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Sridevi Back With "English-Vinglish" : Astrology Reading

Author: -- | Last Updated: Fri 10 Aug 2012 11:36:02 AM

Sridevi, bollywood, english vinglish

Moon Makes Sridevi Bubbly and Rahu Miss ‘Hawa Hawai’

If one had to title the bubbliest actress of Bollywood then Sridevi stands as the strongest contender. Through her performances, she changed the image of a Bollywood actress as bubbly, in the eye of the world. According to astrology, Moon is the most flighty and jolly of all planets. We all know that the Moon keeps changing its shape every now and then. Since, the planet Moon keeps changing its form, it is quite obvious that the native whose horoscope is majorly influenced by Moon will be peppy and perky. This is the reason why Sridevi‘s bubbly nature got noticed across the world.

Sridevi was born under Cancer Ascendant and according to D9 chart she is a Scorpio. Her birth ascendant is ruled by Moon that transcends through higher sign and is placed in the destiny house. This is good for both her Ascendant and Moon. The Lord of Ascendant House is in the destiny House and the Destiny House Lord is in the Ascendant House. This is an indication of great success. Since this relationship is being formed by the conjunction of creative planet Moon and the planet of art Venus, it was obvious for her to be a great actress. Her birth ‘Nakshatra’ is ‘ Kritika’, which is a Sun’s Nakshatra. According to astrology, a native with ‘Kartika Nakshatra‘ will be well known, popular, lover of luxury, influential and busy in creative pursuit. They see a rise when associated with career and jobs related to art /drama, modern telecast or politics. The presence of Venus in the Ascendant, the presence of career lord and the lord of the fifth house in Moon Nakshatra as well as the aspect of Moon on the career house besides many such planetary positions are responsible for making Sridevi a great actress. Talking about all planetary positions in a nutshell, it is Moon and Venus that have made Sridevi a renowned actress in Bollywood.

She was not even two years old when Moon started influencing her horoscope. At an age of four, Sridevi started off as an actress. At that point of time she was undergoing the Dasa of Moon and Rahu. Generally, the Dasha of Rahu in Moon is not good. However, in Sridevi‘s Kundli, Rahu is present in the Destiny Lord Jupiter’s Nakshatra and Venus’s Sub Nakshatra, which will give her great heights in the world of acting. Sridevi‘s film career started with ‘Julie’, as a side actress. It was a time when she was under the Dasa of Moon and Sun. This means that Moon played a significant role from the early start of her career through her journey in Bollywood. It was in the year 1979 that she started her noticeable career in Bollywood with the film ”Solva Saawan”. At this point, she was going through the Dasa of Saturn in Mercury. Saturn is beneficial, but according to the Lordship Jupiter is not beneficial. So, this film failed to give her much success. Her real success came with the film ‘Himmatwaala’ in the year 1983, when she was going through the Dasa of Rahu in Rahu. As already mentioned, Rahu has a significant contribution in making her reach great heights. After this, her bollywood career graph moved up steadily. Again courtesy Rahu, 25th May , 1987 saw the release of Mr India and in no time she came to be known in a new name “ Hawa Hawai”. According to Astrology, Rahu is known as an airy planet and at this point of time Sridevi’s horoscope showed Mahadasa of Rahu, Antardasha of Mercury and Pratyantardasha of Rahu. So, it wouldn’t be wrong saying that planet Rahu is primarily responsible in making Sridevi “Hawa Hawai’

Post December 1992, she was under the influence of both Rahu and Ketu Dasha. Ketu is situated in the sixth house, so post the failure of ‘Roop Ki Rani Choron ka Raja‘ her career graph showed a downward trend. The Dasha of Rahu in Venus in Saturn influenced her decision to get married to Boney Kapoor, who was quite elderly to her in age. Her Kundli does show yog of marriage to a person 5 to 15 years older or younger to her.

From October 2011 to February 2013 she will be under the influence of Mercury in Moon. It is Moon that brought her to Bollywood and Moon that is responsible for her return. Yes, Sridevi’ is making a comeback on the big screen with her upcoming Bollywood film ‘English –Vinglish’ after a lull of 14 years. Well, that’s the magic of Moon that this film was written keeping her in mind. Her current Dasa is that of Jupiter in Moon. So, she is playing the role of an English teacher in the film; this in itself is a coincidence. According to sources, this film is due to release on 21st September 2012. At this point of time, Sridevi’s Dasha will be that of Jupiter in Moon in Ketu . The Maha Dasha and Antar Dasha is fine, however Pratyantar Dasha is not favourable. It is this Antar Dasha of Ketu that had led to her career downfall. As a result, there is a great possibility of the film ‘English-Vinglish‘ not being that successful. However, due to Mercury and Moons Dasha as well as Sridevi's magic this film might show average performance at box-office.

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