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The Material Trinity

Last Updated: 7/5/2011 2:27:42 PM

The Material Trinity

By S N Rao

The second house indicates the wealth of the native and hence is an important house indicating the native's sustainability in this world. A select few get enormous wealth, which is far higher than the required amount for their sustainability, whilst others barely earn enough to feed themselves. Fortunately, the wealthy may distribute their money to others through charity whilst the poor may earn through jobs or donations. In some cases, the poor become rich whilst the rich fall into debts and poverty. For these reasons, the analysis of wealth in the horoscope becomes pertinent.

The second and twelfth houses of the horoscope are both adjacent the lagna. The second house sustains the lagna, just as food sustains the body, while the twelfth house tends to obstruct the lagna. Whilst obstruction may seem to be inauspicious, the question is whether a good planet causes the obstruction or a bad planet. Benefics in twelfth house are auspicious and indicate wealth spent on good deeds. Benefics in the second and twelfth houses, will protect the native, and give a cushioned life. Such natives do not face shortage of wealth in their life even during troublesome times. On the other hand malefics can cause trouble, difficulties or even imprisonment. If malefics and benefics occupy the 2nd/ 12th houses, then scrutiny is required. Malefics in the second house will indicate that wealth is acquired through inauspicious methods & malefics in the twelfth house will give one wealth through scheming, robbery and through unscrupulous means.

The first, second and eighth houses have a very important role to play in matters of wealth. The planets in the second house shows the way the native is sustained and accumulates wealth, while the eighth house shows the financial tension one may experience, through debts, loans, etc. Benefics in the second and / or eighth houses gives wealth from good sources, easily payable loans, etc. On the other hand malefics indicate a need to adopt cruel means to get wealth. However, the focal point in this regard is the lagna. If the lagna or the grahas occupying it, are not friendly towards the second or eighth houses or its occupants, then the native will dislike the options put before them. If the lagna is enemitical to the 8th house lord and Malefics are present in the 8th house then it causes poverty.

The eleventh house should be analyzed for wealth, however it will indicate the state of those who have come to give one wealth - i.e. if malefics are in the eleventh the wealth available comes from people who have suffered in some manner, while benefics in the eleventh indicate people who are happy and wish to donate wealth to the native. For moveable signs the eleventh house is also a badhaka sthana, hence with the wealth acquired, many restrictions and / or burdens will follow, or the native might travel abroad for gaining wealth. The eleventh house acts like a destroyer, and hence the wealth acquired is merely bringing one closer to ones end. The eleventh house then becomes a problem for movable lagnas as the rajas guna is very high in them. How the native acquires wealth is seen from the eleventh from the lagna. Malefics there indicate lack of morals/thought before taking the money. Generally, the analysis of the third , sixth and eleventh from lagna, is vital in any horoscope.

Whilst the second and eleventh houses indicate the available wealth, the sources of wealth and income are seen in the eleventh house from lagna. Any graha joining or having aspect on the sign or joining its lord will give wealth. However, the willingness of the graha or person to give wealth to the native must be seen from the sambandha (Planetary relationships) of planets. A planet, which is not willing to give wealth will severely, decreases the person's finances during its dasha period. The amount of wealth will depend on the state of the planets in the sign, i.e. exalted and debilitated planets will give enormous amounts of wealth, followed by own sign and friendly sign. An inimical sign will give least or no wealth at all. These friendly and inimical signs must be ascertained from the sambandha between planets. If the sambandha is not friendly, the graha will give very little or no wealth. Otherwise, the graha will give its full auspicious results, which depends on its position. The nature of the graha will indicate whom the wealth is coming from, ie. Sun indicates father or a father figure, government, etc. When associating with such individuals specific character traits are required to get the wealth i.e. if wealth is coming from the Moon, one has to be willing to charm and please others in order to get the wealth.

The mind of people takes many shapes depending on the focal point. When focusing on wealth, the lagna shows the state of the native's mind in matters of sustenance and wealth. Planets associating with the lagna indicate increasing wealth coming to the native. If the planets associating with the lagna are also associated with the hora lagna, the wealth goes solely to the native, otherwise this wealth maybe distributed to others. The seventh from lagna can also give wealth through partnerships/business. The nature of the planets associated indicate the act through which the money came i.e. Saturn will give money through causing sorrow to others and Jupiter will give money after having blessed or helped another person

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