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Sun Transit In Cancer (July 16, 2016)

Author: Acharya Raman | Last Updated: Sun 22 May 2016 3:49:25 PM

Sun, the King of planets is transiting in Cancer on July 16, 2016. Arrival of a hot planet in Cancer will increase the heat but, how will it affect your zodiac sign? Get to know here with our expert astrologer.

Note : These predictions are based on your ascendant sign.

Let’s now read the affects of Jupiter transit on different zodiac signs .


Sun is an extremely hot planet which may create troubles with its heat. Smart people put water on it to reduce the extent of heat. The same situation applies to planets. Transit of Sun in a watery sign may give rain. Rain of emotions is also possible, like rain of love, anger, and memories, you will feel happy by remembering old days. But, health will reduce because of excess of emotions. So, take care of your blood-pressure. Keep your impulse within yourself, otherwise losses will occur. It would be better not to react on small disputes at home.

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This transit will remain favorable for you, because transit of Sun in the house of communication will give a lot of variety. Control rude behaviour, keep ego aside and try to understand others’ point of view. Being rude will not help in any way. Sometimes, god also communicates with us through friends and relatives. Communicate your thoughts with others. This will help others’ in understanding your thoughts and moving things further.

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Keeping everyone happy in the household is the prime duty of the head of the family. But, it is a truth that fire produces damage. The best thing is to reduce anger and arrogance. Don’t compare yourself with anyone at home like with your children or anyone else. Change your old furniture with the new one and shop for gold. Obey your elders at home and try to make them happy.

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This is obvious that transit of Sun in ascendant will give you mental stress. You are required to control yourself for reducing its side-effects. Sun is the King of planets and we all know that glory of a King is different, so your love will increase for yourself. You will take care of your dressing style and overall appearance. After all, everybody wants to show-off in today’s life. Problem of headache is possible, either through your own problems or due to life-partner. Stay calm for avoiding the problem or go for a head massage.

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This house is related to hidden emotions and actions, which is exactly opposite to the nature of Sun. Moon is the one who comes and go quietly at night. Poets are the one who just wake up for it to write poems. A little turbulence may remain in your mind. The time is perfect for making future plannings and for self analysis. Take care of your eyes. Also, don’t think negative.

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Friends are our real capital, everyone enjoys spending time with friends. We should always be ready to help them. Minor disputes are normal between friends, so ignore that. Treat everyone equally, because no one is smaller or bigger in this world. A small particle can also help in the time of need. Apply the same behaviour at workplace and treat everyone equally. Don’t think that if someone is telling you your mistakes, it means he/she is criticizing you.

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Sun motivates us to remain consistent in work. But, there is a disadvantage also, you may think that you are working better than others. A little arrogance may come in your mind, but there is no harm in that. The problem begins when you start applying your thoughts on others and others start hating you. Don’t let this kind of situation arise. Ask yourself that are you really having the capability of getting more attention. Your answer to yourself will become the solution of the problem. Move ahead by taking everyone along and don’t act stubborn.

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Arrival of Sun in such an auspicious house will remain favorable for your personal development. Life is not only about earning money, earn some virtue also. Earn the love and blessings of god which will help in resolving all your doubts regarding life. Time is extremely good for any book or research printing. It is also favorable for doing a short term course. If thinking of visiting a pilgrimage, go for it, everything will remain favorable.

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Ups and downs are a part of life, time never remains the same, we are consuming the result of our past deeds. Nothing is under our control. We can only control our thoughts and actions, rest is done by god and nature. Chances of sudden loss of respect are there, but reduction may also come in your health. But, nobody will be able to harm you if you keep on moving ahead by avoiding fear, bad thoughts and by remembering god. In this way you will also make your enemies your friends, but keep thinking in the right direction. Don’t get in the whirl of black magic for solving minor problems, otherwise people will laugh on you and spendings will also occur.

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Delay in marriages or reduction in pleasures might be seen. it is also the father, critic, and the dictator, but don’t let these things come in between your relationship with life-partner. Nothing much is required apart from that. There is a great strength in love, just try it. Everyone becomes subservient to the sweet talk. Discuss and find out the solution of your problems. Either it is your partnership in life or in business, only you two can solve the problems together.

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You often you don’t enjoy a very happy married life. Transit of a planet will make it difficult for it to give its full results. Inspite of that, this transit will produce favorable results for business, you will be able to save and earn more. This is the basic law of nature, if a thing decreases the other increases by itself. Control your greed, greed of becoming famous, greed of fulfillment of arrogance, greed of money, avoid them all completely.

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Sun transit produces auspicious results. Nobody remains the same for everyone, like a man’s behaviour is different for his enemies, friends and children. Planets also does the same things. Minor injuries are possible to your child. But, you will feel energised and happy by doing humor, entertainment, watching and listening movies and music. Your work may also get affected, but due to that you will be able to take out more time for family. And is is also a good thing to spend money on fun and entertainment, otherwise life will become boring.

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