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Tarot Reading June, 2012

Author: Deepa | Last Updated: Thu 31 May 2012 3:30:07 PM

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By Deepa

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Aries: King of Wands

The card says the month of June brings the possibility of unexpected good news, concerning an inheritance, a career advance, success in an ongoing or upcoming usually business or financial venture. Unexpected help or advice will make your venture easier. Aries likes to be center-stage. So my friend this is the time to take a few risks based on in-sight, knowledge and self-belief.

Remedies: - Leave your ego aside. Worship Lord “Hanumanji”. Donate seven grains at a place of worship. Help the needy and poor.

Taurus: Death

The card says you need change and the time has come for it. As this is the end of an old cycle and the beginnings of a new one. Let go of the past fear as one door closes, another opens. Accept active transformation of life. Every end is a new beginning. God is always there to guide you.

Remedies:-Offer water to the rising sun. Go for Shani-dev temple. Walk on the green grass in the early morning.

Gemini: Two of cups

The card says in this month there will be love, romance, friendship, affinity, affection. A partnership at your work or relationship will be strong. You will get harmony and cooperation at your workplace. You will receive some news, a message, even arrival of someone or something. A birth, either of a child or an idea or enterprise takes place. This the time for a promising start. The time to understand your partner and give him or her space, and also respect others feelings.

Remedies: Worship “Maa Durga” and offer Red Chunni.

Cancer: Two of wands

The card says the month of June brings not much good time as you have to be little careful. You will feel life is still and stale. This is the time you have to take decision indecently. There will be unforeseen problems with your new enterprise. Obstacles and opposition, possibly from the very people you were counting on for support. Possibilities include loss of money, failure of a partnership. An apparent success that turned sour.

Remedies:-Avoid black on Saturday. On Tuesday go for gur daan to a place of worship.

Leo: Ace of swords

The card says in this month you are riding high on the crest of the wave. Triumph, prosperity, conquest, fertility. This is the time for new
planning, new work. Tremendous power used around you. Use it and give it a direction.

Remedies:-Offer modak to Lord “Ganpati ji”.

Virgo: Five of coins

The card says in the month of June brings a warning. You have to be little more concerns about your work, as more hard work is required. You will get success in trade or business, as you personal nobility, rise in prestige. You may be so wrapped up in your sense of deprivation that you can’t see your way forward.

Remedies: Offer milk, laddu, sugar, rice, ghee to a Brahmin on Thursday.

Libra: The world

The card says in this month the time has come for a change. Your precious hard work or sacrifices will soon pay off. You will soon discover a solution. This is the time of celebration for yourself and others. This is time to travel, both physically and mentally. A holiday to somewhere you have never been before.

Remedies:-Wear Chand yantra of eight metals close to your skin.

Scorpio: Seven of wands

The card says the month of June brings financial gain. Success. At least one major part of your enterprise will achieve. There will be competition and strife, but if you stand your ground you can stand off your enemies.

Remedies:-Serve the blind people.

Sagittarius: Three of Wands

The card indicates that there will be a dignified approach to your business or enterprise will result in financial gain. The card also indicates cooperation as well as maturity to the key to successful action. Whatever problems were introduced earlier on can be overcome. Don’t act impulsively, use your experience.

Remedies:-Give food to people who are visually challenged. Use kesar tilak on your forehead.

Capricorn: High Priest

The card says this is the time for your spiritual growth. This time spends on spiritual rituals and ceremonies. The card indicates the search of truth, understanding and inspiration. You are supported by the universe whatever you do.

Remedies:-Seek the blessing of your guru. Take care of your parents. On Friday donate the fragrance things.

Aquarius: Wheel of fortune

The card indicates major changes are on the way. Aquarians are about to enter a new chapter. It means the life has been difficult or unhappy, this will change soon. This is the time when you will see the patterns and cycles repeating in life. Opportunity comes, open the doors and take advantage. Don’t blame others

Remedies:-Avoid alcoholic drinks and non-veg food on Tuesday and Thursday.

Pisces: Two of Coins

The card indicates good fortune, gaiety and fun, or perhaps good news, for forthcoming. You have to be carefully in establishing financial security or wealth. You will do many things simultaneously. The card also indicates you have to understand the change.

Remedies:-Wake up early and offer water to the rising sun. On Friday do the seva of cow.

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