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Sushil Kumar in London Olympics: Why Gold Eluded Him?

Last Updated: 8/14/2012 5:53:03 PM

sushil kumar, london olympics 2012, sports, wrestling

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra

Sushil Kumar has brought victory to India in Olympics 2012. Numerous newspapers and channels are analysing his conquest and failure in different ways. Let’s discuss from the point of astrology how he managed to achieve this stand and what dragged him away from the highest achievement?

Sushil Kumar was born in Leo ascendant and Scorpio sign. The ascendant lord Sun is situated in the tenth house with yoga forming planet Mars. Both of the planets are considered to be having best position in tenth house. This conjunction also signifies to provide best results, profit from the government, highest honor and enormous fame. His birth chart possesses many Rajyogas, from which Gajakesari, Safal Amal Kirti Yoga, Parvat Yoga, Akhand Samrajya Yoga and Kendra Trikona Yoga are worth mentioning.

According to his chart, the ascendant lord Sun is the significator of eminence, respect and government as well as country, which has become exalted in Navamsa chart with Mars. This situation is showing important achievements in life.

Let’s now discuss from the context of present activities. Sushil Kumar’s present situation is Mercury in Jupiter. In his chart, Mercury is the second and twelfth lord, which is the significator of profit and economic progress. The chart is showing that this planet is posited at the place of destiny, which is showing support of luck. Jupiter is the fifth and eighth lord in his chart. In fifth house, it is the Moola Trikona zodiac sign of Jupiter; therefore, Jupiter will get more results of the fifth lord. Jupiter is posited in fourth house of the birth chart, through which the planet is eyeing at the action area. This will lead to the achievement of immense popularity, gallantry awards and various other acquisitions. That is why Sushil Kumar was able to win Silver in freestyle 66 kilogram category at London Olympics 2012 and gave India a reason to celebrate.

He defeated the Beijing gold medalist, Ramazan Sahin of Turkey in his first match. In second, he collapsed Ikhtiyor Navruzov of Uzbekistan. For ensuring the silver, the flagger from India who represented Indian flag at the opening ceremony, thrashed Kazakhstan’s Tanatarov. However, the winner over the Beijing Olympic gold medalist couldn’t achieve Gold for himself, why? From astrology’s point of view, this should be the main point of concern. At present, Sushil Kumar is under the effect of Jupiter’s Sub-period (antardasha). Jupiter has direct connection with gold; therefore, he would have won gold medal. It was quite expected but didn’t happen. In order to understand this thing, we will have to go in the depth to understand it. We will have to find out the reason for Jupiter’s broken vow. Let’s now understand why it happened.

Sushil Kumar’s birth chart is showing Jupiter with Moon, in the constellation of Saturn and in the sign of Venus at ninth house. It doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to achieve gold ever. Here, our main concern is just to know that gold didn’t turn our way this time, why? The answer is hidden in the aforementioned reasons and transit. At present, Jupiter is in the sign of Venus and Venus signifies silver more than gold. Over that, Jupiter is in Moon’s constellation and Moon’s favourite metal is Silver. The day Sushil Kumar missed gold was the time when Jupiter and Moon were together. Therefore, Jupiter was not able to provide his favorite metal gold. However, it took Sushil near to the gold but the presence of Moon and Venus did not allow Jupiter to give gold. This was the main reason, why he fell ill just after the semi-finals. As per his statement, he was suffering through some stomach related issues that lead him to dehydration and ultimately he had to get satisfied with Silver medal.

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