives of this sign must stay prepared for many surprises.

Third Solar Eclipse of 2019

On Thursday, 26 December 2019, the third solar eclipse of the year will take place. This will be an annular solar eclipse which will appear from 08:17 AM till 10:57 AM on Thursday morning. It will be visible in Eastern Europe, Asia, North/Western Australia and East Africa, including India.

This is the only eclipse out of three which will be visible in India as well. Therefore, sutak period will be observed here. This eclipse will take place in Sagittarius and Mool Nakshatra, hence natives of this sign must stay aware of their surroundings.

Sutak Period of Eclipse

The sutak period for third Solar Eclipse occurring on December 26, 2019, will begin from 5:30 PM on the evening of December 25, 2019 i.e. one day before the eclipse, till 10:57 AM on 26 December, i.e when the eclipse ends. It is necessary to follow certain rules during the sutak period. Sutak period is considered to be an inauspicious time, so during this period, some tasks must not be carried out. Such as:

  • Starting a new project or work must not be done.
  • Preparing or consuming food is prohibited.
  • Avoid going to the bathroom/toilet.
  • Avoid touching the idols of god or Tulsi plant.
  • Refrain from cleaning your teeth or combing your hair.

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on your life

Special Instructions for Pregnant Ladies

  • Do not go out of the house
  • Do not see the eclipse.
  • Avoid sewing or doing embroidery.
  • Refrain from cutting, chopping or peeling vegetables.
  • Avoid using knife or needle.

Things To Do During Sutak Kaal

  • Worshipping god in the evening, exercising
  • Chanting Surya Mantras
  • Sprinkling Gangajal for purifying your surroundings after the eclipse has ended
  • Taking a fresh bath after the eclipse has ended
  • Purifying the idols of gods and goddesses by bathing them in gangajal and worshipping them
  • Preparing fresh food after sutak kaal has ended and consuming it

Mantra to Chant During Solar Eclipse

Natives can chant the surya mantra given below to get rid of malefic effects of Solar Eclipse.

"ॐ आदित्याय विदमहे दिवाकराय धीमहि तन्नो सूर्य: प्रचोदयात् ”

“ oṃ ādityāya vidamahe divākarāya dhīmahi tanno sūrya: pracodayāt “

Facts Related to Solar Eclipse

  1. Solar Eclipse - When Moon passes through Sun and Earth, this celestial phenomenon is called Solar Eclipse. In this case, Moon casts its shadow either partially or fully on the Sun.
  2. Partial Solar Eclipse - When Moon partially covers the Sun while passing in between Sun and Earth, it is called Partial Solar Eclipse.
  3. Full Solar Eclipse - When Moon covers the Sun completely while passing in between Sun and Earth, it is called Full Solar Eclipse.
  4. Annular Solar Eclipse - An Annular Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the centre of the Moon, leaving the outer ring of fire to form an annulus around the Moon.

Why Consuming Food Is Prohibited During Solar Eclipse?

During the period of eclipse, digestive system of a human becomes weak, due to which a person cannot digest the food easily and suffers from constipation.

Why It is Advised Not To Use Knife or Needle During Solar Eclipse?

It is believed that the limbs of an unborn baby in the womb might get damaged if a pregnant lady uses needle or knife during the period of eclipse.

Hope you liked this article related to solar eclipse. Thanks for visiting the AstroCamp!

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