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Tao of Astrology From the Eyes of Genetics

Last Updated: 10/10/2012 12:51:35 PM

genetics, astrology

By Pratik Pandey

Astrology & Genetics: Sciences of Possibilities

Genetics and astrology are two ends of a same string. Both can be used to predict many possibilities and rectify problematic areas. In scientific terminology, it is called “genetic engineering” to modify genes and DNA structuring for certain treatments; and occultists call it “astrological remedies”. Though astrology bears striking similarities with genetics; still there are few differences, e.g. Vedic Astrology has been developing for thousands of years, while genetics came into the picture in recent times only. The science of genetics began with the applied and theoretical work of Gregor Mendel in the mid-19th century. But it gained momentum and started becoming popular after James D. Watson and Francis Crick determined the structure of DNA in 1953, using the X-ray crystallography work of Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins.

Apart from some minor differences between genetics and astrology, similarities are overwhelmingly great in numbers. Both genetics and astrology have been condemned harshly by those who do not understand these subjects, and severely criticize these sciences on the basis of their shallow knowledge of these profound sciences. It was less than 20 years ago that the National Institutes of Health abruptly withdrew funds for a conference on genetics and crime after outraged complaints that the idea smacked of eugenics. The president of the Association of Black Psychologists at the time declared that such research was in itself “a blatant form of stereotyping and racism.” Now that the human genome has been sequenced, and scientists are studying the genetics of areas as varied as alcoholism and party affiliation, the stigma attached with genetics has been removed and it is getting its due place. However, lack of institutional support and research in the field of astrology is causing a great damage to the perception of astrology as a branch of science.

According to Genetics, genes are composed of chromosomes that, in turn, are made up of intricate DNA structuring combined with each other in various ways. Genetics say that genes can reveal a lot of things about an individual such as habits, inclination, thought process and much more. Genetics can even indicate who can have more inclination toward committing crime. Researchers estimate that at least 100 studies have shown that genes play a role in crimes. In findings from a long-term study of 1,000 babies born in 1972 in a New Zealand town, Ms. Moffitt and her colleagues recently reported that the less self-control a child displayed at 3 years of age, the more likely he or she was to commit a crime more than 30 years later. Forty-three percent of the children who scored in the lowest fifth on self-control were later convicted of a crime, she said, versus 13 percent of those who scored in the highest fifth. Anger is one of the signs of a particular effect of genes and genetics can play an important role in changing such behaviors.

Strange Case Of Stephen "Tony" Mobley

Stephen MobleyLet us have a look at an incident that shook everyone in 1991. Stephen "Tony" Mobley has all the attributes of a natural born killer. Nobody could blame his upbringing - he came from a white, upper middle-class American family and he was not abused or mistreated as a child. Yet as he grew up he became increasingly violent, and at the age of 25 he walked into a pizza store and casually shot the manager in the neck after robbing the till and joking that he would apply for the job vacancy when the man was dead. Now, Mobley was waiting on Death Row in Georgia to hear whether his appointment with the electric chair is to be confirmed. His last chance of a reprieve rested with a plea from his lawyer that the murder was not the evil result of free will but the tragic consequence of a genetic predisposition. The genes of Tony Mobley, his lawyers argued, meant he was born to kill.

The chief witness for the defense is Mobley's aunt, Joyce Childers, who had testified that various members of the Mobley family over the past four generations had inexplicably been very violent, aggressive and criminal, although most of them "mellowed" in middle age.

Stephen Mobley was finally executed by lethal injection at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, Georgia on March 1, 2005. Experts of law say that Stephen Mobley did not stand a chance in the court and had to be punished. However, scientifically the truth in his lawyers’ assertion blaming genes for his violent behavior cannot be denied. There are many things in our genes that are out of our conscious control. Genetics say that we will be able to cure such tendencies in future with better knowledge of genetic engineering. Though, astrology says that such things can be done even now and there are means available to it. This difference is due to the research done in this area by astrologers and seers for last five thousand years. However, astrology has taken a slightly different approach than genetics here.

As Is The Individual, So Is The Universe

Astrology says - as is the individual, so is the universeLet us try to understand Vedic Astrology’s approach toward this problem and how it can be solved. Yajurveda says, “Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande”, i.e. as is the individual, so is the universe. Vedic Astrology experimented for thousands of years and reached to the conclusion that, as DNA is connected to chromosomes that is connected to genes affecting our behavior, so is the cosmos where everything is interdependent and connected in a way. Universe is not a dead thing, but a living organism as per principles of Vedic astrology. It is constantly undergoing various changes, developing and pulsating. In this universe, planets are affecting our behavior the most because they’re quite near to the earth. As sequence of DNA in our genes can immensely impact us, so is the sequence of these planets in the sky at the time of our birth. As it is different for different persons, everyone reacts or behaves in different ways. Famous Russian mathematician, author and one of the main disciples of Gurdjieff, PD Ouspensky explains this phenomenon with an example in his well-known book “In Search of the Miraculous”:

As we left the park, Gurdjieff (also called G) stopped talking and was going a few steps ahead of us. We five walked behind him talking together. In going round a tree G. dropped the stick - ebony with a Caucasian silver handle that he was carrying and one of us bent down, picked it up, and gave it to him. G. walked on for a few steps, then turned to us and said:

"That was astrology. Do you understand? You all saw me drop the stick. Why did one of you pick it up? Let each of you speak for himself."

One said he had not seen G. drop the stick as he was looking another way.
The second said he had noticed that G. had not dropped the stick accidentally as happens when a stick gets caught in something, but that he had intentionally loosened his hand and let the stick fall. This had excited his curiosity and he had waited to see what would happen next.
The third said he saw G. drop the stick, but was very absorbed in thinking of astrology, particularly trying to remember what G. said once before, and did not pay sufficient attention to the stick.
The fourth saw the stick fall and thought of picking it up, but at that moment the other picked up the stick and gave it to G.
The fifth said he saw the stick fall and then he saw himself picking it up and giving it to G.
G. smiled as he listened to us.
"This is astrology," he said. "In the same situation one man sees and does one thing, another - another thing, a third - a third thing, and so on. And each one acted according to his type. Observe people and ourselves in this way and then perhaps we will afterwards talk of a different astrology."

Genetic Engineering At Cosmic Level

What is the thing that causes different people to react differently? Certainly, Vedic Astrology gives the explanation of this phenomenon. This is due to the positioning or sequencing of planets in one’s Kundli or birth-chart that makes people react differently in similar situations. Interestingly, one’s Kundli is interlinked with the chromosomes within genes and the sequence of planets in Kundli affects sequence of chromosomes and DNA. Therefore, astrology provides the method for bringing changes in one’s personality and body using remedial measures. Astrology is considered so effective because it not only pinpoints the problem, but also nails it down by suggesting the practical remedies to heal the troubles. If one seriously follows these remedial measures as per astrological wisdom, he/she can eradicate adverse consequence caused by heavenly bodies that affect our genes and get out of various troubles.

Genetics and astrology are complementary sciences. Though, genetics is still in its infancy, astrology is already well developed and can be used to improve humanity. Astrological remedies play an important role in it and these remedies not only improve neural response, but can also change the inherent patterns etched in our genes. Vedic astrology is, therefore, the genetic engineering at cosmic level. It is a science that must be used more often in modern times and remedial measures should be brought into all spheres of life for betterment of humananity.

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