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Analysing the Transit Effect of Mars - Saturn in Virgo

Last Updated: 7/21/2012 12:21:50 PM

transit, Mars, Saturn, Virgo

By S N Rao

The study of transit and its effect on mankind is always considered to be important since time immemorial. The transit of slow moving planets like Mars, Saturn and Jupiter play an important role in determining / timing an event in the life of the individual. The most recent event is Mars – Saturn conjunction in Virgo. Jupiter has complete aspect ( A benefic aspect – Trine / 5th house aspect) over the above combination from Taurus. The article attempts to briefly discuss the significance and the possible impacts on an individual.

To understand the importance of transit effects we need to understand the significations (Karaka) of the planet. Here in this case Mars signifies matters related to Land and property, siblings, physical energy, short temper, aggression, desire to fulfill ambition, quick mental ability, surgery, engineering, machine tools, blood and the muscular system. Saturn signifies coldness, dry and barren nature, delay, difficulties and obstacles, patience, frugality, stability, self control, karma (profession).

The conjunction of the above planets occurs in the sign Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. According to Vedic astrology, Mars is inimical to Mercury and Saturn is friendly to Mercury. Mars will not be comfortable in Virgo and Saturn is on the verge of being exalted – hence it will give beneficial result. This factor has to be understood clearly for deciphering the situation and its effect on the individual.

The results of transits will be felt by an individual if –

  1. The dasha / antardasha of the planet in consideration is activated.
  2. The karaka of the planets in question is activated.
  3. The event is activated from the Arudha lagna.

The current transit of Mars – Saturn will be felt by an individual if Mars & Saturn are activated by dasha / antardasha, The matters under consideration are related to the karaka of Mars / Saturn and these are activated for the individual, The planets Mars & Saturn are activated from the Arudha lagna for the native. Only if all the three factors are activated the results would be felt by the native. Otherwise the transit effect will not be felt by the native.

One can understand the type and nature of effect on an individual by understanding the house position of the planet from the ascendant which rules the signs that are under consideration. For understanding the nature of effect on a native with Aries Ascendant we shall look at the rulership of planet Mars and Saturn. Mars rules the 1st house and the 8th house for Aries natives. The karaka of Mars which activate the 1st house is desires and ambition to achieve, physical aggression and muscular activity. The karaka of Mars which activate the 8th house are accidents, cuts and bruises and surgery.

Saturn rules the 10th house and the 11th house for Aries native. 10th house indicates profession and karma. It also indicates joints and knees in the physical body. 11th house indicates gains and fructification of events which are favorable. Saturn rules the calf muscles in the body.

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn occurs in Virgo which happens to be the 6th house from Aries. Some of the karaka factor for Mars over the 6th house are enemies / disputes / litigation / service / competition / Injury. It also rules the matters like land and property for the sibling (The 4th house from the 3rd house). It indicates blood relation / family for your children (The 2nd house from the 5th house). It indicates courage of the mother (The 3rd house from the 4th house).

Some of the karaka factor for Saturn over the 6th house are debts / disease / obstacles / bodily exertions and worries. It also signifies teeth of the children (2nd house from the 5th house). Agriculture / construction property for your sibling (4th house from the 3rd house). Danger / sorrow /losses for your elder sibling (8th house from the 11th house). Luck and prosperity in profession (9th house from the 10th house). Feet of your spouse / separation from spouse (12th house from the 7th house).

Some of the matters that would be triggered during this transit would be successful gains from employment. He may get promotion, increase in status in his profession (Mars gets exalted in Capricorn which happens to be the 10th house and is ruled by Saturn). He may spend more time and physical energy at the work place. He may stay away from residence for longer periods. (Mars gets debilitated in Cancer which happens to be the 4th house, the house of residence for the native). His stay away from residence / spouse may be due to work compulsions (Saturn and Mars activate the 6th house, the house of service and the 10th house, the house of profession). There may be sorrow and losses for the elder sibling. Benefic activities related to land and property for the younger sibling. He may be involved in purchasing / transacting in land / house related matters. The benefic aspect from Jupiter which rules the 9th house and the 12th house for native may give growth and protection to the native. If Jupiter also activates all the conditions for the native stated earlier the native may travel abroad and get service / job opportunities abroad. Jupiter signifies wealth and the placement of Jupiter in Taurus (the 2nd house for the native) will give him financial benefits and increase in income. On the negative front he may face litigations from enemies / maternal relatives. The mind will be full of worries and he may face stress and strain during this period. He may face accidents, fractures, cuts and bruises, accidents from fires. Troubles related to muscular pains, impurity in blood and rheumatic complaints will be felt.

In a similar manner the analysis can be made for natives having other ascendant signs.

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