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Association of third house with career : Astrological analysis

Last Updated: 5/24/2010 6:44:14 PM

Aalok Varkhandkar
The third house in Vedic Astrology deals with all art related matters. Painting, singing, writing, films, dance, drama are matters which are governed by the third house. In the charts of famous actors and singers we very often see a strong third house or many planets placed in the third house. We even see a strong third house in the charts of archeologists, journalists, and people associated with the media industry.

Venus is not the karaka of the third house but Venus represents art and all the third house matters indicated above. When Venus gets connected with the third house either by ownership, occupation or aspect, it gives a boost to the third house matters.

Those who are looking for a career where glamour and public attention are involved need to have a strong Venus and a strong third house.

Together with Venus other planets will produce different artists when placed in the third house.

Mercury indicates writing and when a strong Mercury gets associated with the third house a career in writing is indicated. If not a career in writing, then a person may have good writing skills. This is seen in the charts of journalists and writers.

Professors and teachers are seen from Jupiter’s occupation, aspect or ownership of the third house, as Jupiter being Guru governs teaching.

Saturn in third house, career-wise, gives an interest in philosophy. If a person is a writer, his writings will be philosophical with Saturn in the third house; if a movie director, then he will make movies that have a philosophical outlook.

Ketu and Rahu if aspected by a benefic will give glamour and the struggle for it.

Mars indicates courage, as does the third house and its relationship with the third house can give a career in fields like police and defense.

Sun placed in third house is the same as Mars in the third house and will give courage.

Moon in the third house career-wise indicates an interest in psychology.

The third house governs willpower and concentration powers as well. With strong willpower a person can achieve many things easily in life. Afflictions to the rest of the birth chart but a strong third house at the same time can give a person what he wants through willpower. Also, with strong concentration powers a person can focus all his energies on the desired objects and achieve them easily.
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