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Tamil Calendar 2021: Tamil Holidays and Festivals in 2021

Last Updated: 12/22/2020 1:13:25 PM

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Tamil Calendar 2021 or Pournami 2021 consists of the list of many fasts and festivals which are quite dear to the Tamil speaking population. Perhaps it is one of the most important aspects of their life. So, in this article today on Tamil Calendar 2021 in English, let us go through some of the important fasts and festivals and the holidays list which Tamil people would want to know with regards to 2021.

So, let us get to the Tamil Calendar 2021 which will give away the dates of important Tamil festivals, but before that let us get to know some things about the origin and existence of the Tamil Calendar 2021.

Tamil Calendar 2021 : An Introduction

As it would be known to all that the Tamil calendar 2021 will be extensively followed by natives belonging to Tamil Nadu. However, you would also be surprised to know that it is used extensively in places like Puducherry and the Tamil population residing in foreign countries like Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Given below is the list of the days of the week and months which are an inherent part of the Tamil calendar 2021.

Tamil Calendar 2021 : Days of the Week

Name of the Week Day Gregorian equivalent Sanskrit Name
Gnayiru-Kilamai Sunday Ravi-vaasarah
Thingal-Kizhamai Monday Soma-vaasarah
Chevvai-Kizhamai Tuesday Mangala-vaasarah
Budhan-Kizhamai Wednesday Budha-vaasarah
Vyazha-Kizhamai Thursday Guru Vaasarah
Velli-Kizhamai Friday Shukra-vaasarah
Sani-Kizhamai Saturday Shani-vaasarah

Tamil Calendar 2021 : Names of the Month

Name of the Week Day Gregorian equivalent Sanskrit Name
Chithirai From mid-April to mid-May Chaitra
Vaikāsi From mid-May to mid-June Vaisākha
Āni From mid-June to mid-July Jyaistha
Ādi From mid-July to mid-August Āshāḍha
Āvaṇi From mid-August to mid-September Shrāvaṇa
Puraṭṭāsi From mid-September to mid-October Bhādrapada/Prauṣṭhapada
Aippasi From mid-October to mid-November Ashwina/Ashwayuja
Kārttikai From mid-November to mid-December Kārttika
Mārkazhi From mid-December to mid-January Mārgaṣīrṣa
Tai From mid-January to mid-February Pausha/Taiṣya
Māsi From mid-February to mid-March Māgha
Paṅkuni From mid-March to mid-April Phalguna

Lastly, we are moving to the main section of Tamil Calendar 2021, which consists of all the important fasts and festivals which will be celebrated by all Tamil natives dearly. So, without any further digressions, let us straight away head to the 2021 Tamil festivals section of the Tamil Calendar 2021.

Tamil Calendar 2021 for January

Name of the Week Day Gregorian equivalent Sanskrit Name
13 Jan, 2021 Wed Hanuman Jayanthi
13 Jan, 2021 Wed Bhogi Pandigai
14 Jan, 2021 Thurs Pongal
15 Jan, 2021 Fri Mattu Pongal
28 Jan, 2021 Thurs Thai Pusam

Tamil Calendar 2021 for February

Name of the Week Day Gregorian equivalent Sanskrit Name
11 Feb,2021 Thurs Thai Amavasai
19 Feb,2021 Fri Ratha Saptami
27 Feb,2021 Sat Masi Magam

Tamil Calendar 2021 for March

Date Day Festival
11 March,2021 Thurs Shivratri
14 March,2021 Sun Karadaiyan Nombu
28 March,2021 Sun Panguni Uthiram

Tamil Calendar 2021 for April

Date Day Festival
13 April ,2021 Tues Ugadi
14 April ,2021 Wed Puthandu
14 April ,2021 Wed Vishu
18 April , 2021 Sun Ramanuja Jayanti
21April , 2021 Wed Rama Navami
27 April , 2021 Thurs Chitra Pournima

Tamil Calendar 2021 for May

Date Day Festival
4 May ,2021 Tues Agni Nakshatram Begins
14 May ,2021 Fri Akshay Tiruthiyai
17 May ,2021 Mon Shankara Jayanthi
25 May , 2021 Tues Vaikasi Visakam
28 May , 2021 Fri Agni Nakshatram Ends

Tamil Calendar 2021 for August

Date Day Festival
2 August, 2021 Mon Aadi Perukku
8 August, 2021 Sund Aadi Amavasai
11 August, 2021 Wedn Andal Jayanthi
13 August, 2021 Frid Garuda Panjami
20 August, 2021 Fri Varalakhsmi Varatam
21August, 2021 Sat Avani Avittam
21August, 2021 Sat Onam
22August, 2021 Sun Avani Avittam
23 August, 2021 Mon Gayathri Japam
25 August, 2021 Wed Maha Sangada Hara Chaturthi
30 August, 2021 Mon Gokulastmi
30 August, 2021 Mon Astami Rohini

Tamil Calendar 2021 for September

Date Day Festival
9 September, 2021 Thurs Avani Avittam
10 September, 2021 Fri Vinayagar Chaturthi
24 September, 2021 Fri Maha Bharani

Tamil Calendar 2021 for October

Date Day Festival
3 October, 2021 Sun Magha Shradha
6 October, 2021 Wed Mahalaya Amavasai
7 October, 2021 Thurs Navarthiri
14 October, 2021 Thurs Ayutha Poojai
14 October, 2021 Thurs Saraswati Poojai
15 October, 2021 Fri Vijaya Dashmai
15 October, 2021 Fri Vidyarambham

Tamil Calendar 2021 for November

Date Day Festival
4 November, 2021 Thurs Deepavali
4 November, 2021 Thurs Lakshmi Pooja
4 November, 2021 Thurs Kedara Gowri Vratam
9 November, 2021 Tues Soora Samhaaram
19 November, 2021 Fri Kartighai Deepam

Tamil Calendar 2021 for December

Date Day Festival
9 December, 2021 Thurs Shubhramanya Sashti
20 December, 2021 Mon Arudra Darshan

So, this was all you need to know about the Tamil Calendar 2021. Thank You so much for connecting with us!!

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