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Taurus Horoscope 2017 Forecast

Author: - | Last Updated: Wed 7 Dec 2016 4:31:06 PM

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April 21st to May 21st

A feminine Earth sign, ruled by feminine airy planet Venus, Taurus is a fixed sign, represented by Bull, according to Western Astrology. Second in the Zodiac cycle, people born under this sign exhibit traits of toddlers who grasp and hold onto things possessively for security. Taurus borns are persistent, stubborn, tough and hardworking. Also considered bull-headed because of their obstinate behaviour, Taureans can be unyielding in trying times and under extreme pressure. Just as the toddlers clutch their toys and identify themselves with their playthings, the security-craving Taureans hold onto the material possessions for their dear life and claim I HAVE.

Taurus Sun Sign peoples Fixed nature indicates their ability to organize, manage, arrange and stabilize. In 2017, Taurus is forming 6-8 vibrational pattern with Jupiter in Libra, another sign of Venus. Saturn, 9th lord in 8th Sagittarius, is forming 6-8 relationship with Taurus. Pluto in 9th Capricorn is in a Trine (5-9), Neptune in 11th Pisces is in a sextile and Uranus in 12th Aries is forming a 2-12 vibrational relationship with Taurus respectively. Later in the year, Taurus is experiencing opposition (1-7) with Jupiters ingress into Scorpio and Trine (5-9) vibrational pattern due to Saturns entry in Capricorn.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 for January

Taureans start the year with their sign lord Venus, currently in 10th Aquarius, moving into 11th Pisces to join Neptune and Mars. The 10th sign lord Uranus in 12th Aries, along with the above-mentioned planetary positions in Pisces, indicate the transitions Taureans will undergo subconsciously and consciously in their profession. Financially, this is a very good month for Taureans with money pouring in from many sources. Some Taureans will be pre-occupied with matters related to health and illness, while others will see-saw in balancing and harmonising the innumerable changes happening in their personal and professional lives. Spirituality, faith and matters pertaining to organised religion will undergo radical change, and the usually uncommunicative Taureans will find themselves airing their opinions effortlessly on such themes. Health of elderly male members in the family needs urgent attention. Personal relationships will give happiness.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 for February

At work, Taureans will need to be careful in their approach and communication styles with their colleagues and authority at their workplace. Chances of ego-clashes and misunderstanding are high, but the air will be quickly cleared of any miscommunication paving way for rapprochement. Taureans will concern themselves with saving the monetary resources that are coming their way, and in this month both the income and expenditure will perform a seesaw balancing act. Though Taureans will maintain good health on the whole, they will be preoccupied with health related aspects such as medicines, health insurance and reimbursements of medical bills. They will also be involved, in a secretive manner, pertaining to inheritances and legacies. This entire month, their energies will centre around finances, their own and the resources belonging to family members and also joint funds.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 for March

This is a month of unexpected gain of money. It could be either from speculation or from sources that Taureans had lent their money some time back. From mid month onwards, Taureans will be extensively involved with overseas matters, either personally or through their work. There will be to and fro communication and Taureans can also expect unexpected and sudden arrival of people from abroad as their house guests. Some Taureans will also engage in re-thinking of certain financial plans and investments that they carried out last month. This month portends unpredictable financial situation for Taurus borns. With so much activity in the lives of those wanting to be left alone in peace and quiet, it does create a sense of confusion and imbalance. And Taureans shun too much activity, either physical or mental. Many of them will be highly irritable, alternatively experiencing high voltage drama and low vitality in their personal lives.

Venus, Uranus and Sun in a trine with Saturn in 8th Sagittarius and Mars and Mercury forming trine with Pluto in 9th Capricorn and sextile with Neptune in 11th Pisces will bring in a sense of stability in Taureans this month. Many Taureans can relate to these vibrational patterns as they will experience internal re-structuring due to Saturn and external transformation due to Pluto. Some Taureans will invest heavily in their childrens education, while some will buy luxurious products for themselves and involve in a bit of self-indulgence. Many Taurus born will experience tremendous energy and try to bring in discipline in their lives. The later part of the month will see Taureans bursting with activity and focusing their attention on home improvement and renovation. But at the back of their mind, Taureans are still sorting out issues related to their career.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 for May

This month will see many Taureans busy with their travel schedules, either for personal reasons or due to their work. But their connection and concern with the health of close family members is far from over. Many Taureans will incur heavy expenditure related to medicine and hospitalisation. Though they may not show it externally, Taureans will get tensed with their financial erosion and experience extreme internal pressure. Healthwise, this is a good month for them, if they can cope up with the internal struggles that they are experiencing for the past few months on a regular basis. Some Taureans will lose their temper and let loose a barrage of hot words at home and in their office, which is unusual for them since they count patience as one of their strong points. Otherwise, personal relationships and family bonding will be satisfying.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 for June

High activity in 2nd house Gemini enables the Taureans to open their mouth for free verbalisation of their feelings that were kept tightly bottled within for months. Presence of own lord Mercury adds a sarcastic tinge to Solar volley of fiery words. Taurus borns should exercise their usual restraint in expression at their homes and offices. Many Taureans will also loosen their purse strings and spend lavishly on themselves and their family members, which is very unusual for them as they are known for their conservative spending habits. Entertainment, eating out, picnics, gifts are the keywords that reveal Taurean spending pattern for this month. Office environment will be stable and Taureans will settle down after experiencing constant flux in the previous months in their professional life. A good month for health and family harmony, if only Taureans keep a check on their caustic outbursts.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 for July

Financial transactions, travels and tours, and sentimental get-together of family and friends fill the Taurean Calendar this month. But they wont mind it a bit with sign lord Venus in Gemini wanting a change from the daily routine and also getting it. Many Taureans will also indulge in nostalgic travelling down memory lane, while some will experience a revival of interest in their family traditional and religious activities. The opposition of retrograde Pluto in Capricorn with Sun, Mercury and Mars combination in Cancer will trigger this revivalist tendencies, leading to internal questioning, prodding, exchange of thoughts and ideas. The work front will, with its routine tasks, be unaffected by the busy schedule connected with Taurean personal lives. This is a good month for investment purposes and also planning a layout for the existing resources in hand, predicts Taurus Horoscope.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 for August

Taureans will shift their focus towards home this month, trying to balance and harmonise the tense situation amongst family members on the one hand and between themselves and family members on the other. The internal unsettlement that Taureans are experiencing in terms their faith and belief systems will add to the pressure of managing the conflicts staged externally in their home. The eclipse occurring this month is a clear indicator of the challenges that Taureans have to face and resolve in their home front. Health will definitely figure in the priority list for many Taureans requiring urgent attention. Work front will be the silver lining in the cloud for many this month, and even a small positive change in terms of enhancement or advancement will mean a world of difference to them. A change in their professional life also indicates a change of job, and fortune will smile on some Taurus borns who are ready to change gears this month.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 for September

With own sign lord Mercury in Virgo along with Mars and Sun, Taureans will exude their creative potential in every aspect of communication. Their critical and analytical skills will also be in abundant display and so would be their artistic and aesthetic sensibilities tinged with Taurus and Virgo earthiness. Taurus borns will experience high physical vitality and mental alertness this month. This will enable them to approach life with pragmatism in their own steady pace. Life at the workplace will offer opportunities for Taurus borns to exhibit the own style and pattern of working and they will excel in it. Financially speaking, this month offers a win-win situation as the investment of previous months will yield fruits and savings will increase along with income. With life smiling cheerfully at them, Taureans will experience security and stability, two very important features of Taurean way of Living.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 for October

The first half will find Taureans immersed in their professional life. They will be called upon to utilize their practicality and common-sense approach to deal with crises at their workplace. This will bring out the best of Taurean qualities - dependability, persistence, pragmatism, and capacity to withstand and work under extreme pressure. Due to their pre-occupation with office affairs, Taurus may not be sensitive towards their intimate relationships and family members. This unintended neglect is bound to create ripples in their personal lives. The resultant lack of harmony and affection in personal relationship will create emotional imbalance in many Taureans who will withdraw and refuse to communicate. If Taureans fail to resolve the deadlock with their negative tendency of obstinacy and bull-headedness, then it is bound to complicate the situation further. Moneywise, it is a no profit-no loss time period.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 for November

Jupiter in Scorpio will give rise to intense questioning at personal level by Taureans and with Venus sensitivity and Solar enlightenment, they will be able to bring order to their chaotic family lives. This will also restore the lost romance or affection in their intimate relationship. Jupiter forming a sextile with Pluto 7th lord in 9th Capricorn and trine with Neptune 11th lord in own sign Pisces will also help in bringing this transformation in their lives with faith and intense devotion. Stability rules their professional lives and financial matters will be satisfactory. Some Taureans will be forming new relationships, romantic as well as matrimonial. They will also be involved in forming business partnerships, and the ones that have been formed will be consolidated further. Whether personal or related to business, Taureans stand to gain from the monetary angle.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 for December

Deep interest and passion in romance, joint management of property, involvement in the study of occult sciences, internal dialogue on matters related to life and death, strengthening bonds with existing religious affiliations are the keywords for Taureans this month. Some Taurus borns may have to deal with affairs related to inheritances and legacies, while a few of them may be involved with other peoples money and also joint ownership of resources. Business partnerships and romantic relationships will flourish, and marital bonds will strengthen with understanding and passion. With Saturns entry into own sign 9th house Capricorn, conjunct Pluto and in a sextile with Neptune in 11th Pisces and 7th Jupiter, Taureans hope to end the year on a personal and spiritual high.

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