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Sunny Leone in Jism 2 : An Astrology Reading

Author: Hanumaan Mishra | Last Updated: Thu 9 Aug 2012 12:04:08 PM

sunny leone, jism 2
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By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra

Adult actress Sunny Leone will intensely show her glamour in her upcoming erotic film Jism- 2 directed by Pooja Bhatt. Is her popularity about her acting odious or appealing? Let’s find out what Astrology predictions tell us about her popularity.

After birth time rectification it is known now that Sunny Leone falls under Leo sign. Planets Moon, Saturn and Jupiter are situated in the second house of her horoscope. Interesting and notable point is this that both planets Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde. Ketu is situated in 6th house in Capricorn sign. And Sun and Mars are seated in her destiny house. In her horoscope, Sun is exalted , while Mars is placed in its own sign. Planet Mercury and Venus are placed in 10th house. Venus is seated in its own house. And Rahu is seated in 12th house in Cancer Sign.

Positive Points in Sunny Leone’s Horoscope

Sunny Leone has earned immense popularity. However, it is a different thing that we will have to understand the contribution of fame and defame in case of her popularity. Defame brings a kind of status which is not fairly accepted by people in society.

Sunny Leone’s horoscope shows many favorable yog(s), but here we can only discuss about few yog(s) present in her horoscope.

‘Malavya yog’ present in Sunny Leon’s horoscope is one such Rajyog among Pancha Mahapurush Rajyog. This yog makes the native beautiful, attractive, elegant, affluent, joyful, and offers the person deep mesmerizing eyes. The native also enjoys comfort of vehicles. As Sunny Leone has Malavya yog she owns all these qualities.

The second yog present in her horoscope is ‘Gajakeshari yog’ . Due to this yog the native earns good fame, attracts others with his or her nature, and considers love in equal form. The native is also bonny or ticklish. “Sunny Leone” is world-famous lady and due to this yog she doesn’t find any trouble or time to receive citizenship of any country. And that is why she has citizenships of many countries currently. She has the guts to love people with equality. Without much of an effort she is known to win just anyone’s heart. People also love her back equally. Whether Kamal Khan or Mahesh Bhatt, her curious and versatile nature is not hidden from anyone.

‘Lakshmiyog’ present in her Kundali makes Sunny Leone wealthy. Kalanidhi yog is also present in her Kundali that makes her an actress. By the result of Kalanidhi yog she is knowledgeable in acting and has obtained opportunity to work in Hindi Cinema after her work in adult vulgar movies.

Her horoscope also shows ‘Akhand Samrajya Yog’ that endows her large popularity.
Kendra Trikon Yog in her horoscope bestows her all luxury comforts that she has.

Unfavourable Yoga(s) in Sunny Leone’s Birth-chart

‘Lagna Papkartari Yog’ is present in Sunny Leone’s Kundali. This Yog is formed when Rahu and Saturn make a union. This yog can result in physical problems and grotesque or influence the native to do disgusting work. Perhaps, some may not condemn the work of sunny Leone or see her profession with contempt but as far as Indian or Vedic Jyotish is are concerned, they consider her act offensive. Apart from this, there are other unfavourable yog predicted in her horoscope.

However, analysing her ‘Trishansh’ Kundali clears everything. In Vedic Jyotish, Trishansh kundali is analysed to predict character of women. In Sunny Leone’s Trishansh Kundali first house is showing rise of Gemini sign. It means her Trishanshesh is Mercury, which is considered an excellent trader. And it signifies the poor odium type of trade or business.

Lagnesh Sun is exalted in Lagna Kundali but is debilitated in Trishansh Kundali. Lord of Karma (act) Sthan (house or place) is Venus, which is debilitated in Trishansh Kundali. Lord of profit and wealth is debilitated in Trishansh Kundali. Planet Jupiter, which is significator of wisdom and spiritualism, is impious after amalgamation with debilitated planets Venus, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn in her Trishansh Kundali.

It is considered in jyotish that Mercury and Venus offers physical beauty to the lady. But here, Mercury is trader and Venus is pleasure for sexual desires. Therefore, it influences lady for selling her body during unfavourable situations of auspicious planets. Thus she has also been influenced to work in modelling or acting and to earn money by attracting through her glamour. However, the mentioned yog(s) offer her a life full with luxury comforts, but they are also deteriorating her Karma (work).

Sunny Leone is, no doubt, excited for her upcoming movie ‘Jism-2’, as she is also the brand ambassador for this movie. From December 2009 to July 2012, Sunny Leone is under the position of Mercury in Rahu. Due to position of Rahu in 10th house, she has earned great popularity and coverage through media. But from July 2012 to July 2013, her popularity or reputation may go down, as she is under antardasha of Ketu. As Ketu is seated in 6th house in her horoscope, she may face crisis, especially legal disputes. she may also fall ill.

It is predicted that her upcoming film Jism-2 may also not get the desired success at box-office. Unexpected and inauspicious events can occur during the release of this movie. This film will hardly get 2 stars out of 5, as per astrology prediction.

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